PRT272 – I’m Cringing a Little, Too

We discuss collecting photos from others (especially our kids)!

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  • Gina

    Loved this episode. I’ve got to go back & listen again- so many great ideas. I might have to take notes!!
    The lens/iPhone wireless connection sounds so cool! Amazing!

  • CristinHowell

    Great episode! Very inspiring! I can’t wait to try some of these phonebooking techniques. I’ve done a little memory keeping this way, but not much. I’ve been using Dropbox for a while now (and filled up my storage), but I may have to figure out how to use digital elements with the app so I can phonebook better. Thanks again, I could have listened all day!!

  • Alison Winn

    Noell, not sure if this was mentioned but i have a suggestion for getting the pics off your child’s phone when you are on iPhone.
    When you have both phones side by side, open up the photos on your child’s phone and hit “photos” at the bottom left. That will bring up the window of photos by date. Touch the ‘share’ option and then you can use ‘airdrop’ to transfer all the photos from that date to your phone. Once you see your phone show up under ‘airdrop’ just touch and all the photos will automatically be transferred to your phone.
    The whole thing only takes a few minutes. I transfer photos from my son’s phone like this all the time. He’s only 10 so his photos are pretty random but he occasionally gets some good ones : )

  • My geeky scrappy heart was so happy with this episode! I love finding new tech to help me record my memories, and it was so awesome to hear all of Steph’s awesome ideas. This episode finally kicked me into gear to set up auto uploading for my daughter’s phone photos. She already had a Yahoo email address, so we used Flickr – and the free Terabyte of storage is awesome. I can log into her Flickr account from my computer and choose photos to archive on my photo drive – then I can scrapbook them and they also get included in my automatic backups. I’m also a huge fan of Steph’s phonebooking – I started last year with a phonebooked December Daily, and have continued phonebooking my 6×8 Project Life albums. It really jump started my scrapbooking to be able to do it anywhere!! Thanks for an awesome episode!

  • molly4mccarthy

    What a great show! Steph is a GENIUS when it comes to harnessing technology to work FOR YOU. I never tire of hearing her latest discovery and how she’s implemented it into her photobooking. I see potential for a monthly or bi-monthly show with Steph and her Photobooking! Keep up the good work Paperclipping!!

  • Maridette Cachola

    Please ask Steph to list and do some kind of post on all the gadgets/tips she mentioned in this episode. thanks!

  • I should mention — Izzy wasn’t recommending that we all get our kids on Snapchat for archival, sharing, or scrapbooking reasons. The fact is that many of our kids are on Snapchat because THEY want to be on it with their friends. And if that is the case, then he’s recommending you get on and friend your kids (or follow your kids, or whatever term/setup Snapchat uses).

  • Scroll down and look for Wendy’s early comment where she linked many of the things Steph talked about, including Steph’s posts on this stuff. Steph also replied to Wendy’s comment with additional links.

  • Lezlee

    This was an absolutely awesome episode in so many ways! I’m a big Dropbox user and had been trying to figure out how to synch the kids’ pix into the mix. Create their OWN accounts and share the camera uploads folder! Ahhhhh! Light bulb! Thanks for unlocking that mystery!

  • M

    Noell – Katie2856 was referring to how HOW Snapchat can use your photos – not in reference to archiving. Please read Snapchats TOU. You lose all rights to your photos. Snapchat can use them for ANY reason including promotional. I wouldn’t want them to have that kind of control over any of my families photos.

  • Yes, I already know about the TOU’s and how Snapchat can use the photos. When I read Katie’s comment, though, it looks to me like she’s responding to our discussion about archiving, especially since she, herself, was talking about archiving while talking about Snapchat. So I wanted to clarify that we do NOT promote Snapchat as a method of archiving. But if you are going to allow your kids to use it despite the TOU, which Izzy and I and others have chosen to do, then you can do what he does to capture photos your kids take that reveal their personalities. That’s all.

  • Cindy Duhon

    This episode has revolutionized my scrapbooking just since last week when I listened! Inspired by Steph’s amazing story about scrapbooking her vacation before she got home, I decided to download the Project Life app. I scrapbooked FOURTEEN 12×12 layouts in 2 days (while still caring for my toddler!)!!! I can take a photo, record my story and have in scrapbooked in minutes! This can NEVER replace my love of paper and paper scrapbooking, but what a great way to scrapbook on the go and scrapbook the photos on my phone! Thank you Noell and Izzy for another great episode!

  • Penny Bell

    I’m a little late to the table but wanted to say I loved this episode. I enjoyed all the tech talk, however my favorite part is when Tracy Banks was telling the story about being in the kitchen and everyone’s reaction to her ‘stab him’ comment. Tracy is one of my favorite guests on PRT.

    Thanks for another great episode.

  • That is the nicest thing you could say about me Molly and I appreciate it so much!!