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PRT 015 – The MiniBook Show

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Sharing Our Mini’s


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Ana’s Mini’s
Stacy’s Mini’s

Promo code for the Big Picture Scrapbooking class, Colorful You: roundtable

Paperclipping 132 – New Year’s Predictions Minibook

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This week’s episode is the last for 2009! Many thanks to all the Paperclipping Members, whose memberships make it possible for us to produce these tutorials.

This week’s episode is for members only but anyone can click on the video above to see the trailer. There’s also a Quicktime version of the trailer here. If you are new here, you might want to watch the free tutorials available in the left-hand column. Anyone who would like to see this week’s video, plus the other 130 episodes in the archives, can find out how to become a Paperclipping Member by clicking here.

Supplies for New Years Album:
Many thanks to Stampin’ Up for providing their Glassy Glaze Enamel and the Bashful Blue cardstock.
Reminder to Members: watch your emails today or tomorrow for an invitation to sign up for a one-week email course of seven daily lessons for holiday photography.

December Daily: My focus over the last couple workdays has been on the email photography course. I will post pictures of my album over the next few days here on the blog. I just need a little more. :)

5 Tips for Fast Assembly of a December Daily Album

(note: I got the idea for this vintage aluminum tile background from Dedra Long in our Altered Books Tutorial. Imaginisce gave the poinsettia (minus the button) to me from their new Christmas line.).

Ali Edwards conceived the December Daily project three years ago. The idea is to create a minibook ahead of time with a page for each day. Then everyday in December you find a way to add your picture(s), journaling, and/or memorabilia to the pre-assembled book. These pictures are my 2009 book:
You can see my entire album (before I add the events of each day) in the December Daily set on my Flickr page. This post only showcases a handful of my pages.

5 Tips For Super-Fast Assembly

Are you worried about finding the time to make your own? I flew through the assembly of mine and when I reached the last page I was sad because I wanted to do more. Here are some tips that made this one of my fastest minibook projects, even though it has the most pages of any I’ve ever made before:

1. Do it mindlessly.

Okay, how often does anybody tell you to do something mindlessly. Never, right? Well, I’m telling you now, don’t think through this one. Don’t ask what you might be doing on what day or how to make the page gorgeous. And if you do the other tips, mindlessness will be no problem.

2. Divide your Christmas supplies into five piles:

a. Whole Sheets
These usually come 12×12 and can be paper, transparencies or fabric
b. Alternative Page Foundations
These can be scraps, envelopes, pocketed page protectors, other minibook pages, and anything else unusual that you might want to use as a page foundation.
c. Numbers
d. Small Spots
These are to place numbers on. Some ideas are circles, very small frames, or tags
e. Embellishments and Ribbon

3. Crop your whole sheets all at once.

Cut your whole sheets down to the size of your album pages. Don’t worry about page placement or embellishing while you do this. Don’t worry about how many you’ll need. Just crop all the papers you want in your album and know that you’ll use the alternative page foundations (that 2nd pile) to make up the difference.

4. Mix cropped whole sheets with your alternative page foundations.

Remember, we’re still working mindlessly here. Just start interspersing them with the alternative page foundations. The only thing to think about is variety. That’s it.

5. Add numbers and trimming all at once.

Are you starting to see the pattern here? We’re doing this in assembly line fashion, which you probably learned in elementary school is the fastest way to make a stuff, right? Now that you’ve mindlessly put your pages in order, you can add the smaller details.

If your page is from a scrap that is smaller than the regular minibook, you can give it a decorative edge, or some trimming. Don’t think hard about what to do, just know that you have these options and choose the first one that comes to mind. If your ribbon is in your embellishment & ribbon pile, you can grab it quickly and add it to a page edge without thinking or searching. Then add the next number to the page.
If your page is the size of your minibook, give yourself a break and just add a number (perhaps on a circular spot) and move on to the next page.


Oh, and don’t forget to have fun basking in all that Christmas-color goodness.
Click here to see my entire book.

Edited To Add: Someone requested links to supplies I used. I have not bought any Xmas items this year (Imaginisce items are the only brand new ones because they gave them to me). I’ll link the items I can still find available below. Note that I’ll receive a commission if you click and buy. :)

Poinsetta on cover * red polka dot transparency * 8×8 book covers * polar bear paper * frosted forest paper * flower-shaped transparent and chipboard page.

