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  • I wonder if it’s a lot of people who don’t have another creative outlet who won’t make time for crafting/art etc who enjoy the planner craze. Also some people like to look forward in their life (plan) rather than back (to scrapbook).

  • Great episode, Noelle and Izzy. Debbie is always so encouraging that good scrapbook page design can be learned. Her basic checklist there is invaluable to those just beginning to tackle design.

  • Lexi

    I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but Noel, this is a “plan with me” video by Amy Tangerine that is about 18 minutes long — Even if you don’t “watch” it, but just listen to the way she explains why she uses a paper planner and how it allows her to reflect, I think it may give you a bit more insight into why the “paper planning craze” resonates with some people on such a deep level. Could never thank you enough for the Paperclipping Roundtable. I’ve been listening since 2011, and have gone back into the archives. LOVE your show!!! :)

  • Don’t worry about beating a dead horse about this, LOL — I’m an analytical person and can never have too much information! :) I’ll have to watch it a bit later as I don’t have the 18 minutes right now. I’m looking forward to seeing how someone else plans this way. Thanks for sharing!

  • Glenys

    Great topic. I really don’t get the Planner explosion though – I would go crazy if I had to change something! I would much rather be telling stories!

  • HelenH

    Planner for memory keeping = diary

  • kraftkris

    I would like to weigh in on the planner thing too….I think that in a lot of cases the “crafty planning” is the hobby whereas scrapbooking is the hobby for others. It is a creative outlet, and it is a creative outlet that helps with organization – win-win!

    I am not what I would call a “crafty planner” but I did buy a Get to workbook (which I LOVE) last year from Elise, and then after seeing all the cool “spreads” on Instagram bought some stamps and stickers to use. I spent some time at the beginning of the year stamping the upcoming events (birthdays, anniversaries and the like) and I usually spend about 30 minutes on the weekends looking ahead to see if there is anything I can “stamp plan”. During the week my Get to workbook sits on my desk and my tasks, meetings, etc just get written in. This mix works for me!

    It’s been really cool to look back over my weeks and I use it to help with my project life spreads!

  • thefrugalcrafter .

    What a treat! Thanks Noell and Izzy!

  • Tori Bissell

    Have you guys seen this article yet?

    Would make a great discussion topic. Totally reminds me why it’s so incredibly important for us to print off photos and scrapbook.

  • Christin Grønnslett

    Again you inspired me to write a new “article” on my blog – with reference to your podcast. Feel free to read it.

  • Cyndi

    This is a creative process for documenting life as opposed to planning. I’ve waivered about doing this because it looks like fun, allows for creativity and gets the everyday stuff down but I think maybe one side of me says no because it would just be one more thing to do and I already have a ton of unfinished projects. Yet again, I would have fun looking back on this type of memory keeping in future years. If I were to do this I’d keep it pretty simple by keeping a limited amount of stuff in a basket so I could play while watching tv. I guess that’s the beginning of a “planner girls” life! Lol I can see it escalating and getting out of control. So maybe I should just stick to writing plainly in my calendar, taking photos, and writing stories in my journal with the intent to make layouts instead. It’s so wonderful that we can all access our creative sides in many different ways. Now for real planning…that’s a whole other story.

  • Cyndi

    This has been discussed and makes the rounds every now and then. I think the people listening and reading about this topic are generally the ones printing their photos. How to reach all the other people that don’t? Maybe Tori you could use your social media platforms to reach out to more people. If paper and ink could be made more affordable maybe more people would print out their photos at home. I know, personally, I take too many photos so then I have the task of editing, etc. If that process stands in the way of uploading and printing then the photos stay on the hard drive and hopefully backed up. How do we simplify the process or inspire people to sit down to work through the photos? It’s just my thinking but I bet most of us are just not geared to sit and work through the process. Time to go back to film cameras?

  • Cyndi

    Your layouts are beautiful. And you definitely have been born with a great sense of style. Yes, you are lucky! Some of us have to work at it ????

  • Cyndi

    FYI…..There are 2 paper scrapbooking magazines published in North America (Creative Scrapbooker and Scrapbook Cards and Today) for those that yearn to hold something in their hands, flip through, and use as a resource without having to log into the intranet. Great for vacations. Both mags are quarterly publications and beautiful!

    FYI…..If you want to know quicker when a PRT episode comes out you can join the PRT forum. Izzy always sends out a post when he uploads a new PRT podcast!

    I’m a gal that needs assistance with designing. Noell and Debbie have amazing talent in this area. And that is why both of their memberships are timeless. I’m sure there has been some tweaking along the way since we all grow creatively when practicing/playing in the arts.

    Noell is a singer?????!!!!! Oh ya Noell, we want to hear! Lol jk

  • I think it’s just a choice… if you like planners it could be your hobby… whereas someone else has a scrapbooking as their hobby and not planners… or a mix!

  • I agree that it is just spending a little time reflecting on what your week or month should be that helps people plan… in the end, how much actual time you spend on it varies from person to person. We probably spend just as much time waiting in lines at the grocery store and such “fringe hours” time…

  • Courtney

    Noel, have you seen the new color wheel from Adobe?

    It’s so fun to play with! You can adjust the colors you are using, and because you can choose the color ‘rule’ you want to use, adjusting one color adjusts all of them to match the rule! It’s super inspiring and helpful to find new color combinations, or just get a few ideas for colors to use. You can save them, or browse other people’s color swatches.

