PRT274 – Some Really Good Questions

In this episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable, we ask questions about different aspects of our scrapbooking.

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  • Andrea

    Yay! I love Suse! So glad you had her on. She does ask great questions. It’s interesting to me to hear about why people share their work, and how their mood impacts their creativity. I think it was Shimelle who said that the extremes of emotion help her create, but the in between can dampen that spark-which struck a cord with me. I like to work through things-scrapbooking and art really is therapy, people! :)
    I think the discussion on sharing one’s work interests me because I don’t share-it’s just too personal for me. Although part of me would love to engage with other scrappy people online by sharing my stuff, I’m just not willing to put it out there since I do dump so much into it- in the journaling, especially.
    Anyhow, great show as always!

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  • Oh I hate deadlines too! I never want to get too close. I was the same with uni assignments. I had to get it done the Friday before it was due on the Monday so I could proof and tweak on the weekend (no all nighters for me!!). With layout a day the timezone means I have from lunch time to lunchtime my time so get it in so I will scrap the night before (if that makes sense!).

    Loving this discussion is far! I just had to pop in and comment while I thought of it!

  • I just use Google analytics to track mine to see the page referrer :)

  • Tanya

    Lovely episode; great conversation – even if I do fall into the ‘not a deep thinker’ camp it was interesting to hear others; and yay to having Suse on :)

  • Christin Grønnslett

    Nice to hear your voice, Suse !!

    I’ve had scrapblock from time to time, I get that when I have felt that I have done the same too much and I can’t find new ways to do things. What helps me is to just throw colors on my cardstock…… I tend to get the block more when I have less time to focus on scrapbooking. I am just glad I don’t get stressed with deadlines, because I know I can deliver with assignments, but I have to use very late nighs to suck the last bit of inspiration to be able to make something cool. Some of my best layouts are finished at 3-4 am….

  • Teri Hartman

    I have three major “hobbies” that I go through seasons with: reading, writing and scrapbooking, and I think this keeps me away from feeling “blocked”. However, it also pretty much guarantees that it will take me twice as long to get a major project done because I’ll start one and then two months later feel like immersing myself in one of my other major activities. It gives me both a sense of peace (doing what I want in the moment) and a struggle. I’m wondering if there’s anyone else out there struggling to “balance” more than one hobby? What does that suggest about our personalities?

  • Marla Gallagher

    Izzy, I regularly listen to a podcast called “You’re Not So Smart” and they recently did an episode on the Dunning-Kreuger effect that you mentioned. A corollary from Aristotle: The more you know, the more you know that you don’t know.”

  • I’ll need to listen to that podcast because I’m almost finished going through the book a second time. And I dig that Aristotle quote! :)

  • joannecboland

    I totally agree with Izzy and having to be in a good mood to scrapbook. If I’m cross or angry about something eg the kids have wound me up, I feel like my happy creative juices have been sapped!

  • HelenH

    I share layouts when there’s a reward, like for a challenge. I post as part of classes to show that I did the work, but also to encourage participation by others.
    As for the questions about control and approval, wow! That’s a lot of baggage for a hobby.

  • We had a good discussion going on this very topic over at Debbie’s forum.

  • Teri Hartman

    Thanks! It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  • Gypsy

    Can you please link to the place where Suze’s questions were originally posted?

  • HelenH
  • Gypsy

    Thanks Helen! I started to scroll back through but was worried about how far I might need to go! :-)

  • Oh that is so true about that the buying/selling! I always say “just this one thank you”

    Also I often say have a nice day to the checkout chick LOL :)

  • Laura

    Such a great show. I just listened on my way to work and I already want to listen again. As a scrapbooker with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, this was fascinating. Thanks to everyone for a really great listen!

  • I’d love to hear what someone holding a degree in psychology has to say about our questions and thoughts. Did anything stand out to you?

  • Do the checkout people typically say it to customers in Australia like they do in the states?

  • Me, too.

  • Yes, this is me too, Teri. I have ADD, though, and I think this aspect of my creative personality basically says that yes, I do have ADD. Haha. But maybe it also says that we like new experiences and we are drawn to many different things. Also, I think it says we enjoy the process of life and we value the process more than the finished product.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever stayed up late to scrapbook. Ever. I don’t like to disrupt my sleep.

    I’m curious what exactly you mean by throwing colors on cardstock? Are you talking about color mediums?

  • Christin Grønnslett

    I drop all kinds of color mediums on my page, so throwing color isn’t that far off????. Mists, diluted acrylic paint, ecoline, peerless paper, gouache paint, elatos ++ I never spray my mists .

  • I’ve seen your lovely pages and just had another look and now I’m curious about the beginning of your process. Do you start by adding your color to the page without having an idea of what papers and other things you’ll use? Do you know where the photos will go or anything like that? Or do you just play with the color media on the page first, waiting until you feel done and it’s dry before “building” the paper + photo + embellishment layers?

  • Christin Grønnslett

    Often I just create the backgrounds to start my creative process and not always really knowing what type of project I will use it for. SOmetimes backgrounds have been lying around for a very long time. Finished, or almost finished backgrounds are great for when I want to start doing things quickly.

