Scrapbook Your Food Story: Your Food Execution

Apr 2011 3549

This is the third day we’ve been talking about scrapbooking our food stories. Have I convinced you that you do have a compelling food story to tell?

So far we’ve answered these two questions:

Now it’s time for the third question…

What’s Your Planning, Shopping, and Cooking Method?

This story is already in progress. I have some memorabilia and I used it to determine the size and a mini-book (pictures of mini-in-progress below). Now I’m in the story + picture gathering stage.Below are some questions to consider along with my own answers to the ones that apply, which will go in my mini-book.

  • How do you go about deciding your meals?
  • Do you plan a menu?
  • Do you see what is available at the farmer’s market or your CSA and cook from there?
  • Do you only shop at one standard grocery store or do you shop around with coupons for different store deals?
  • Do you rotate the same 7 meals every week and wing it when dinner time comes?
  • Do you prep food head of time or make it all at once?

For many years I chose about five new recipes a week, simultaneously listing the ingredients I needed. I had my menu and my grocery lists altogether on one piece of paper. I usually started a list as I realized I needed something from the store and over a week’s time it would accumulate items, the names and sources of new recipes to try (my menu), and lots and lots of doodles.

There are certain things I bought at the regular grocery store and other things I got at Sprouts, so I actually had two lists on one scrap of paper.

A Week In The Life  240

This year I’ve kept our regular menu very simple. We go to either the Farmer’s Market or Sprouts and see what’s in season and looks good, and we buy it. Then we make things up from there. I look forward to a time when I can do a bit more planning and try more recipes, but this is working for our lives right now.

Mesa Farmer's Market

May 11

May 15

May 21

The Mini-book:
Here’s what I have so far…

Apr 2011 3550

Apr 2011 3556

Apr 2011 3552

Apr 2011 3551

Apr 2011 3557

Story-gathering Tip

Save a few grocery lists and menus! In the future you and others will find it fascinating. I have three lists from two years ago and I already love looking at them!

This is the end of a three-post series on telling the story about your food! I always have more to say on any given subject than normal people, so don’t feel bad if you think your story will only fill a single layout. That’s cool too!

  • Julie K in Taiwan

    Your minibook is off to a supercute start! What a great cover, and the bottle caps are a bright splash of color. How will the pages be bound, like a gate? Flipping to each side?

  • Yeah, it’ll be a gate-fold using my zutter bind-it-all. :)

  • The Bibliophiles

    This series has been great! As it happens, my family and I are in the midst of changing our food habits from pretty healthy (some organic, no dairy, not many refined foods, minimal red meat) to more live foods (more raw vegetables/fruits, juicing) with the ultimate eventual goal of growing much of our own food and reducing our meat intake.We’ve attempted to do this several times in the past but I think this year we’re really going to do it. I had been thinking about documenting our journey. Now I’m sure of it. It’ll be neat to contrast what I am doing now to what I’ll be doing a year from now. I think a mini book will be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration. Also thanks for the vegetarian cookbooks you mentioned. I picked them up from the library today!

  • Awesome!

  • Awesome!

  • Jana_NJ

    This was fascinating to me Noell Thanks gave me some ideas because my food and how I eat is changing right now I made a decision to stop eating chicken and red meat and just got many books on vegetarian and vegan to learn more this completely new way of cooking and would be fun to document that.
    Many things have been changing in my house and we started to believe that healthy eating natural eating is the way to go maybe one day I can commit to the true meaning and give up seafood but who knows? :)