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Trendy Ways to Create a Visual Path – Paperclipping 220

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

paperclipping 220

Do you struggle with where to put embellishments?

It can be easy to know where to place embellishments if you use them to create a visual path.

A visual path is a path the eye will take around a layout — the purposes being to get people to look where you want them to look, but more importantly, to keep the eye engaged so they look longer.

Embellishments are like milestones or landmarks in the path. They flag the eye’s attention. You can set them up so that one embellishment will send the viewer on to the next one, and so on. By the time the eye processes the last one, that first one is calling again, and the viewer will continue to view the page, noticing and enjoying more details.

Current trends in our culture have brought us new trends in visual paths that we’re seeing in a lot of scrapbook layouts. They are casual, playful, and energetic!

I share some of these trendy visual paths and show you different ways to make them in this week’s Paperclipping video tutorial where I assemble four different layouts!

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Here are Embellishments to Match Any Scrapbook Paper

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Sous Chef (closeup)

Ever have a hard time finding the embellishments that match your paper choices AND your story?

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Embellish With Lines – Paperclipping 204

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

paperclipping 204

What is the most important thing to pay attention to in terms of design?

Well, I won’t say there is one, but I will say that a top one on the list is your lines.

This includes the obvious lines, but also the implied lines, as well as invisible lines.

Yes, there are invisible lines to keep in mind and they’re practically as magical in their power to help us as Wonder Woman’s invisible jet was to her!

And what is one of our favorite parts of scrapbooking?

Embellishments, of course!

If your placement of embellishments isn’t satisfying you 100%, you might need to pay more attention to your lines. The lines on your pages make wonderful homes for embellishments.

What kinds of lines am I talking about?

Edges of photos, edges of papers, and edges of circles, to name just a few.

Chad Was Born (closeup)

It’s all about how your make your items interact with lines.

Give it a try!

Shine On,

P.S.> In the Q&A portion of True Scrap some ladies in the audience asked me to explain the use of lines since they hadn’t heard this discussed in scrapbooking before.

That’s why I decided to make this week’s video a demonstration of lots of ways to use lines to place embellishments, including how to use those awesome invisible lines.

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Six Ways to Create Layers On Your Scrapbook Pages

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Don’t you love scrapbook pages with layers? You can pique someone’s curiosity when you layer items because people want to know what all those layers are. This gets them more involved with your page!

Here are six different types of layers to create on your scrapbook pages, along with the list of “ingredients” from top to bottom!

1. Layer a symmetrical 6×6 introduction + journal page and pair it with a standard 12×12 layout.
For Your Entertainment (intro page)

  1. clear button
  2. polka dot flower
  3. ribbon
  4. 6×6 transparency
  5. cardstock
  6. Add journaling to the back and then layer this 6×6 intro and journal page over a 12×12 scrapbook page in a 3-ring binder.

For Your Entertainment

Related Video Tutorial in the Membership Archives – Watch me assemble the top embellishment piece in Paperclipping 177 – Repurposing Stuff Into Scrapbook Supplies. You can see the entire 6×6 page come together in Paperclipping 187 – Scrapbooking Outside the Page Protector.

2. Layer leftover supplies into a “tab” for your page.
Walks to Basha's

  1. round metal embellishment
  2. cut-out flower from paper
  3. journal spot cropped at edge of background paper
  4. scrap of ribbon

3. Layer an embellishment gathering into an L-Frame around your focal point.
Not Till They Tell You

  1. shiny bling
  2. snowflake
  3. decorative pin
  4. flower
  5. clear tim holtz piece? glued to patterned paper
  6. label with date
  7. torn strip of patterned paper
  8. rectangular text
  9. 3 glittered brads
  10. 2 transparent snowflakes

True Scrap Sneak Peek

Related Video Tutorial – Learn advanced concepts about L-frames in Paperclipping 154 – Advanced Design with L-frames.

4. Create layers in a corner with transparent acrylic pieces.
True Scrap Sneak Peek

  1. rhinestone brad
  2. colored acrylic butterfly
  3. transparent clock
  4. 2 transparency frames with flourishes
  5. 2 blue glittered brads

5. Create a visual triangle of 3 similar embellishment gatherings with your own hand-drawn flourishes.
Getting Gatsby

  1. flower cut from patterned paper
  2. hand-drawn flourishes
  3. brad
  4. acrylic paint
  5. tissue paper flower, embedded by the paint
  6. more paint
  7. rub-on text

Getting Gatsby closeup

Related Video Tutorial – See how to embed flat items into a background in Paperclipping 178 – Transform Old Items Into Ones You’ll Love.

