My Romantic Scrapbooking Course is Here!

Such a Romantic (closeup)

Create beautiful, inspiring scrapbook pages about your relationship with your spouse or significant other. This course will help you do it!

Here is what the course contains:

  • More than 3 hours of video training
  • Ideas for coming up with stories about your relationship
  • Ideas for how to approach the stories
  • Design concepts
  • Product techniques
  • Scrapbook challenges

Only $59.

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High Definition

The course videos are all beautiful, high definition videos, so you can clearly see what’s going on.


This is a downloadable product. Once you purchase the course, you’ll get download links that will let you save the videos to your computer. You can also transfer them to other devices that can play them. For example, they look beautiful on an iPad.

(The files are high definition, so they’re large files. The full download is about 3 gigabytes. Depending on your internet speed, they might take a while to download.)

Gathering Place

You’ll have a place to go to look at pictures of the layouts, ask questions or leave comments, and share the pages you make for the challenges.

Only $59.

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