Scrapbooking Sneak Peeks

Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 4

With the exception of the Paperclipping Roundtable (!) it’s been quiet around Paperclipping the past couple weeks.

Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 3

But I have been devouring my yummy supplies, acquainting myself to my new Cameo, and scrapbooking lots of my stories.

Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 2

I can’t share any pages yet so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of things to come — some layouts will be in the next December video tutorial (watch for that to release by Monday), and some will probably show the rest of themselves in January!

Paperclipping Sneak Peeks 1

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! Have you found some time to scrapbook, too?

  • Lissa

    Super cute sneak peeks – especially love that first one for the Nutcracker ballet. I’ve been doing lots of Christmas layouts this week…

  • Carmen S

    I got a Cameo for Christmas too! Will be interested to see what you are doing with yours!

  • LauraB

    thanks for some wonderful inspiration-can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2013!

  • AllisonLP

    i received a Cameo for Christmas – didn’t ask for one, but I’m glad to have it. I am a bit intimidated. Noell, did you take a class to learn how to use your Cameo?
    I can totally see from the sneak peaks that your style is changing. Can’t wait to see more :)

  • Thank you! Christmas is fun to scrapbook, isn’t it?

  • Yay!

  • Thanks!

  • I signed up for a couple classes but haven’t gotten past the first lesson of one and the 2nd of the other. I didn’t think they were organized very well. Thinking about the way I think a class for the Cameo SHOULD be, I might decide to do a class myself when I feel like I’ve mastered it. :)

  • BTW – I’m always interested in the topic of style evolution. It’s hardest to identify our own style and I’m curious about what changes you see. If you can put a finger on it and if you have a minute, I’d love to hear you describe how you think my style might be changing. :)

  • AllisonLP

    when i see your layouts, i see them as story and design focused. And it’s because of these two things why I’ve been a PC member for so long. Now, while your layouts are still focused on the important things like story and design, your layouts are so much more colorful and embellished and I see some layering going on. I see more ready made products or products that you’ve die cut. I remember when you had NO die cutting machines. Now you have a manual die cutter and a Cameo – these things are bound to have an impact on your style. And I’m sure you put a lot of thought into those products before you bought them, which to me means your style is evolving, starting mentally, and then played out in your purchases. Hope that make sense – I could be totally wrong :)

  • You’re totally right on! How funny that I was wondering what in the world you were seeing when you first said that, but now that you detailed it, you’re definitely speaking the way I’ve been thinking about scrapbooking!! :) I am just SO, SO enjoying having a lot of color, and thinking a lot more about layering. I’ve also been feeling like I’m allowing myself to enjoy products — embellishments and little things — in a way I haven’t allowed myself to before, I think out of guilt, lol! Even your observation that it started mentally and then translated into purchases is right. I don’t know how you perceived that one. Good job, girl! ;)

  • Love that first layout! I have that same candy paper and LOVE it! I have been listening to your shows daily now during my drive to and from work…usually get through an episode a day on my commute. Currently up to episode 16 though I have been cheating and listening to current ones as they come out. Each day I listen I come up with more neat ideas for topics to scrap about! Your show is sooo inspiring!

    I was wondering if you or Izzy can point a girl in the direction of an inexpensive tripod for an iphone? I want to video some of my card making and scrap booking for my blog. My point and shoot camera has video capabilities but my Iphone video is much better quality.

    I am more of a card creator – at least, that is where I started. I became interested in scrap booking when my first (and only) grand daughter was born. Since then I have dabbled in digital and paper. My first year I made two paper layouts and a couple digital layouts. During my 2nd year (this last year) I created quite a few more – almost 1 per month but not quite there yet. I think digital is more cost effective than paper – but I prefer paper layouts because I crave being AWAY from the computer for part of my day. I am still working toward getting all my film developed. I have a box full from when my kids were growing up…no idea whats on those rolls!

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful podcasts!

  • Missus Wookie

    Oh how pretty.

    I’m the extremely surprised but grateful owner of a cameo too – looking forward to hearing any tips you’ve got to share. Been busy up to now – scrapping is planned in the next few days.

  • That paper is some of my favorite paper of all time. I wish I had more of it. I’ve now cut into my very last sheet. I’ll admit I didn’t buy a single sheet of Christmas paper this year because nothing felt like Christmas to me. I need someone to design more peppermint glitter papers!!
    Izzy and I haven’t bought any iPhone tripods so we have no idea what’s out there. Didn’t our iPhone experts recommend one? You might want to go back and listen again, or look through the comments for that one.

  • My big tip right now would be to do a bunch of cuts within a few short days. I got mine at a time when I hardly had any s rapping time, so I’d do a cut for a layout, wait 2 weeks and do another cut, wait 2 weeks again, etc. I destroyed my first mat because I forgot little things during the 2 weeks, like to hit the load button. :)

  • carol

    Your new layouts are bright and cheery. The finishing touches are so coordinated and sophisticated – ribbon on chipboard letters Dream and vellum or dotted mylar and cutout hearts, red brads on ballet pic coordinating with the mat colour and dress, and love the hanging word on middle layout, too

  • Thank you, Carol!

  • I’ve just bought a couple of Xmas paper sheets because I wanted to use up what I have. I really don’t like this year’s collections either.

  • Oh yeah!!

  • OMG! These sneak peeks look just awesome. I can’t wait to see the full LOs! and I’m just dying to watch that video :)

  • Thank you! :)