DVD on Altering Books – Available Now

Many of you have been waiting (and waiting…) for the DVD version of the Altered Books Tutorial to release. In case you didn’t read about it in my newsletter, I wanted to announce here on the blog that the DVD is finally available for purchase. You can order your DVD by clicking here.

If you want more information on this tutorial and how to get the download-able version instead, please follow this link.

From The Archives: Paperclipping 102 – Minibook Tips

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We decided to pull one of the Members-Only episodes out of the archives to share with the rest of the Paperclipping audience for this week’s free video. If you’re one of our members and this episode sparked some ideas that you never completed (or started?) maybe you’ll get some renewed motivation after watching this again. If you’re not a member and you like what you see, you can get a lot more (over 100 plus new ones to come). Please click here to see how a Paperclipping Membership works.

When you’re done, you might want to see more of the mini-book I featured in the episode by watching Paperclipping 103 – Visual Memoirs.

Paperclipping 115 – Minibooks from Authentic Items

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Today’s episode is for the Paperclipping Members. If you want to commemorate the culture of a place you’ve visited or plan to visit, you might want to consider the topic of this episode: create a book with an authentic item that portrays the place and culture. Below are a few pictures of my own book, which I made to showcase photos and items from Rocky Point, Mexico…

Mexico Minibook From A Punched Tin Frame

Mexico Minibook from a Punched Tin Frame
Mexico Minibook 2
Mexico Minibook 3
Mexico Minibook 4
Mexico Minibook 5
Scrapbooking supplies I used: Tim Holtz Distress Emboss Powder in Scattered Straw. Versamark Ink. Old Olive and Creamy Caramel by Stampin’ Up. Book Binding Tape by 7 Gypsies. Epoxy sticker by s.e.i. Letter stickers by Creative Memories. Eyelets by American Crafts.

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Donna Downey Shows Her New Album At CHA 2009 Summer

Once again Donna Downey is releasing a very cool mini-album with lots of sewing-inspired goodies similar to her winter release. This one, though, for CHA 2009 summer, is covered in a faux leather.

The album is a Prima product. Watch for more videos to come of Donna leading a great make-and-take as well as a lot of amazing Prima goodness that I cannot wait to get my hands on.

Paperclipping 107 – Make Your Vacation Album More Meaningful

paperclipping 107

While there is nothing wrong with a vacation album or minibook that simply highlights the trip’s activities, there are some trips that add up to more than just that list. Some vacations impact you at a deeper level than the exciting agenda can show.

For today’s episode, I’ll share a vacation minibook I made for a trip like that. I’ll share how I found connections among my memories of the trip that led to a theme which I carried through the entire book. Many of us will have family vacations to document this summer, and I hope this episode gives you a new way to think about how you can approach your album or mini.

This video is available to members only. Learn about a membership here.

Below are a couple photos of the book I featured in the video. You can see the rest of the book in a set on my flickr page by clicking here.

The Two Of Us (In Sedona)
The Two Of Us Minibook

Two of us last page
Supplies for these pages: Spiral minibook (7 Gypsies) * Patterned paper and title (My Mind’s Eye, background paper of second pic unknown) * Scroll sticker (Creative Imaginations) * Letter stickers (Creating Memories).

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* * *

Show notes for this episode are here.

Paperclipping 102 – Minibook Tips

Paperclipping 102 - Minibook Tips
Do you love mini’s? Do you wish you loved mini’s? In this episode I share a minibook idea, an organizational tip, and a technique. This episode is for Paperclipping Members, so if you’re trying to watch it but can’t, you can learn about the Paperclipping Membership by clicking here.

Below are some pictures of the minibook in the video…

You * Me

This book cover is made by Maya Road and is 9×9 inches. The chipboard pages inside are 8×8.
I found the vintage pieces (the clock face and drawer knob) at my local vintage scrapbooking store, Mystic Paper. The wire hanger is from there as well, but I’m pretty sure it’s not vintage. The spinner arrow on the clock is definitely not vintage…it’s made by Tim Holtz.

Want To See More?

You can see more pictures in the photo set I added to my Flickr page. I expect to have a lot more of this project completed next week and will add more photos then.

I know many of you are working on minibooks for your moms for Mother’s Day so I hope this episode gives you some inspiration and help. If you’re not gifting a book, consider making one about your relationship with one of your children. That’s what my book is about. I’ll share more in an upcoming episode.

* * *

Did you see that Jana Oliveira won the Paperclipping Monthly Challenge for March? You can see her winning page at The Crop Circle.