Q & A: What Kit Club Should I Join?

Today 2-28-08 Minibook

I need your help! I got this question and I think many of you will be better at answering it than me! I’ll leave my own answer with two recommendations, but if you have a kit club you’ve been using that you love, please share (with a link) by leaving a comment!

So, I’m a new member at Paperclipping and started listening to the Round Table (playing catch-up …)

I love crafting but what has always hold me back is my lack of creativity and inspiration … I’ve also a problem with space: in my little 1 bedroom apt, I’ve no room ;-( I could use the little kitchen table but my Lovely DH can’t stand mess … We also don’t have much storage …
One other big trouble with me: I get overwhelmed at the store with so much choice :-/

I was thinking that maybe joining a kit club would help me start a little collection until I figure out what I really like and use out of those kits …
So I come to you to ask if you would have a company you would recommend me ;-)

Thank you for your time.

PS: I really like your Podcasts and Videos

Sincerely, Karine (fdgtgrl)

I do think a kit club would be a great solution to get Karine started!

What I Would Look For in a Club

Some clubs are collections of products from one company line. I recommend Karine go with a club that mixes products from multiple companies instead. I think eclectic kits will be better at helping her decide what she likes and will introduce her to more of what is out there.

What Kit Clubs Do I Recommend?

I haven’t tried many since I live near so many different scrapbook stores. One I have tried twice and had a great experience with is Cocoa Daisy. They bring in guest kit designers who choose the products. I like that the products are so varied and different but all looked great together.

Most of the products in my minibook above and below were from one of the Cocoa Daisy kits a while back.







I’ve also been wanting to try Studio Calico. They seem to have a nice mix of manufacturers along with their own products.

Audience Suggestions

I know there are a lot of you out there who have much more experience with kit clubs than I do! What are your favorites? Please leave a comment with a link to a club you recommend! Thanks!

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    Thanks for coming back — that helps a lot. The pop-up’s are probably
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    Hugs :)

  • Karine MURRAY

    WOW !!! Thank you for addressing my email in such a way as blogging about my issue.
    Until your Email today (thank you for it BFW), I didn’t realized that you had started a discussion on monthly kit … I’m blushing !!!
    Thank you for your feed-back ;-)
    Sincerely, fdgtgrl.

  • Karine MURRAY

    Out of subject: where is France are you ?
    I’m French too but have settled down in the USA and I’ve been here for 13 years now ;-)
    Although I grew up in Tahiti where my parents and sister still live, all the rest of the family is scattered all around France and it’s always nice to meet new people from there ;-)

    Thank you for the recommendations for the kit clubs, I’ll check them out ;-)

  • Karine MURRAY

    Did you mean Personal Shopper From http://www.paperwishes.com ???
    I’ve subscribed to them mid july 2011: I liked their previous kits, the price, the videos and all the inspiration and projects we can find on their site (and each kit comes with a color brochure full of examples). In addition you can opt for receiving a kit every other month instead of every month if you so desire. The last thing that sold me for a starter club is that they have no strings attached and NO cancellation fee !!!
    With that said it gives me freedom go check Studio Calico that everyone mentioned ;-)


  • Karine MURRAY

    Funny you mention them, I just started with them and today received my second box ;-)
    So far I like it. It sure sparked some inspiration in my little head and along with my paperclipping membership and PRT, I found my way on the road of creation … May this last !!! I’ve scrapped a grouping of frames of our wedding 6*(5by8) {sorry I’ve no good words to explain} and last tuesday I made an hybrid birthday card with a watching hand made envelop … In addition, I’ve 4 project in mind :-)


  • Awesome! You did all that without any of our help! ;) Congratulations!

  • Mellyr

    I love paper phenomenon and following the paper trail, kits are awesome and mail order

  • Pam Rangel

    Come over and check out MyCreativeScrapbook.com, the kits are full of brand new products and everything you need is is in the kit. No need to buy any add ons to complete your pages. They offer 7 different kits each month so something for everyone! Come join the fun

  • ros

    We use Scrap n Go Memories – they have a kit club and offer scrapbook supplies. You get to pick which kits you want! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ScrapnGoMemories