Simplifying Color – Paperclipping 283


Sometimes we have photo situations that make choosing color tricky.

It’s not even always because the photos are bad. Good photos can make color choices tricky because…

  • You’re using lots of photos that each have their own colors going on (this is especially the case when your photos are from different events, times or places).
  • Your photos have two bold colors that are competing with each other, and trying to work with them makes your page look overwhelming.
  • Your photos only contain beautiful neutrals, and adding non-neutral colors would change the feel of them, but scrapbooking with only neutrals can run the risk of being boring.

These situations don’t have to be tricky at all!

I just scrapbooked all of the above scenarios and enjoyed every bit of it. I’m sharing the process on video, along with several color tips and explanations that will not only help you with some of these tricky photos situations, but will simplify color for you overall.

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I hope this video gives you some great new ways to think about color!

  • Teri Hartman

    I loved your explanation of the competing colors. It’s one of those things that I struggle with when I’m working on a layout and I don’t know why things aren’t working. It will definitely help me choose papers in the future. Thanks!

  • Frances Mikesell

    Thanks Noell and Izzy for another great video! I’ve never thought about the concept of competing colors before. This is definitely something to think about. Oh and Noell I love your blouse, brown is a beautiful color on you! Keep up the great work!

  • After your 283 videos, some people may wonder if there’s really anything left to inspire, much less teach them. I am telling you today that there definitely is plenty to do both!!! I have been inspired in some way with every single one of your videos. With this latest video, I was inspired not by the topic of Simplifying Color (that will come in another layout), but by piecing paper under my photos like you did. I have never been disappointed with your content. Keep the creativity coming. Long live Paperclipping!

  • This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for all the kind words!