6. Layer tags into a 6×12 journal page.
Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check. (back of right)

  1. journal strips
  2. decorative clothing tag
  3. manila tags, strings attached
  4. butterfly stamp
  5. flourish stamp
  6. die cut piece of patterned paper
  7. contrasting piece of patterned paper

Related Video Tutorial – Learn to put this together step-by-step in Paperclipping 173 – A Journaling Design Technique.

Want to become a layering expert?
Paperclipping Members have enough of my tutorials to create a whole class on this subject! Spend the week focusing on layering by watching these episodes and trying the concepts:

  • Paperclipping 189 – Use Stamps to Create Layers
  • Paperclipping 188 – Create Tabs with Tags
  • Paperclipping 151 – Embellish with Clusters of Scraps
  • Paperclipping 168 – How and Where to Place Scrapbooking Embellishments
  • Paperclipping 163 – Layer and Texture with Color
  • Paperclipping 156 – Contrast and Embellishments in Scrapbooking
  • Paperclipping 109 – A Use for Old Tags
  • Paperclipping 94 – Embellishment Crescendo
  • Paperclipping 25 – Layering Embellishments
  • Paperclipping 14 – Cluster Your Embellishments

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Now go have some fun paperclipping with layers!

CHA 2012 – Martha Stewart Crafts Crafter’s Clay is Not Your Regular Clay!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

I walked by this Martha Stewart clay too many times, assuming it was not anything us scrapbookers would be interested in. Ummm, wow, I was wrong and I’m so glad someone suggested we take a look at it. This is not your ordinary clay (Hello – you mix colors together to get your desired shade, just like paint, and you can mix GLITTER into it!).

There are beautiful molds that aren’t too bulky for scrapbooking and will look great on pages, and amazing on mini-books. So don’t ignore this one! It’s near the top my list!

CHA 2012 – Graphic 45 Demos Altering and Embossing Their Metal Pieces

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Graphic 45 has what they call, Metal Staples — butterflies, flowers, clothespins with sentiments, and brads. They’re very pliable and you shape them or run them through your embossing machine.

A Fun Way to Choose Scrapbook Embellishments

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

True Scrap Sneak Peek

I’ve started working on my class for the online event, True Scrap 3! I’m really excited about my topic, which has to do with my method for choosing embellishments and paper for pages and projects. The method makes it easy, fun, and meaningful all at the same time!

What’s my topic? Hop over to this page to see! You’ll get to see the topics of all the other awesome teachers, too!

You won’t be able purchase a spot yet, but you can join the “Breaking News” email list so you’ll be sure to get special offers and discounts!

Click here for the True Scrap 3 Sneak Peak/Teacher Announcement!

Design Your Story: With Embellishment Gatherings

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Can you tell I’ve been excited about the True Scrap event that starts in JUST A FEW DAYS?!

I know, I keep talking about it!

I’ve got some favorite teachers that I’m looking forward to learning from.

And of course, I can’t wait to share my own class. Here’s what my class is all about:


We Love layers. We love embellishments. We love details.

We can bring the layers, the embellishments — all the eye-catching details — together to create embellishment gatherings that will draw a person into your creations and lead their eye to where you want it go!

So here’s what we’re going to learn about embellishment gatherings:

Types and Places - Different types of gatherings and the places you can put them on your scrapbook and mini-book pages.

  • No more shuffling things around, trying to figure out where your embellishments should go!

Parts and Pieces - The different elements that make up a great layered embellishment gathering.

  • If you have these four different pieces in mind you’ll have no problem figuring out how to put together a cluster of embellishments. We’ll remove the fuss and go straight to the play!

Supplies - Different types of supplies you can choose that will become the parts and pieces of your embellishment gatherings.

  • We’ll go out of the box to re-purpose traditional scrapbook supplies so you can use them in surprising new ways in your layered gatherings.

We’ll remove the mystery of how much embellishing to use and where to put embellishments!

That is, we’ll remove the mystery for YOU.

But we’ll be CREATING MYSTERY on your pages because your gatherings will draw people in to your surprising and beautiful details!

Are you ready to start layering and gathering?

Click here to learn about True Scrap.

Tiny Worthless Scraps? Or Bits & Pieces of Beauty?

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

scrapbooking 4444

I had to cut the excess off of this tag for a project I’m making.

Would you toss that tiny little bit in the recycle bin if it was you?

Not me!

I don’t keep all of my little tiny scraps like this, but I do keep the ones that have a particular beauty to them, like the one above — which I did keep.

