Repetition Do’s and Don’ts – Paperclipping 270


Want to master a design principle?

Repetition is one of the key ways to creating a feeling of harmony in your layouts. But there are some things to watch for.

In the newest video tutorial of Paperclipping I shared some Do’s and Don’ts for how to use repetition in several different ways without making the page monotonous.

I shared two older pages — one that demonstrated a “Don’t,” and another that is definitely a “Do,” as well as a good example of how to fix the problem of the first page.

Then I assembled two more pages, working with those Do’s and Don’ts of repetition until my pages had a feeling of harmony.

See the sneak peek above?

Does it feel harmonious to you?

See how to do it in this newest episode of Paperclipping!

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  • Love the LOs! Great job :D

  • Ginny Wilson Hunsberger

    Beautiful LOs and great design reminders! It is always a fun surprise to get my email reminders that a new video has posted. Keep up the inspiring work, Paperclipping!

  • Cyndi

    I watched this yesterday – twice! – loved the ideas! The finished layouts were great.

    Sorry to hear about the gazebo. Those dust storms look menacing! I love how your Phoenix album is coming together. Great idea to “lift”!