Six Ways to Create Layers On Your Scrapbook Pages

Don’t you love scrapbook pages with layers? You can pique someone’s curiosity when you layer items because people want to know what all those layers are. This gets them more involved with your page!

Here are six different types of layers to create on your scrapbook pages, along with the list of “ingredients” from top to bottom!

1. Layer a symmetrical 6×6 introduction + journal page and pair it with a standard 12×12 layout.
For Your Entertainment (intro page)

  1. clear button
  2. polka dot flower
  3. ribbon
  4. 6×6 transparency
  5. cardstock
  6. Add journaling to the back and then layer this 6×6 intro and journal page over a 12×12 scrapbook page in a 3-ring binder.

For Your Entertainment

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2. Layer leftover supplies into a “tab” for your page.
Walks to Basha's

  1. round metal embellishment
  2. cut-out flower from paper
  3. journal spot cropped at edge of background paper
  4. scrap of ribbon

3. Layer an embellishment gathering into an L-Frame around your focal point.
Not Till They Tell You

  1. shiny bling
  2. snowflake
  3. decorative pin
  4. flower
  5. clear tim holtz piece? glued to patterned paper
  6. label with date
  7. torn strip of patterned paper
  8. rectangular text
  9. 3 glittered brads
  10. 2 transparent snowflakes

True Scrap Sneak Peek

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4. Create layers in a corner with transparent acrylic pieces.
True Scrap Sneak Peek

  1. rhinestone brad
  2. colored acrylic butterfly
  3. transparent clock
  4. 2 transparency frames with flourishes
  5. 2 blue glittered brads

5. Create a visual triangle of 3 similar embellishment gatherings with your own hand-drawn flourishes.
Getting Gatsby

  1. flower cut from patterned paper
  2. hand-drawn flourishes
  3. brad
  4. acrylic paint
  5. tissue paper flower, embedded by the paint
  6. more paint
  7. rub-on text

Getting Gatsby closeup

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6. Layer tags into a 6×12 journal page.
Pigtails? Check. Hyper? Check. (back of right)

  1. journal strips
  2. decorative clothing tag
  3. manila tags, strings attached
  4. butterfly stamp
  5. flourish stamp
  6. die cut piece of patterned paper
  7. contrasting piece of patterned paper

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Want to become a layering expert?
Paperclipping Members have enough of my tutorials to create a whole class on this subject! Spend the week focusing on layering by watching these episodes and trying the concepts:

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Now go have some fun paperclipping with layers!

  • Barb

    Noell, you are truly inspiring for a non creative person, such as myself. Being able to copy and learn from you makes me feel like an artist. Even though I can’t come up with the ideas myself. Thanks

  • Thanks, Barb! But you should know you just haven’t FOUND your creativity yet! I used to think I wasn’t a creative person.

    Was actually thinking about that this morning and wondering if there’s an article/email developing in that! :)

  • Carol from Canada

    I especially love the yellow brads and paper flowers with handdrawn flourishes on layout #5. That the flowers were made of tissue paper was a complete surprise to me.   Then I saw three more ways to use brads that I have never seen before – the blue sugared brads on a flourish, the white ones extending the adorable L-shaped embellishment with months list, and the red ones in the top centre holding up photos and a ticket   And I can’t leave out the cute tab on #2 which was such a colourful touch.,

  • Thank you, Carol! :)

  • Iceteeeeee

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…my Paperclipping membership is worth every penny and more! Thank you so much for your hard work and great ideas. You always inspire me!

  • Yay!! Thank you!! And thank you for your membership! :)

  • Noell,  I have been loving your videos about how I can get rid of my stash.  I sit working on a page listening and watching and end up totally changing the layout I’m working on!  Thanks for all the great ideas!  From a non-schmo, yes, I have listened to all of your podcasts since November and am re-listening to my favorites as I await your next one! Love them!


  • Kary

    Very nice, Noell–lots of great ideas! (just one grammar police note: the word “peak” in your first sentence should be “pique”–whole different meaning!). I especially love the idea of the 6×6 over the 12×12!

  • EmilynW

    Thanks, Noell! This topic is quite timely for me. I’ve been struggling with layering lately, feeling dissatisfied whenever I’ve tried to hone this particular skill. Luckily, I’ve learned to move on to the next layout rather than rework it. Too many photos to scrap! At least I’ve got the “L” template down! Anyway, I really like how you broke down your layering pieces for us on each LO, as well as providing which tutorials support the topic. Invaluable! Thanks, again!

  • Thanks, Cathy! I love hearing that people are actually doing something with the videos, not just watching without doing. :) All those tutorials about using up stash are some of my favorites too! Thanks for your membership!!

  • Thank you, Kary! I knew something was wrong with it and it was bugging me — now I know! I’ll go change it now.

  • karennarelle

    off to spend (next week) on latering! I have a baseball semi and hopefully grandfinal and my sons 5th birthday this week. I love these blog post where you focus our attentiion  and then hightlight the appropriate videos for us. THanks

  • Oh, good! I’m glad you find these types of posts helpful! I’ll keep doing it then! :)