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December Daily Dilemmas – Paperclipping 207

paperclipping 207

It’s the fourth day of December. Are you four days into a holiday-themed minibook?

I’ve been finishing up my past December Daily and Merry Days mini-albums and, of course, ran into a few common dilemmas. You’ve probably run into them, too…

  • Making 2 side by side pages look decent next to each other
  • Accidentally missing an event and trying to fit it between the pages you’ve already got
  • Adding just the right details to make a boring page look interesting and complete
  • Making the items you have work with the size/type of page you’ve got in general design terms

Minibooks are the best scrapbooking schools for creativity. They pose unique challenges, which are wonderful opportunities to exercise these creative minds of ours!

Dec Daily Dilemmas 1

I created a video for anybody wanting help with these challenges, or for anyone just wanting a bit of mini-book inspiration. In this video I take you through my process for making pages in two separate December Daily mini-albums…

  • adding in an event to what I had thought was a complete book (resulting in 3 new pages)
  • changing a page that wasn’t working design-wise
  • sprucing up a page that had potential, but so far was boring and didn’t feel like Christmas

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Dec Daily Dilemmas 7

Dec Daily Dilemmas 5

Dec Daily Dilemmas 4

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My Top Favorite December Daily Pages

I haven’t photographed many of my pages in these albums. Maybe I’ll catch up on that this season. For now, these are my favorites of the pages I have photographed.

36 Merry Days Nov26 6340

And just to avoid any confusion, I call mine my Merry Days albums. They aren’t daily and they’re not just of December. One of them covers 36 days from November 26th (my birthday) to Christmas day.

36 Merry Days Nov26 closeup

36 Merry Days Nov26 6341

Cute fabric on packaging chipboard. Since the fabric is sheer I only adhered it underneath the sticker where it could be hidden. Love!!

36 Merry Days - inside cover

The photo does not show this off at all. I love it in person. It’s a silver glittered snowflake ornament on a gold screen-printed transparency.

36 Merry Days - inside cover

The ornament was missing a “leg” and it looked weird on the tree. But it’s asymmetry is perfect at the side of a page.

36 Merry Days: 4th_back

Turned this little guy into a pocket page. See the comments card inside the pocket? I covered the other side with paper and added my journaling with the date number.

36 Merry Days- Nov. 27

It’s all the glitter and the three colors that make me happy when it comes to this page.

36 Merry Days- Nov. 27

I attached the die cut paper to a transparency to make it sturdy.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 28

These photos capture the magic of Christmas for me. Great photos stand well on their own.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 29

I did a glittered scalloped page like this in a previous album and it was a favorite back then, too. I had to repeat it. Still love it.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 29

Some of my very favorite Christmas products of all time were these stickers by Creative Memories many years ago. I love how whimsical and “Whoville-ish” they are. I wish I could find current products like this.

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1

I enjoyed getting my hands colored with this. Sprays, stencils, stamps, distress inks, embossing. All fun and I love my results. The only thing I don’t like is that the white is a Mister Huey and whenever I touch the page it rubs onto my hands. It doesn’t take away from the page itself, at least.

Wish I had a white opaque spray that didn’t rub off, though!

A few more of my favorite pages are in a video tutorial but I have not yet photographed them. If you are a Paperclipping Member, you can find that episode in the Member’s Area. Look for Paperclipping 183 – Interactive and Dimensional Minibook Techniques.

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December Daily Cover: Step by Step Instructions

25 Merry Days 2010

This is my favorite cover so far! Here’s how to do it…

Nov 2012 5

1. Die cut 3 ornaments from grungeboard. Paint them in the general color of the glitter you’ll cover them with. The paint doesn’t have to be an exact match. Then cover them in their final glitter or liquid pearls. I used 2 or 3 coats.

Supplies I used: Ornament dies * Joy die * other optional word dies here and here * Grungeboard * Christmas Red Stickles * Key Lime Liquid Pearls * Orchid Liquid Pearls

Nov 2012 1 (1)

2. Hand cut some cardstock as backgrounds for the ornaments. Use paper in the general glitters you’ll be covering them with. It doesn’t have to be an exact match. Then cover the hand-cut backgrounds with Stickles and Liquid Pearls.

Supplies I used: Thistle Stickles * Ocean Blue Perfect Pearls * Firefly Stickles

Nov 2012 17

3. Glue your backgrounds to your ornaments and then glue the ornaments to your album cover.

Paperclipping Members can see how I covered the chipboard for my cover in Paperclipping 200. Click here for membership info).

