PRT276 – Good Times!

In this episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable, we discuss using titles.

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  • macbeths

    A great episode (as always)! I do think you should have titled the episode “Good Times?”, though. Titles are one of my favorite aspects of a page, particularly with some humor. One of my faves was a page I made for my son, who took a post-college trip to Europe with his buddies, and they were on a train surrounded by beer bottles. I titled the page “Eurotrashed.”I haven’t been able to use many pre-made products for titles because they don’t usually apply to my family, but I have fun adapting them when possible. For instance, I could never find any manly/unisex ballet items for my teen son, so I made a page using the girly stuff and titled it, “Not Your Average Ballerina.”

  • Jana NJ

    One of the things I don’t miss now that I’m a digital scrapper is the frustration I had when I didn’t have enough letters to do a title. I don’t feel now obligated to do a title all the time because in digi we have something called “word arts” which sometimes can replace a title with regular alphas.

  • I’m a new listener, but I’ve been binge-listening to PRT on my commute for a couple of months and having listened to over a year’s worth of episodes now, I am a huge fan of the show. I just wanted to say that I would pay for PRT. I love the idea of video content subscriptions but I don’t have a lot of time to watch videos. I do, however, spend a ridiculous amount of time in the car and I would definitely be willing to pay for PRT. Your talk about affiliate links in this episode made me wonder if you’d ever considered making PRT a for-fee product, at least on an opt-in basis. You know, like those web services that ask you how much the service is worth to you and then suggest you pay that much. Akismet does this, for example. As an Australian who doesn’t use Amazon much because lots of stuff can’t be shipped here or because the shipping costs are astronomical, I’d like to have some other way to support this great show. You guys make my frustrating commute fun! If I could click a button that would take me to PayPal so I could choose an amount I’d like to pay to support the show, I’d totally be up for that!

  • Amy Tan

    Hahaha about Good Times?
    Also love your creative title work!

  • Amy Tan

    Ahh – yes, this is definitely a perk of digital scrapbooking!

  • Cindy

    A while back, feeling the same way, I bought the video subscription mainly as a way to “pay for” the podcast. I watch the videos but the podcast is the main draw for me and I’m happy to pay the reasonable subscription price to keep them coming.

  • Courtney

    Ditto. I totally bought the video subscription as a “Paying for Paperclipping”. I think I watched 1 video? Maybe?

  • Courtney

    Prime Benefits also include photo storage if you need another online backup. I’m going to change my Amazon bookmark to your affiliate link. I keep forgetting to come here first before I Amazon.

  • Keely

    This was a great discussion. I would like to put in a request to Amy for your next (and all) upcoming collections. Hashtags!! I am forever “creating” my own hashtag by cutting up other letters and/or punctuation. Please include one or two hashtags in your alpha sets. I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

  • Love this idea!

  • Regarding coming up with ideas for titles: mine almost always are derived from my journaling. I write my journaling first, then a word, words, or phrase will jump out as the title. Or the title may summarize the journaling. My title almost never states something that is already obvious on the page. If I did a page about riding our bicycles, I would never title the page “Riding Bicycles.” I love titles that make the reader wonder what it means, and draws them in to look more closely at the page and read the journaling. After doing this over and over, it has become second nature and relatively easy.

  • StudioWendy

    Or maybe Patreon? So those who want to contribute to each episode can schedule a recurring donation. Not required, but a nice way to donate for those who want to support PRT.

  • Good idea. I could definitely do that – and will!

  • That’s also a great idea!

  • Ramona Gaston

    Love this episode as I do every one. Can’t wait for each new one to come out! Big Picture Classes has a great class called Creative Titles taught by Magdalena Hanéll. Also has a resource for titles, just pick your category and all these titles pop up with pictures of layouts that example that title. It’s awesome!

  • Cyndi

    I have seen a donation button and the different levels of Patreon on various sites. I would like to donate on top of my subscription membership to keep the PRT going. Provided Izzy and Noell wish to continue.

  • Thank you all for your support!

  • Thank you for your support, Courtney!

  • Fantastic tips!!

  • Angie Storlie

    Sometimes I can crank out a creative title with very little effort, but sometimes I struggle. Like some of the others on here have said, I sometimes pull a word or phrase from my journaling and use that as a title. Living in Minnesota, I do a lot of winter layouts for my kids and those are the ones I struggle the most with. “Winter Fun” “It’s SNOW Fun” “Winter Wonderland”…blech, I’m so tired of those!

  • Robin

    Love Ali Edwards story sparks in her monthly kits. There is product to use for a title and she has videos to help you out.