Sneak Peek: Scrapbook Layout for Next Week’s Episode!

Kindergarten Layout Sneak Peek
The first member’s video tutorial of the year will be available next week! I wanted to share a sneak peek of one of the layouts with you!

And here’s a little teaser — I’ll be fixing an issue I didn’t like about one of my recent pages to demonstrate a design concept!

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Next Paperclipping Live! Event!

I’ve missed everyone since we canceled our weekly Paperclipping Live! show. I promised you we would do them periodically and that the next one would be in January. Guess what? January’s here! Time to announce the next Live! event!

When: January 18th, Tuesday night

Time: 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time
9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time


These shows are usually an hour, but since it’s been a while, we might go over — just a little. ;)

Mark your calenders! If you’ve never attended one of these, you’re in for a fun time! I’ll be scrapbooking live on video and there is a live chat for the audience to get to know each other. It’s always been a great opportunity for friendships to form among the Paperclipping audience.

See you there!

  • Peg in CO

    Darn it! I’ll be traveling on biz so I doubt I’ll be able to join this time. I’ve been missing it! Hopefully next time.

  • I think the next one will be for National Scrapbook Day. Mark your
    calendar! :)

  • Brenda Chrise

    FINALLY! I have the alarm on my phone set to go off every Tuesday, 15 minutes before Live! I TRULY MISS THE SHOW. I’m doing my happy dance and my alarm is set!!

  • Yay!