Scale and Proportion in Scrapbooking – Paperclipping 161

What do scrapbookers need to know about scale and proportion in order to have layouts that are balanced, have flow, and just plain feel right?

I’m really happy to go in-depth with this design concept. You’ll be able to benefit from this episode whether you’re new to design or you’re a long-time Paperclipping Member who is ready for something advanced.

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Below are two of the scrapbook layouts I featured in the episode…

25 Merry Days – 12

8×8 layout for mini-album based on Ali Edwards’s December Daily project

Tell Me About Kindergarten

After Trinity’s first day of kindergarten, I asked her to tell me about it and I wrote down her answer as she did. Six and a half years later, I’m so glad to have this…

Trinity’s answer: There’s tea pots. At my school they have a kitchen and lot of food. There’s big cups at my kindergarten and there’s little cups at my preschool.

The teacher makes cool things and a treasure book. You get Pixie Stix and when your things get filled up you get to eat it.

At recess we go on swings and do hair. Make it in pony tails and do different things…

At recess Quin put sand in my hair to make it beautiful. Then she took it out to make it more beautiful.

My note at the bottom of layout: Reading this later in 2010 I see you are still interested in the same things! Teapots, candy, hair.