    Other times I know exactly which colors I am going to use – pick 2-4 colors with usually one main color and then I just strart adding color. I either use a waterbrush when I want to start up with lots of color or just add drops of color. When things have dried I add more layers of color – usually in different tones. When I am happy with all my layers of color I start thinking about the layers of paper. SOmetimes I do the layers without the paper – meaning I start from the back and start add layers and ending up with the photo – sometimes I am not even sure of the pic before I have stapled my layers to the background, other times I start with the picture and start adding the layers behind the picture and then staple them together before I tape them to the background.

    WHen it comes to placement of my photos I have a feeling where they end up, but sometimes I add too little color and not so much of my background is showing, as long as a little is present I am happy – my layers are just a way of adding layers to ease the transition to my layers of paper. A square photomat (meaning my layers of paper) against just a white background is now for me just a too harsh contrast, I want both a soft transition and a little contrast since I don’t use the exact tone of the papers in my backgrounds. Often either darker or softer..

    I might also change everything around and just start doing the layers first (not very often) and then see where I end up, staple the layers together and then start my background.

  • You are good at understanding and explaining your own process. I am so fascinated by different people’s process, yours included. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Laura

    I think the thing that struck me the most was Shimelle’s comment that she creates the most when feeling great or feeling down, but the “meh” days just don’t do it for her. Thinking back I can see that same pattern in my creativity cycle, but I never really thought about it until today. I think there are different reasons for scrapping at the two ends, though. When I’m feeling great I just want to play with pretty paper and make something. When I’m feeling down, I’m turning to scrapbooking because I know playing with pretty paper will help me to feel better.

    I also thought about my sharing habits. I think I shared more when I was newer and less confident in my skills and I needed some validation. Now I hardly ever share because I’m making pages that make me happy, which is all that matters to me. Plus, I found that when I shared all my pages, I spent more time trying to make a page that other people would like rather than doing what I wanted to do.

    I don’t know if any of that significant at all. I should add a disclaimer. I’m not a professional in they psychology field. I’m just a math teacher with an interest in mental health :)

  • I guess that they don’t at our Woolworths, otherwise why would I say it to them? But, they do appear to have a few different opening lines :) (how are you, didn you have a nice weekend, etc)

    The self check out machines say “thank you for shopping at xyz”

    Phill tells me that saying “just these two” isn’t an apology, it’s informing them how many things we want to purchase. When he worked checkouts at a smaller chain in the 90s they didn’t have a script but he always just started by saying “Hi, how are you” but they didn’t have a script or sign off line.

  • Noell! So relieved I’m not the only one who doesn’t stay up late to scrap!!

  • Also, we place the money in people’s hands too :) we haven’t quite been that Americanised ;) although my Grandad would sometimes do it for a laugh!

  • No, your points are really interesting Laura! I was hoping someone who knows about this stuff might comment. I wonder if when I’ve been at this thing a bit longer I’ll need to share less, to get that validation? At the moment, I think I’m still at the proving myself stage… but that may not ever go away, knowing ‘esteem-wobbly’ old me :/ xx

  • ARC

    What a great, thought-provoking episode! Loved the deep questions and discussion.

  • Tina Campbell

    Great show :) Suse was a great guest and was interesting to hear her questions. Oh my I’m behind on my shows and will have to catch up :) It was great to hear Shimelle’s point of her scraproom and how clean it was, no wonder I am so drawn to her and she is one of my favorite scrappers :) I fit in that same whelm. If I’m in my scraproom and have time I want to scrap sot clean :) I really don’t understand the clean room neither how does one scrap if they aren’t willing to mess it up! For my room nothing behind personality wise I like to create when I can not clean. When I think it needs it then I do it but not during. I need enough room to scrap the page and that is it.
    I have cried while towards the end of making a layout usually when I’m doing the journaling and it’s usually when the subject is very close to me, my mother. Jake our dog when I scrapped him it has effected me. My father has at times too.
    I’m not sure how my mood impacts my scrapping usually when I’m angry or upset I don’t go in the room I usually take a walk to clear my head. I now can scrap times that were bad in my life in my 20s but sometimes I have to take a day or 2 to finish it cause I get overwhelm to much. I’m not one much for pinterest other than pinning something I want to do. I’m on facebook way to much :) but love to see what others are creating.

  • Loved Shimelle’s pick (tip) of the week about using a “proper” camera. I have been almost exclusively using my iphone, just out of convenience, for a year now. I just had a batch of 70+ photos printed and I am so disappointed. I can’t go back and take these photos again…memories forever captured in less than stellar quality. Not to mention that when I tried to crop them to 4×6, they completely lost their composition. You can bet that my DSLR is now out on the counter again, ready to capture moments at any given moment.

  • Definitely LOVE to stay up late scrapbooking — usually on the weekends.

  • Courtney

    Yep, I’m very much a Friday shopper. Friday is payday, and it always seems to be the night I can sit down and scrap. I have time to sit at my computer and go through emails, and check them out. Most of the time if it comes during the week, I read the title and delete. If the title really catches my attention, then I leave it in my box, but I rarely get back to it until Friday.
    It was rude in Massachusetts to just push money across the table, but I notice in Utah clerks are surprised when I hand them my money.

    I’m like Shimelle and Debbie. I prefer the forum format. I’m not on Instagram, although I’ve flirted with it. And I hate how hard it is to follow a discussion on Facebook. So, I’d rather stick to forums. I’m glad there are digital scrapbook store forums still.