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What I learned from Ali Edwards’ A Week In the Life

Putting away some school supplies. The cleaners come the next morning so I spent some time doing laundry and picking up the house -- which was exactly what I was in the mood to do at this time.
Putting away some school supplies. The cleaners come the next morning so I spent some time doing laundry and picking up the house — which was exactly what I was in the mood to do at this time.

Have you been participating in A Week In the Life with Ali Edwards?

At the beginning of my lunch break on Tuesday (the second day) I got online and saw that she had started it so I grabbed my camera and decided to use it to motivate me to learn to take photos in this new house.

We’ve been here almost three years and I still had not found a photography routine here as of Tuesday morning.

I say, “as of Tuesday morning,” because by participating in the photo phase of A Week In the Life last week, I’m finally finding my way around this house with my camera. Every morning I started the day by looking at Ali’s photos, noticing how she aims or what she aims at, and then keeping that in mind as I went about my business.

So I want to share some of the things I learned from Ali along with several of my own photos.
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PRT 003: Ali Edwards on Story

Paperclipping Roundtable

This is the third edition of the Paperclipping Roundtable. Our special guest this week was Ali Edwards. You can hear for yourself, but she was amazing on the show.

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The Roundtable Panel

This Week’s Picks

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December Daily Album: Days 1 – 10

Day 1:


Journaling reads: This is the 1st video shoot of the month and between now and Jan, the camera will be battling the Christmas tree for space.

I adhered the metal tags and their ties, plus the number 1 to the outside of the plastic page.

Here is the original empty page…

Day 2-6

I posted 2, 3, and 5 in this post. Days 4 and 6 are still missing stuff so I’ll have to come back to them later.

Day 7:


Journaling reads: Blake’s birthday felt like Christmas morning. He didn’t sleep much the night before and then he woke us up at 5am wanting to start the day (we made him go back to bed another hour). Once we got up the first thing we did was give him our gift — our family tradition. It all happened with the glow of the Christmas tree while it was still dark outside. At his request I made Cocoa Spice Muffins and for dinner we went to his favorite restaurant (Olive Garden) where he stuffed himself on soup and mushroom ravioli’s and could only eat a few bites of his cake.

That circle on the red part of the card is around the number 7, for the day of the month.

Days 9, 10:

Day 8 is another incomplete page so let’s move on to day 9…


The journaling on Day 9: So Proud of My Dancer…You got to have an extra 2-hour dance rehearsal this week in preparation for your upcoming concert…and that was in addition to your dress rehearsal on Monday. And just like me, you love the extra rehearshal time, even though it meant breaking yoru regular play date (again) with your best friend, Nicole.

Here are the originals…


Once again, I’ll be back when I can to post more. Thanks for looking.

December Daily Album: Days 2 & 3

I’m waiting on a photo for day one, so I’ll have to come back to it later. I’ll come back to post the other days as soon as I have some more free time. Thanks for looking!

Day 2




Day 3


For this day I began with the journaling of a story on the first side and then put the accompanying photos on the next pages…



Journaling on the above photo says, “Haven’t seen one of these faces in a while. Thanks for pulling it out again, buddy.”


5 Tips for Fast Assembly of a December Daily Album

(note: I got the idea for this vintage aluminum tile background from Dedra Long in our Altered Books Tutorial. Imaginisce gave the poinsettia (minus the button) to me from their new Christmas line.).

Ali Edwards conceived the December Daily project three years ago. The idea is to create a minibook ahead of time with a page for each day. Then everyday in December you find a way to add your picture(s), journaling, and/or memorabilia to the pre-assembled book. These pictures are my 2009 book:
You can see my entire album (before I add the events of each day) in the December Daily set on my Flickr page. This post only showcases a handful of my pages.

5 Tips For Super-Fast Assembly

Are you worried about finding the time to make your own? I flew through the assembly of mine and when I reached the last page I was sad because I wanted to do more. Here are some tips that made this one of my fastest minibook projects, even though it has the most pages of any I’ve ever made before:

1. Do it mindlessly.

Okay, how often does anybody tell you to do something mindlessly. Never, right? Well, I’m telling you now, don’t think through this one. Don’t ask what you might be doing on what day or how to make the page gorgeous. And if you do the other tips, mindlessness will be no problem.

2. Divide your Christmas supplies into five piles:

a. Whole Sheets
These usually come 12×12 and can be paper, transparencies or fabric
b. Alternative Page Foundations
These can be scraps, envelopes, pocketed page protectors, other minibook pages, and anything else unusual that you might want to use as a page foundation.
c. Numbers
d. Small Spots
These are to place numbers on. Some ideas are circles, very small frames, or tags
e. Embellishments and Ribbon

3. Crop your whole sheets all at once.

Cut your whole sheets down to the size of your album pages. Don’t worry about page placement or embellishing while you do this. Don’t worry about how many you’ll need. Just crop all the papers you want in your album and know that you’ll use the alternative page foundations (that 2nd pile) to make up the difference.

4. Mix cropped whole sheets with your alternative page foundations.

Remember, we’re still working mindlessly here. Just start interspersing them with the alternative page foundations. The only thing to think about is variety. That’s it.

5. Add numbers and trimming all at once.

Are you starting to see the pattern here? We’re doing this in assembly line fashion, which you probably learned in elementary school is the fastest way to make a stuff, right? Now that you’ve mindlessly put your pages in order, you can add the smaller details.

If your page is from a scrap that is smaller than the regular minibook, you can give it a decorative edge, or some trimming. Don’t think hard about what to do, just know that you have these options and choose the first one that comes to mind. If your ribbon is in your embellishment & ribbon pile, you can grab it quickly and add it to a page edge without thinking or searching. Then add the next number to the page.
If your page is the size of your minibook, give yourself a break and just add a number (perhaps on a circular spot) and move on to the next page.


Oh, and don’t forget to have fun basking in all that Christmas-color goodness.
Click here to see my entire book.

Edited To Add: Someone requested links to supplies I used. I have not bought any Xmas items this year (Imaginisce items are the only brand new ones because they gave them to me). I’ll link the items I can still find available below. Note that I’ll receive a commission if you click and buy. :)

Poinsetta on cover * red polka dot transparency * 8×8 book covers * polar bear paper * frosted forest paper * flower-shaped transparent and chipboard page.

Free Paperclipping Video on Ali Edwards’s Blog

A while back Ali Edwards asked me to be one of her guest bloggers for her new weekly feature, Tuesday Tutorials. Izzy and I put together a video tutorial specifically for her readers and she posted it today. That’s a bonus for the Paperclipping audience because it means an additional episode for you this week!

You can watch this special episode on Ali’s blog. Below is the layout I used to demonstrate the steps. You can see the rest when you head over…

12×12 layout
Journaling to my son reads: This is why it’s so hard to say no to you. And it’s not that I consciously struggle against a desire to say yes, but that it rarely even occurs to me to say no to you. That face and those eyes put the “yes” into me. It took Daddy to recognize that your charm leads to my constant “yes.”

Paperclipping Newsbreak 001 – Changes to the Scrapbooking Industry

We’ve now released the first episode of Paperclipping Newsbreak, your source for the most current news in scrapbooking with Nancy Nally as my host. You can watch us record this show live every Monday at 10am PST. Feel free to join in on the chat and ask questions, too.

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Here are some links to the things we talked about in the episode…

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