Six Layout Ideas for Scrapbooking Boys

Snuggly Brothers (closeup)

Do you have any boys in your life?

Whether your boys are young kids, teens, or your husband, boyfriend, or father you probably find much fewer ideas, and maybe less inspiration than when it comes to scrapbooking girls. Face it. Most of us ARE girls. We like girly things, so that’s what many of us prefer to make. Girly things can be more fun. :)

But I do have some scrapbook pages I love that are more masculine and about my boys. Here are six that I enjoyed making recently. Maybe they’ll give you some ideas for decorating the page, using ephemera, and for the story concepts behind the pages.

Six Story Ideas to Scrapbook About the Boys in Your Life

Plus fifteen bonus ideas for designing your boyish pages…

1. Scrapbook the Nature of the Brother-to-Brother Relationship Between Two Sons.

Snuggly Brothers
Snuggly Brothers

My boys are both extra snuggly and we often find them tangled up while they’re on their computers or playing XBox. What is unique or endearing about your sons’ relationship?

Snuggly Brothers - closeup 1
Snuggly Brothers – closeup 1
Snuggly Brothers - closeup 2
Snuggly Brothers – closeup 2

Bonus Ideas:

  1. I love this color scheme. Find a basic light blue and then use red, coral orange, and a warm green as accents.
  2. It’s still boyish enough if you add glitter in small amounts!
  3. Triangles are masculine in nature. You find them on arrows and banners, and stars.

Like the edge gatherings on this page? I did an video tutorial that showed how to assemble the edge gatherings of four different pages, including this one. Paperclipping Members can find it in the Member’s Library. It’s episode #216.

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2. Scrapbook a Talent or Extra-curricular Activity.


This is a given and probably the most common type of scrapbook page about boys. But maybe my bonus ideas below one will give you something new to try.

Symphony - closeup 1
Symphony – closeup 1
Symphony - closeup 2
Symphony – closeup 2

Bonus Ideas:

  1. I saved the Symphony candy bar wrapper he earned as an award and used it as if it were patterned paper and a title.
  2. I had some leftover paint so I brushed it onto a scrap of cardstock and saved it in my scraps. For this layout I cut it into a pendant and punched it into circles to lay under the stars.
  3. To display a program, lay embellishments so they overlap the back page of the program. They will make your program feel anchored to the page. Cut your page protector around the front page of the program so you can open it. I placed a clip on the edge of my cut protector and the program so the clip sticks out of the protector, making it easy to grab.

3. Scrapbook a Hobby and/or a Favorite Hero.

Leonardo da Vinci - Pages 1 + 2.
Leonardo da Vinci – Pages 1 + 2.

In this case I did both. Two of Aiden’s hobbies are drawing and making 3-dimensional items from paper. Aiden’s hero is Leonardo da Vinci, mainly because they share some similar interests and talents.

Leonardo da Vinci - closeup
Leonardo da Vinci – closeup

Bonus Ideas:

  1. Make clusters from stars, flair, scraps of paper, tags, miniature banners, and punched circles.
  2. To fit more stuff (for me: multiple photos, a drawing, and journaling), add a 6×12 page to your 12×12 page. The black side of my layout is the 6×12 page.
  3. Make a color palette from multiple shades of blue, plus cream and black.

I put together this layout, and the layout above, on video.. It’s in the Member’s Library as Paperclipping #205 – How to Make Ephemera Fit with Your Design.

4. Scrapbook a Positive Trait Your Teen is Developing as He Matures.


I love that when my son wanted to pass along a book he wanted to share with me, that he included a little note when he put it on my bed, even though I already knew he wanted me to read the book.

Another idea from this is to scrapbook about a common interest you share with your boy. For me, it’s our mutual love of reading and the fact that I often read a book he’s just finished and then we can talk about it together.

loveSHARE - closeup 1
loveSHARE – closeup 1

Bonus Ideas:

  1. Perfect Pearls powders look amazing on black. Break out your black cardstock for your next boy page and create your own patterned paper with a stamp and Perfect Pearls (the dotted circles). I have a video tutorial in the Member’s Library on how to do this.
  2. Make a color palette of black, bright purple, bright light blue, and soft yellow.

5. Scrapbook About the Things They Do for You Around the House.

The Domestication of Izzy
The Domestication of Izzy

When Izzy left his career to work our businesses full-time he took over many of the domestic tasks I used to do. But husbands who work outside the home do things around the house, too. What does yours do?

The Domestication of Izzy - closeup
The Domestication of Izzy – closeup

Bonus Idea:

  1. For multiple photos, reduce chaos but maintain visual interest with a tone-on-tone tan and/or cream pattern.
  2. Form your layout with a z-pattern. Start with a horizontal photo at the upper left, bring the eye over to the right with a title and additional photo, move down with a vertical photo, and then carry the design over to the lower right with another horizontal picture. Top it off with two embellishment cluster on the front and end of the Z.

I have a process video that shows this how I picked the photos to use, to completion of the page. If you’re a Paperclipping Member and want to watch it, look for episode #190.

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6. Scrapbook A Humorous Page About How Sometimes Boys Say the Wrong Thing


Aiden’s very practical nature colored his compliment of me in such a logical, true, and rational way, I had to write it down immediately:

Aiden: You’re the best mom in ALMOST the whole world!
Me: Almost?
Aiden: Well, somebody’s gotta be the very best, and what are the chances it’s you? In the whole world?

Almost - closeup
Almost – closeup

Bonus Ideas:

  1. Share the conversation in script form, like I did above. Record each person’s “line” on a separate strip with embellishments.
  2. Choose a palette of light blue as the main color, yellow as the secondary, and yellow green + peach pink as the accents. The yellow and pink will lighten the page, adding just a hint of femininity without taking away the masculinity.

One of my favorite things on this page are the multi-colored houses. I made another one on video for a second page in a tutorial on using stamps to create layers. Look for episode #189 if you’re a Paperclipping Member.

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I don’t always feel as motivated to scrapbook boy pages. But when I look at male designs I love, it reminds me that I can great male pages addition to the girly stuff that comes more naturally.

Have you been needing a new motivation to scrapbook about the boys in your life? Which of these ideas would help you? What is your own best idea?

  • Martie Rollin

    Love these ideas for scrapping the guys in our lives! Thank you for sharing your LOs.

  • Kristin Townsend

    I love stars, for boys or girls. I appreciate you sharing your pages, while millions of people do it everyday I appreciate you sharing with me. You always have great ideas, I think you are ALMOST one of the bestest in the world!