I haven’t used it yet, but here are some some examples and reasons why you might want to keep the most attractive of your tiniest scraps…

Cluster Tags
At the top…

At the sides…
Our Family

Edge Gatherings
At the right side…

At the top and bottom of both the page and the photo…

Journal Footers and Headers
At the bottom of the journaling…

Accents for a Focal Point to Lead the Eye
Screen-printed transparency piece directly on the first top photo…
In My Car. Outside His Apartment. Steering Wheel in my Hands.

Need more ideas for your leftover scraps?

If so, and if you’re not a member, I highly recommend jumping on board now.


The next episode for the Paperclipping Members will share my newest idea for scraps. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one, so keep your eye out for its release in about a week or so, and be sure you have your membership set up.

In the meantime, Members can review these tutorials for using leftovers:

#151 Embellish with Clusters of Scraps
#158 Scrapbooking with Scraps

Stash-Busting – Get Half Off

Want a whole month-long course on stash-busting? Last month I was a guest teacher in the Masterful Scrapbook Design issue on the topic of stash-busting, including ideas from me on how to use your scraps and less-than-loved products! For a limited time, Debbie is offering this course to Paperclipping Members for 20% off, which makes it only $12.80!

Better than that, though — she’s made a second exclusive offer to the Paperclipping audience for half off the nine archived issues, including the Stash-Busting issue with me.

Some of the other topics are Patterned Paper, Titles, Events, and many more!

Debbie has allowed me to go through all of these issues myself and I love them! They helped me get out of a bit of a rut recently!

Click here to find out more about these issues, including the Stash-Busting issue I guest-taught, and the great Paperclipping discounts before they go away!

(affiliate link above).

How and Where to Place Scrapbooking Embellishments – Paperclipping 168

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Tap Dance for Money - both pages

Two of the more common questions scrapbookers want to know are:

  • How do you know where to put your embellishments?
  • How do you know when to stop?

Someone asked me one of these during my True Scrap class at the end of my presentation and I felt like I let her down because I really don’t believe you can give an adequate answer in just a few sentences.

The most common answer I hear to the question, “How do you know when to stop?” is “When you feel like you’re done, take one thing off the page.”

This answer may be adequate for certain scrapbookers, but it’s definitely not a principle that applies in general.

How does that help someone like me, who had to force herself to learn to add the first embellishment? (I have many old scrapbooking pages that have a background, photos, and photo mattes. And that is it!).

Or anyone who tends to use too few items, rather than too many?

Which of the item do you take off?

What if the page looks off-balance when you remove an item?

The Root of the Problem

As scrapbookers, we’re fortunate to have lots of beautiful and amazing embellishment options at our fingertips. You can’t say the same thing for paint or charcoal pencil artists.

On the one hand, we’re very lucky. On the other hand, our embellishment obsession distracts us from learning overall design composition. This is the problem: We’re so engrossed in the wonderful details of the embellishments that they’re the first and main thing we want to learn and focus our time on.

Three Concepts To Master for Powerful Embellishment Placement

If you master three concepts, which I cover heavily in my video tutorials for Paperclipping Members, you will never have to worry about where to put the embellishments, or when to stop because you’ll just know. Here are the three concepts:

  • Building a foundation of focal point photos, supporting photos, and anchoring lines.
  • General overall principles of composition, like balance and space.
  • The design purposes of embellishments

N 38 (closeup)

Embellishments Have Design Purposes

Beauty is just a by-product. If you’re overly focused on how beautiful the embellishments are, you’re in danger of…

  • using too many of them
  • being too intimidated to use them

If instead, you focus on using them only to meet the design needs of your layouts, you will know exactly…

  • How to make stunning embellishment gatherings.
  • What’s missing on your page.
  • Which embellishments to use.
  • Where to put your embellishments.
  • When your page is complete and it’s time to stop.

Gathering Embellishments

Gathering embellishments — in other words, layering them or clustering them — is a particularly good way to draw people into your page and make them want to stay and look a lot longer. Some of the ways to do that are to…

Gather embellishments into a frame around a photo.

Tap Dance for Money - right side

Make a cluster of contrasting embellishments on a line or in a space that needs more visual weight or color.

Soften lines and form an implied directional curving line with your embellishments.
N 38

Today we’ve released a video tutorial to the Paperclipping Members that demonstrates all of these things and more. You will get to see me gather and place the embellishments for three of these four scrapbook layouts. You may watch the trailer by clicking the video below:

Loading the player …

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