Scrapbooking 12×12 and 6×12 Two Page Layouts – Paperclipping 214

paperclipping 214

Can’t have “pretty” and “trendy” pages if you have a fair amount of journaling?

Can’t tell a good story if you want to use lots of fun product and layering?

I was getting tired of always sacrificing form for function to fit my writing. We like to have it all, don’t we? And we can…

A couple years ago it occurred to me that you can make a 12×12 with all the design gusto you posses, throwing journaling to the wind. And then you can retrieve that journaling from its wind-tossed location and add it to your page by putting it on a 6×12 to go beside your 12×12 layout.

With the design tools in your pocket it’s not hard to design your 6×12 page to fit seamlessly with your 12×12, no matter how reckless you were when you temporarily tossed your journaling aside and made the first page.

If those tools aren’t quite deep enough in your pocket to know how to do that, it’s okay. I made a process video for you that not only shows you step by step how I did it on the layout above, but also gives you the general concepts and principles so you can do it on your own pages.

You’ll get to see how design makes it work on other pages I’ve made, and you’ll see how these 6×12 supplemental journal pages can also make an album flow more because they show a part of the next page, and a person can’t help but want to see what the rest of the next page looks like!

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  • Rochelle

    I love 6×12 page protectors, & use them for journalling just as you did. My only problem is to then find something for the other side, when I don’t have back to back stories.
    Sometimes I just slip in a piece of patterned paper that will coordinate with the next layout.
    Loved watching & listening to your thought process on the video.

  • If you’ve been following my Play Along this month, this is exactly the kind of thing I look for when I’m finishing up an album. I do these 6×12 supplements often, so it isn’t hard for me to fit layouts back-to-back and fill the other side. But when that doesn’t happen, that’s what my process is for when I’m finishing up an album. I make note of any backs like this that need to be filled, find out what stories I’m missing in my album, and then I match the stories to the empty backs that are left.

  • Tiffany W.

    I really, really like this idea. I am a heavy journaler, indeed I tend to emphasize words over photos and always have. In 2007, my family and I spent six weeks in Israel. It was a very intense experience that I spent a lot of time blogging. At the time we had a lousy connection so I didn’t upload photos with my posts. Now I want to go back and scrap our experience. I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate all the things I wrote, while still highlighting the photos. You’ve given me a great solution to use!

    Where do you buy your 6 x 12 page protectors?

  • Oh, that is going to be a great experience putting that Israel album together!! I’ve used both Becky Higgins and American Crafts 6×12 page protectors. I like them both, but I tend to prefer Becky Higgins page protectors more than any other brand. I’ve traditionally gotten them through Amazon, but it looks like you might be able to get them through or I know you can get the American Crafts ones through them.

  • Gab

    just love this idea!

  • Hi Noell!
    I absolutely loved this episode. I thought I posted my comment already but don’t see it so sorry if you see this twice. I often do two page layouts to accomodate my

  • continued….my journaling. Doing these 6 x 12 pages for my journaling will be the perfect solution and therefore I will be able to do my pages more quickly and get more pages done. I have already done my first one and I love how it turned out! I was wondering if there is a place where I can view all of your examples of these 6 x 12 pages. I have been a long time member and PRT listener. Love everything Paperclipping!

  • I’m planning to do a post that shares a bunch of these layouts this month. Sometimes my plans change, but it’s helpful to know this is something you want to see so I’ll try to make it happen! Be sure you’re on my mailing list (top right corner) so you’ll be notified when I put it up! :)

  • Katherine Kelley

    Tiffany, you’ve just helped me solve an album dilemma. Thanks for posting your comment. I too have some great journaling I did for a trip to Czech & Greece from a few years back. Everyday I wrote. The photos though are of two beautiful places. Same problem on how to showcase & share the photos while keeping the words present but not forced on viewer nor hidden either. I’ve procrastined doing the Czech album because of this.

    Now I just have to figure out how best to retrofit the bonus pages to the Greece album which is completed excepted for my words. It’s a strap hinge type and I can add extra flip pages to the outside jeeping.

    Tiffany & Noell- Thanks as always for sharing.

  • Love the post you just did with all the examples! Thanks Noell!!

  • Rachel L

    I love this idea. I had heard you describe it in one of your PRT episodes, but hadn’t quite been able to picture it. I am doing a similar thing, where my 12×12 digi pages are printed and included in my Project Life, beside a divided page protector. Then one of the journal cards opposite contains any additional details to the story.

    I love how this looks though, and might try this too. Making the journalling insert match beautifully will also give me somewhere to use any bits and pieces I loved but couldn’t work in to the 12×12 design.

    I love that this idea would work for traditional or digital, and that you could use your own handwriting, or print out the text. It also makes more of a unified “spread” for a page that doesn’t have a coordinating facing page.

    Thanks Noelle :)

  • Rachel L

    Another great thing is that I can print these at home, as 6×12 will go through my laser printer, whereas 12×12 I need to get done professionally. :)