Scrapbooking Your Tween Boys: 5 Page Ideas

In need of some pre-teen boy inspiration?

Here are some story and design ideas in five different layouts!

Layout 1 – Sleep Anywhere
Sleep Anywhere

1. Design Idea: Form a line of rectangular monochromatic scraps around the photo.

2. Story Idea: Catch your tween in a funny position, whether asleep or awake.

3. See this page come together: Paperclipping Video 227 – Gathering to Make Lines

Sleep Anywhere (closeup)

Layout 2 – Almost


1. Design Idea: Use or make journal strips for each person’s part in a conversation.

2. Story Idea: Document a conversation in which your tween said something funny.

Almost - closeup
Almost – closeup

Layout 3 – My Little Routine Lover

My Little Routine Lover

1. Design Idea: Gather a whole bunch of something around the photo. I used clocks because this is about my son’s love of routine and being early.

2: Story Idea: Describe your tween’s temperament.

My Little Routine Lover (closeup)

My Little Routine Lover (closeup)

Jan 2014 6610

Layout 4 – MakerIMG_5223

1. Design Idea: Back a clumped circular die cut with multiple shades of paint and a few pieces of patterned paper.

2. Story Idea: Combine a bunch of drawings or items your teen has been making.

3. See this page come together: Paperclipping Video 273 – Binge-cutting, Experimenting, and Staying Organized



Layout 5 – Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci - Pages 1 + 2.
Leonardo da Vinci – Pages 1 + 2.

1. Design Idea: Add a 6×12 half page in order to fit memorabilia and journaling, along with photos.

2. Story Idea: Share something your tween boy is especially good at.

3. See this page come together: Paperclipping Video 205 – How to Make Ephemera Fit With Your Design

Leonardo da Vinci - closeup
Leonardo da Vinci – closeup

Leonardo da Vinci (closeup)

Want more tween boy ideas?

I just made 3 more pages for Aiden’s album and you can see them come together in the Paperclipping video we added to the Member’s Area.

This video is all about working on the back sides of non-traditional pages, such as pocket pages or corner-rounded smaller-sized pages. Many scrapbookers don’t know what to do with the backs of these pages after scrapbooking in the fronts of them for a traditional album.

But all 3 of the pages in this episode are also tween boy layouts.

Click here to learn about a Paperclipping Membership so you can see all these different videos.

Do you enjoy scrapbooking about your sweet, crazy boy? Sometimes I forget that I very much do!

Looking at these pages in his album recently has made me very happy, and reminded me how fun it can be to scrapbook about boys!

  • Great video – my favorites are definitely the ones where we get an album walk-through like this. And now that I have a kid, my page ideas and memorabilia are piling up faster than I can scrap, so I’ll be started a box to keep everything collected.

  • Thank you. Great to hear that you like a bit of an album walk-through in the videos. I’ll try to incorporate that even more often! :)
    Good luck with your growing pile. It’s amazing how fast it grows!

  • Great episode, Noell! I do a lot of pocket-page scrapping & have tons of those blank sides in my albums. I had always thought of just picking out a 12×12 piece of patterned paper and cutting it up to fit the backs of those pages, but this gives me better ideas! LOL

    Another thing you can do with those back sides of pocket pages is just take a random assortment of photos of the same person displaying some characteristic and journal about that. I did that with some of my son’s baby photos – you know, the ones that we all take because the baby is being cute at the moment but don’t tell any particular story. :)

  • janpfh

    With 4 sons and 3 grandsons I can ALWAYS use ideas for boy pages!

  • Debbie Piercey

    Awesome ideas and layouts in this post regarding Tween Boy Page Ideas. I also loved the members video as well. I too like the peek into the flow of your albums. Your last layout in the video with the cute squares is so timely! Loved it!

  • Great idea! Thanks, Beth!

  • Oh, good! :)

  • Thank you, Debbie! :)

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Such wonderful pages Noell!

  • Thank you, Gabrielle!

  • Dana

    I am a new member & am having such a great time enjoying a Paperclipping video FEST! Feeling very inspired (thank you!) and learning so much, especially in the area of design. It really helps following you through your process. I was JUST thinking about you and how you organize your memorabilia (so that you can easily retrieve it when needed). I have 4 older children and YEARS of little scraps & pieces that I’d like to use as accents/embellishments “someday”, when I get to “that” specific page.Wondering if you could do a video (or Roundtable) on how you store & are able to locate those items that are earmarked for an individual page?