Hello Sponsors!

Are you interested in sponsoring our audio show?

The Paperclipping Roundtable is looking for sponsors. If you read this page and are interested, please email Izzy at izzy@izzyvideo.com.

We’re picky about our sponsors. We only promote products and companies that we love.

What do sponsors receive?

We mention you’re a sponsor at the beginning of the show, and then we go in-depth with a personalized sponsor message during the content-portion of the show.

We also link to your landing page in the show notes on our website.

Our Audience

  • The Paperclipping Roundtable gets 5,500-8,000 downloads per episode.
  • When we last checked there were 11,012 people on the Paperclipping email list.
  • Many people have told us they listen to each episode multiple times.


As of March 25, 2014 we are running a sponsorship discount.
$1200 $900 for four consecutive episodes. This includes the sponsor message at the beginning of the show, the sponsor message during the content, and the link in our show notes.

Suggestions for a Successful Sponsorship

  1. Have a “landing page” where we can send our listeners. Ideally, this would be a page only they would know about. That way you can see the exact results you get by sponsoring.
  2. Offer our audience a discount via a coupon code.
  3. Have a deadline on the promotion to help listeners “act now”.

Contact US

If you want to discuss sponsoring any of our audio shows, please email izzy@izzyvideo.com.