Nov 2012 14

4. Add foil tape to the top of your ornaments.

Nov 2012 11

5. Curl a thick wire into a loop for your ornament. I use wire from the floral area of my craft store.

Nov 2012 8

I curled mine by wrapping it around the top of the lid of a bottle of Stickles.

Adhere your ornaments to your cover.

Nov 2012 4

6. Tie 3 cute bows with some silver Christmas string. Cut a straight string for each ornament. Attach the straight strings to the bows with a glue dot. Then attach them to the wire loops of your ornaments.

Bend your silver strings over the top of the album cover and glue dot them to the back. Finish by covering the back with some fun holiday paper!

Happy holiday paperclipping!

Shine On,

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Set Yourself Up for Christmas Scrapbooking

Nov 2012 27

What Didn’t Work Before
Last year I pulled out all of my Christmas stuff and set it up around my workspace. I found that I didn’t use most of it because the tiny bits of time I had to scrapbook didn’t allow for much play. I ended up grabbing the easy ready-made stuff.

What I Think is Working Now
This year I’ve got a new battle plan that already feels better.

I’m front-loading the technique play ahead of time. Basically, I’m task-batching. That way I have my own stuff ready-made when I sit down to scrapbook in December. And if I want to play more later on, I can. But if I find myself limited on time again, it’s okay!

Here’s how I’m batching my tasks up front before I start actually scrapbooking pages…

Nov 2012 10
Mini Reindeer + “25” die cut set * Winter Wonder Snow Man * Carved Ornaments * Joy * Townscape * Hanging Sign * Hanging Sign * Grungeboard * Sizzix Big Shot

Play-Time #1 – Manual die-cutting

Play-Time #2 – Electronic die-cutting

Play Time #3 – Glittering

Play Time #4 – Non-glittered altering

Have you run into the same problem as me in the past? Why not try batching your tasks too? Let me know if you have a task on your list that’s different from mine!

Nov 2012 22

Have fun paperclipping your Christmas!

Shine On,


P.S.> Come back for daily posts this week that will help you prep for your December Daily or other Christmas projects!

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1

We got our first Christmas card on Dec. 1 and I decided to put this year’s cards in my mini-album instead of my Holiday Cards Altered Book.

The left page was a fun one to make. Maybe I’ll share the technique in a Paperclipping tutorial at some point. Aiden made the tag on the right and I need to add a couple journal strips for my words. I’m just waiting until I have other journaling to type up so I can print it all one piece of cardstock.

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1

I chose two of the cards to add as individual pages to my album. I punched page holes in the envelopes, scalloped the opening of one, and then stuck the photo cards back inside. Because of the page holes, the cards poke out to reveal themselves just a bit and create curiosity.

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1c

All the rest of the cards are inside this third envelope, which I taped to a transparency that is the foundation for the second half of Dec. 1st.

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1

2011 December 94

One envelope had this cute wreath on it, so I punched it out with my Fiskars Scalloped Punch and taped it to this envelope.

(Actually, I taped the wreath to scrap cardstock before I punched it to make it sturdy).

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1w

And here on the left is the 2nd half of Dec. 1st. I turned my photos into pockets for my journaling cards. I added these cute Christmas brads by Teresa Collins to the ends of my journal cards and tied some string for easy pullout.

36 Merry Days: Dec. 1

My digital journaling overlays were designed by Ali Edwards. The bottom one came with her Yesterday & Today class last year, but you can purchase the top one — Title and Journal Photo Overlay No. 1 — at Designer Digitals.

Affiliate links where possible.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 28 + 29

36 Merry Days: Nov. 28

I think it’s time I catch up on posting my Christmas book pages, which documents much of our Christmas season for 2011.

Most years I buy a something new for the holiday decorating, and this year it was two boxes of these beautiful peppermint-themed ornaments from Martha Stewart. I also finally bought a tree skirt after years of wishing I had one.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 29

One of my most favorite pages from my December Daily 2009 album was a page very similar to this glittered scalloped partial circle. I loved it so much I decided it deserved a redo.

