Set Yourself Up for Christmas Scrapbooking

Nov 2012 27

What Didn’t Work Before
Last year I pulled out all of my Christmas stuff and set it up around my workspace. I found that I didn’t use most of it because the tiny bits of time I had to scrapbook didn’t allow for much play. I ended up grabbing the easy ready-made stuff.

What I Think is Working Now
This year I’ve got a new battle plan that already feels better.

I’m front-loading the technique play ahead of time. Basically, I’m task-batching. That way I have my own stuff ready-made when I sit down to scrapbook in December. And if I want to play more later on, I can. But if I find myself limited on time again, it’s okay!

Here’s how I’m batching my tasks up front before I start actually scrapbooking pages…

Nov 2012 10
Mini Reindeer + “25” die cut set * Winter Wonder Snow Man * Carved Ornaments * Joy * Townscape * Hanging Sign * Hanging Sign * Grungeboard * Sizzix Big Shot

Play-Time #1 – Manual die-cutting

Play-Time #2 – Electronic die-cutting

Play Time #3 – Glittering

Play Time #4 – Non-glittered altering

Have you run into the same problem as me in the past? Why not try batching your tasks too? Let me know if you have a task on your list that’s different from mine!

Nov 2012 22

Have fun paperclipping your Christmas!

Shine On,


P.S.> Come back for daily posts this week that will help you prep for your December Daily or other Christmas projects!

  • Ann

    Great idea – can you tell me which dies those are?

  • Sure — I’ll add links to them in the post right now. They’ll probably be under the picture. Just give me a few minutes!

  • I love the idea of having your Christmas stuff out and about in your scrapbooking room. I have a designated space but I think I will move all my stuff around! Thank you!

  • helena catt

    funny, I did simillar digitally at the weekend – re-coloured items to my chosen palette and put together some combiniations to use. First time I’ve done this kind of batch prep digitally but think it will make a big difference in December

  • Part of my december daily preparation is batch tasking little embellishments and templates that I know I will use. I think for the everyday, if there are certain elements I always use, I make a couple more, so it’s ready to go… when I diecut or cut something out, etc…

  • Links to the products are added under the pictures of the die cuts. The words, Noel and Peace, for the ornaments weren’t available. But if you go click on “Joy” you could easily find “Wish” and “Hope” and “Love.”

  • It’s fun to have it out for a while when you’re going to focus on one subject for a while!

  • Yay!!

  • My prep work is focusing on the embellishments, too!

  • Nicole Hooper

    Hi Noell, I’m not doing a December Daily this year, but I like to use task-batching for my Project Life–it’s a huge time saver!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year too!! Hugs, NIcole

  • Mollie Bryan

    I’ve never been this organized. What a concept. I usually wait until after the holidays to do anything. I’m going to give this a go!

  • I tend to not want to scrapbook Christmas stuff once Christmas is over, especially if I’ve taken our Christmas decorating down. On the other hand, I’m always WAY in the mood to scrapbook Christmas from November through December!

  • C.Robin

    Hi Noell, this is my first time doing December Daily, my mini book is ready. I will have to add thing during the month. Looking forward to it. Thank for all your good ideas. C.Robin

  • Joy

    Where is more information for December Daily? I don’t know what it is!

  • Ali Edwards started a mini-album project where you scrapbook a little page for each day of December. You set the album up ahead of time (ie. foundation pages) and then add photos and stories to the pages for each day of the month.
    I don’t do mine as rigid as that and since I’ve never quite finished any of the 4 I’ve done in the past, I’m going to work toward trying to finish my past ones instead of starting a 5th one! ;)
    Here’s a link to Ali’s post with her setup for this year’s album:

  • Joy

    Thanks Noell! Looks like a go here….printing photos can be a shortcoming. Hmmmm…

  • Yes – I don’t print at home. Makes it tougher to do these types of projects, for sure!

  • Vicki J

    Love the idea of batch processing!!