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Now That I’ve Thrown Away Mini-Books…

Aug 2013 2

Here’s what I love and hate about minibooks…

Hate: They’re bulky, hard to store, take up too much room, are sometimes flimsy and easily bent, and sometimes do not stand up.

Love: They’re three-dimensional and interactive and are a great outlet for more creativity.

So yes, I threw some away that weren’t meaningful to me. I adapted some of my problematic and flimsy minibooks into other forms, such as scrapbook pages.

I’m keeping my favorite mini-books the way they are, but I doubt I’ll be making many more.

So if you’re like me and have a love-hate relationship with minibooks, you may not want to give them up completely. Here’s how to keep the parts you love and get rid of the parts you hate in your future mini projects…

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CHA 2012 – New WOW! Embossing Powders Including Glitter Embossing

This company has made glitter embossing powders, along with other types, such as ultra-high! Take a look at the demo and the inspiring projects made with their various embossing types!

Art Journaling, Scrap Journaling, and Book Altering On The Go

Mar 2011 3391

I love to take my scrap-journal, an art journal, or a book I’m altering and go work outside on the patio of Starbucks while I sip hot green tea.

Each are such manageable items to work with on the go. But there are two things I’ve had to learn at least a few times and it’s my tip for today:

Always carry tape and a pen with you. At all times!

Especially a pen! At least if you forget the tape you can go home and tape it all together, like I did for this page. I had journaled on the inside of this Starbucks napkin and then realized I couldn’t tape it in. No big deal, it gave me time to consider using tissue tape — which I may also start carrying around with me at all times!

If I have no pen, though, I might as well just go home.

From now on I think I’ll keep extras of these items in my purse in case I forget to toss it into my tote bag!