PRT275 – Inspiration Attack

In this episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable, we discuss ways of overcoming “scrapblock”.

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  • Paula Rowan

    Hello, I would love to help support the show via the affiliate link but is it possible to have it link to the English version, instead of the US site? Thank you x

  • Thank you for wanting to support us!

    I checked Amazon’s site, and because we’re US affiliates, we can’t link to the UK Amazon site. I’ll look into joining that affiliate program too (just in case we can do both) and maybe in the future we can have more than one link. :)


  • What Wilna said about not waiting for inspiration to strike, but instead just working hard and focusing each day really resonated with me. A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to start writing again on my blog. I wasn’t sure I could do it as I didn’t think I had much to say now that we aren’t living in a cool foreign country. I gave a topic to each day of the week and committed to writing everyday for a month. I’ve written a post almost everyday (I missed a few Saturdays at the beginning) since mid-February. It is true that I don’t always feel inspired and my posts are not always amazing. However, I am getting better. I find myself thinking about potential posts. Giving myself topics provides a trigger point and then I can just get to work. When I am especially inspired I might write a few blog posts and then schedule them for another day.

    I was motivated to return to blogging after reading past entries and realizing that writing is important to me.

    After listening to the podcast, I also realized that I do better as a scrapbooker when I am intentional and plan what I am going to do. Then I don’t have to search for inspiration but can just move to the next item on my to-do list.

    Really fantastic episode. Thanks!

  • ARC

    I heard a great quote from Picasso on another awesome podcast (This Week in Photo:Family) – “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” I thought about that when you guys were talking. Haven’t finished listening yet but LOVE the topic and discussion so far. I will also try to remember to use your link for my Amazon purchases as I want MORE Paperclipping ;)

  • Nice!

  • Oh, what a great quote! I love that, thank you for sharing.

    And thank you for your support. :)

  • Terhi Koskinen

    Absolutely inspiring show! Thank you!
    <3 Terhi

  • Christin Grønnslett

    Great show ! (and so fun to hear my name ;)

    Even though I don’t consider myself an artist of any kind I agree about Wilna when it comes to scrapbooking skills – practice practice practice. I notice right away when I have stepped away from scrapbooking that it takes longer time to get started. That is also why I often have lots of backgrounds lying around to jumpstart my creativity. I used to scrap a little almost every day, but now only 1-2 times a week at most and I can say it’s harder to be creative. I worked full time with two kids and still took time to scrap every evening, but when I stopped working and got more time I couldn’t get myself to scrap during the day – since I always had scrapped during the evening. Now I don’t want to spend time alone in the scraproom in the evenings..

  • Loved this episode. Stumbled on this quote and thought of Wilna….The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.
    Kurt Vonnegut

  • Angela Daly

    Great Conversation! I buy scrapbooking supplies frequently at Amazon, so it will be great to support the show through the link.

  • Jamie Leija

    I realized something as I was listening to this episode, just listening to you all talk about scrapbooking lights up the pleasure center of my brain, almost in the same way that actual scrapbooking does! I get the same happy feeling :)

    In other news, I’m not a Copic marker user. BUT I did just use the link as I purchased a watch for my boyfriend :) Happy to support PRT!

  • Renee Lyons

    Noell, Have you guys thought of joining Patreon( In case you didn’t already know, it is a site to support the arts. Patrons make monthly donations. It may be a way to keep the Roundtable going? Just a thought. Love the show.

  • Andrea

    Great episode! It is so important to build and flex those creative muscles through practice. Sure, some people may be more naturally artistically inclined, but even if they managed to make their first scrapbook project a masterpiece (which is highly doubtful anyhow), they would not be able to maintain consistently good work going forward without putting in the time and energy to grow those skills.

  • Renee, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I’ve looked at Patreon as a possibility, but even though we have a pretty good-sized audience, I’m not sure the percentage of folks who would support the show via Patreon would be enough.

    The good news is that we have no plans to stop the Roundtable. We’re just experimenting with different ways to support it financially. The Amazon link is off to a pretty good start. :)

    Thanks for being a listener and for caring!

  • Thanks for using the link! :)

  • Thank you. :)

  • Renee Lyons

    Ah…that’s a good point.
    Glad to hear the amazon thing is working for you and you’ll be sticking around. :)

  • I like your idea of an Amazon affiliate link to help support the show. I’m all for the show being at least twice a month. I’m not interested in the markers, but I regularly buy scrapbook supplies (and lots more) on Amazon, especially tape runner and Silhouette mats and blades. Could you possibly put an Amazon badge in the sidebar, so we could just come to the home page, click on the link and do our affiliate shopping? Great show, but I definitely need to listen again!

  • Jo

    Nice redesign on the website!
    My first reaction to the affiliate link (before I listened) was a bit annoyed – I wish I could afford those markers but there’s no way. But then I listened and was happy to find out that I didn’t actually have to buy the markers specifically to support the show. Much better.

  • nomorehypocrisy

    You have been hitting it out of the park w/the last several episodes. I love listening. For the affiliate link, to support you, how does it work if I used another affiliate link prior to using yours? Does yours override theirs? Does the link last only if I shop right away at Amazon, or anytime w/in the next x days? If I know a bit more about how it works, I can try to maximize when I use it. But I know I click on others’ links too sometimes so don’t quite understand the timing. Thanks.

  • Niki Ruda

    A little late to the party here…just listened to this episode while driving home from a family reunion. I have a scrapbook room but find I am far more productive if I pack up and head to a weekend retreat with friends. I have scrap block in my own room and home. I have spent time thinking about why I can not get creative and motivated in my own space but never come up with an answer. This fall I plan to take a class … (searching now for one…suggestions welcome) to force myself to work at home. At the end of a weekend retreat, I find that if I leave the last project unfinished it is easy to get going again without losing a lot of time trying to figure out what to start. I write myself good notes about the direction I was heading with the layout so I can finish it when I sit down to get started. Thanks for the episode!