Storage Solution: In-Progress Scrapbook Albums

Albums in Progress 5198
The albums I’m most actively working on wait for their pages on this shelf in my scrap room.

It’s an old ugly TV stand and the perfect depth for 12×12 albums!

Completed albums move to the living room cabinet where dust is less likely to slip into the page protectors. Unfortunately, they’re also less likely to get viewing time in there, so I do bring one out and set it on top of a waist-high cabinet once in a while.

Living Room 5200

Our babysitter says she looks through the, so at least I know somebody’s looking!

I do have a few in-progress albums in that cabinet, as well, since my scrap room shelf isn’t big enough. But they’re the ones I add to the least often.

In the next couple days I’ll share the albums I’m most actively working on.

Where do you keep the scrapbooks you’re regularly adding pages to?

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  • AllisonLP

    so it was me that said i used to put my layouts in chronological order and now it’s just a free for all, and I don’t think anyone will care about the order of the pics.  I’m starting to think that maybe I could be wrong, as I make layouts of pics from before I started scrapbooking, and there are now layouts of my kids currently, and layouts of pics of them as babies.  Problem now about putting an album together that tells a unified story, is that my style and abilities have changed so much and still changing, that I’d have no idea how my first layouts would look next to my most recent layouts. (you can just imagine how sad those first layouts were).  How can I tell a unified story when the look and feel of the layouts are so dramatically different? (and quite frankly, I’m embarassed by the early scrapbook layouts).  I don’t scrap in order, I look through Picasa and make layouts of pics that inspire me – so today it’s a pic of me, tomorrow it’s a pic of the kids as babies.
    For now, all the layouts I make all still go into one album, when it’s full, I buy a new album and fill it up!  Not sure if I’ll ever have time or the motivation or the know-how to have my albums tell a unified story.  Or if it’s even possilbe given the ability and style factor. 

  • Scrapbee

    I totally understand your process…as I scrap the same way….and am usually aghast at my former scrapping….and along with that my overall crafting projects…Write a book about it if you figure it out…I will be most interested!

  • Msclmom

    Noelle!  I LOVE the labels for your albums and pinned it on my scrapbook board at Pinterest.  I’m going to label my CM albums with tags like this–it’s a brilliant solution!!!

  • Kelly Kirkland

    My filled albums are on the shelf and the ones in progress are in my stamp room. But after a few more pages, last years albums will be ready for the shelf upstairs! I do mine in chronological order with a few old pictures added as I find them in the main books. This is working for me!

  • April290

    I store our albums on a sofa table in our family room. I have a recent additions album that sits on top of the table for a quick storage solution of completed albums. My albums that are thematic that I’m still working on are in my scrapbook room on my expedit unit.

  • Noellhyman

    Hey, Allison! I don’t go all the way back to my oldest (embarrassing) scrapbook pages. The album that I shared in the recent episode — the oldest page in that album is probably 2005. I’ve been scrapbooking since 1996. When I stopped scrapbooking chronologically and started doing it this way, I left my older albums as-is and took the more recent layouts I’d been working on that year and moved them into the current format.

    Did that make sense? I don’t know if I’ll ever bother reformatting my older chrono albums. I think I’d rather just keep scrapbooking.

    Shimelle on the other hand really does mix her oldest layouts with her new ones and doesn’t care.

    Another thing to think about — I don’t do much planning at all. If you watch the episode again I mentioned that I have a general idea — like the personality of our family, or everyday life — and I just start throwing them in there without much thought beyond that. It’s not until the album is almost full that I start thinking of the story as a whole.

    That way the story develops naturally and it’s more authentic. I just go into the album near the end to make the story complete.

  • Noellhyman

    Thanks! The tags and the way they hang were inspired by Stacy Julian. I just customized the design a bit.

  • Cindy Wick

    And I don’t have any albums, lol. I have hundreds of pages finished, but they are all in scrapbook storage thingys. Definately a problem! :) I guess I do have albums if you count the mini’s and the old CM ones. But when I changed over from chronological order to the random stuff I do now, I never put the pages in. :) I read Stacy’s book and set a system up & that’s as far as it went!  This post is making me realize I’m way behind the curve. My youngest did tell me the other day that empty albums are lame. :) He actually volunteered to put my pages away. Maybe I need to take him up on his offer. :)

    Oh, I read somewhere that if you turn them upside down the dust stays out of the page protectors. If I ever get my pages in one, I’ll try it out and let you know if it works. :D

  • If I turned mine upside-down the pages would fall out! Is there something I’m missing?

  • Cindy Wick

    Actually, I did just get enough pages into an album to try this. They do stay in! At least mine do. I probably have more lumpy stuff on them, lol.