36 Merry Days: Nov. 29

36 Merry Days: Nov. 29

Available Supplies:
American Crafts Twinkling Eyes and Red Suit patterned paper.
Christmas Red Stickles
Barn Door Distress Ink – I inked my scalloped chipboard page red before adding the glitter to ensure even red coverage. The scalloped paper on the left side was a scrap of red paper.
Apron Lace Border Punch by Fiskars
Martha Stewart fine glitter in green – I think it’s Peridot
American Crafts Elf Thickers (numbers and top asterick chipboard piece)
Studio Calico Wood Veneer Asterick – These are on clearance!
Ali Edwards Love You Circle Overlays and Frames

Affiliate links where possible.

36 Merry Days Christmas Book: Nov. 27

36 Merry Days- Nov. 27

When Ali shared her page for December Daily on the 2nd, I knew her banner was just what my photo of Christmas lights needed. And since I’ve had a sudden desire to use stars over the last few months (in all of my 15 years of scrapbooking I’ve never cared for stars), I went along and added stars to my page, like she did.

Other than those two elements, my overall page is different. Remember this fabric-covered piece from my last page?

36 Merry Days Nov26 6341

It’s the other side of the bingo card for Nov. 27th.

The foundation of my page is a glittered die cut. To stabilize it, I attached it to an old Hambly transparency with a loose silver flourish design.

36 Merry Days- Nov. 27

Here’s what the back of that looks like:

36 Merry Days- Back of Nov. 27

I think the white back of that XOXO paper is just find so I’m leaving it as is, as you can see in this little sneak peek of the next day.

So how are you doing keeping up with assembling these pages every day? I’m quite a bit behind (though I DO have more pages done that I have shared so far).

36 Merry Days: Nov. 26th

36 Merry Days Nov26 6339

I started my album on my birthday this year. This is a picture of the vegan cheesecake Izzy bought me from one of our favorite restaurants, where we had gone for my birthday breakfast.

The red and white polka dotted paper is the wrapping paper he wrapped my gifts in. I really like doing that. For me, wrapping paper takes me back to a memory in a way that patterned paper does not.

36 Merry Days Nov26 6340

This is the back side of the cake page. I used an Ali Edwards Day and Month Overlay for my journaling and added the “26.”

36 Merry Days Nov26 closeup

Those presents are from the Martha Stewart Deep Edge Gifts Punch — which I highly recommend! It cut wonderfully through my thick cardstock-quality patterned paper (Imaginisce from a couple years ago).

I added red rhinestones to some of the presents.

36 Merry Days Nov26 6341

I love this little page. It was a great way to balance my two different reds and make everything flow. It’s a piece of textured dotted fabric on top of the back of a vintage bingo card, which introduces the next day.

Observation On My Process

I explained my process for this year last week. Having worked this way for a number of days now, here’s what I’ve observed: my process this year is just right for me! I’m so much happier doing it this way. Believe it or not, I’m finding it easier to assemble my pages by not having them prepped.

I also like working behind a bit and being able to do a couple days at a time. It’s easier for me to get a nice flow with all these different page types when I’m thinking about what’s coming up next.

(affiliate links when applicable).

36 Merry Days: Christmas Minibook Cover

36 Merry Days

I had so much fun making this cover. I was inspired by two things: the peppermint candy dominance in my Christmas tree decorations, and a homemade sign similar to this one at a locally grown exotic fruit tree lot down the street from me.

I have all kinds of ideas for these quirky old signs and I plan to share how to make them in one of the January member video tutorials (find out about that here).

I’ve been assembling an album about the fun stuff we do when we visit Grandma and Grandpa in Missouri, so I’ll be making a similar sign to this one for that album in my tutorial.

Here’s the inside of my cover:

36 Merry Days - inside cover

The glittered snow flake on the right was an ornament for our tree that broke last year. I love it against the gold and clear transparency. I added Glossy Accents to the snow flake and it seems to be nice and sturdy.

36 Merry Days - inside cover

I’ll be back as I have a few minutes to share each of my pages individually. Thanks for looking!

36 Merry Days: A Pocket Page from Target Ephemera

36 Merry Days: 4th_1

I’ll be picking up my first batch of photos for my Christmas minibook today, so I’ve only been able to assemble pages with ephemera so far. Here’s my Dec. 4th page.

36 Merry Days: 4th_journal

36 Merry Days: 4th_back

I went rogue and shot a quick video from my iPhone that shows how I assembled this pocket page from a piece of Target ephemera…

I’ll be sharing fun dimensional and interactive techniques for mini-books in the next episode of Paperclipping (with professional-quality shooting — none of this amateur video for the Paperclipping Members!).

If you’re always looking for ideas for your mini-books, especially your December Daily album, this’ll be a great time to get your membership!

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