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Adhesive Tips – Paperclipping 200

paperclipping 200

Here’s one of my best adhesive tips…

There are two parts to layouts:

  1. The Foundation – the underlying structure of the layout made with your main papers and photos.
  2. The Detailing – the embellishments, and sometimes your journaling and title work).

When you’ve finished a good foundation on its own, you can adhere those main foundational pieces, and that makes working with the embellishments so much easier!

I used to wait until I’d figured out my entire layout before I’d put tape or glue to the pieces.

What a confusing task — never fully feeling sure of anything, trying to remove items to tape stuff underneath, and then remember where the top items were supposed to be.

Make your underlying structure and then commit to it. Trust yourself. It’s so much easier.

Hand Me Up's (closeup)

Worried you might want to tuck something underneath something else?

Put your adhesive closer to the middles of your photos and papers. That way you can just tuck that additional last minute brilliant item underneath!

Shine On,

P.S.> Want more adhesive tips? I just made a video where I put a couple layouts together, all the while showing the adhesive I use for what purposes, including those tricky screen-printed transparencies! You’ll see all my staples and solutions for both layouts and mini-album covers with big heavy items made of metal.

This video is for Paperclipping Members. It’s the 200th one! If you’re a member you’ll find it in the Member’s Area and in your iTunes feed.

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