    As to the planner craze: Have you ever doodled on the side of your notes? Or made a chore chart prettier? Or made your scrapbook area be more inviting with some color? It’s the same idea. My planner sits out on my desk or the kitchen counter when it’s not in my purse on the go. Having it look pretty with a few stickers makes it more inviting for me to use. There are people who spend a lot of time making them pretty. I am not one of them. There are also those of us who buy premade stickers from digital designers that require about 5 minutes of hands-on time to get ready (bring the file into Silhouette software, print and cut), and another 5-10 minutes to stick in the planner. Having a pretty box sticker for my list makes my to-do’s seem about 50% more interesting than simple pen notes. And adding a few quotes in my planner, I see them multiple times a week, and start to internalize them.

    I am a memory keeper, and I’m a pretty planner. I enjoy both for different reasons. I don’t worry about a color scheme, or if my design works. It’s actually reminiscent of collecting stickers as a kid and putting them in my sticker book. This one is just more functional!

  • What a treat to have a second PRT this month! Thank you guys for taking the time out of your busy schedules to do it.

    I don’t know why, but this episode really hit me hard and I walked away with understanding I didn’t have before. I’m not great at design and while listening, I finally understood why–I’m an audio learner and since design is a visual thing, I literally can’t visualize it. So while I was listening to the podcast, I started to figure out some things that I’ll be able to apply in my future layouts.

    So how does an audio learner learn about a visual method? Any ideas for me?

  • Wow, that is so interesting, Tiffany. Even though design is one of my favorite scrapbook topics, we don’t cover it a lot on PRT because it’s so visual. While I loved the conversation with Debbie, I had wondered if anyone would actually learn anything in terms of design because we were just talking and not showing. So I’m fascinated that you learned better this way. It makes me curious to know how you would do if you listened to one of my videos (instead of watching it), maybe taking a peek here and there as needed if you need to see what I’m talking about, but otherwise, listening. Or maybe you could watch it once first to see what I’m talking about, but then play it again to listen only. I have some free ones here and there on the Paperclipping channel on YouTube if you’re not a member. The channel is called Paperclipping4u.
    You could search for How to Mix Patterned Paper, or Bits and Pieces in a Versatile Scrapbooking Template.
    Anyway, if you end up trying it, I’d love to know if it helped or not. :)

  • Nicole Wright

    Izzy, what is a good podcast app for android? I know your apples but I’m sure you will have some great suggestions.
    Great show as always guys :)

  • Nicole Wright

    I never thought about it that way. looking forward = planner and looking back = scrapbook

  • When I was on Android, I used Pocketcasts. :)

  • Recently, I began scrapping again–so many changes in life helped me find my way back to a hobby I simply love. But, since I’d been out of the loop for so long, I felt disconnected from the scrapbooking community in a profound way. (Noell, your comment about that at the beginning of the show resonated so strongly for me.) And yet…

    Your site was the one that called to me. I knew I’d feel at home here and I wasn’t wrong. Thank you (Noell and Izzy) for continuing to share your memories and how you capture and keep them. Thank you, too, for always being so welcoming to everyone. Your site is (and you are) a gift!

    Also, I enjoyed your show topic so much. Oddly, just today (while digitizing some very old pages), I was marveling over how little design I knew when I began scrapping. Partly, it’s because I began as a kid (about 10 years old). But, even when I scrapped in “the new way” in the late 90s and early aughts, my pages were…well…uhm…lacking. It was scrapping that launched me into a full-on passion for graphic design in 2005-ish. This love and my growing skills created opportunities in graphic art and design that I’d never have realized without my memory keeping hobby! (Seriously. I became a graphic designer for a few years–after learning design principles and some wicked Illustrator and Photoshop skills as a result of my scrapping addiction.) =)

    So, thanks for a thoroughly awesome experience visiting your site. Y’all rock!

  • Gina

    I haven’t finished listening yet but had a thought about the planners. I know Noelle was saying she doesn’t want to spend the extra time on making her planner pretty when the time could be used on other creative outlets. Maybe part of it is that it is a quick way to be creative and the planner itself is useful. I have a planner but don’t really decorate it as much as some people do. Those planner pages are too busy and confusing to me but I do like to use the occasional sticker or stamp or washi – the pages look pretty and the washi helps me designate certain events. Part of it for me is I just like stickers and washi and products like that so they’re fun to use. So maybe part of it is they just like those products? Also I don’t have a scrapbook room and don’t have a ton of time to scrapbook but I can spend a little time decorating my planner and getting a little creative time in.

  • ARC

    Yes!! It’s a LOT about the products – my planner is getting me to stamp more, and in turn, I remember to use my stamps on layouts as well. Same with using washi. I can do my planning stuff when I’m more tired and not feeling as creative as I need to do an actual layout, so that’s cool too. :)

  • ARC

    Thanks for reading my comment :) To clarify, NO, I was not doing any planning before getting a paper planner last year. I just had everything in my electronic calendar and would never look at the week as a whole before it started. I had to-dos scrawled on various Post-Its. So it’s nice to now have ONE place where everything lives and ONE time where I look at the week coming up. And even more of a bonus that I get to play with my inks and stamps and washi while doing it :)

  • Christy Browning

    Thanks for sharing. I love this color wheel. So fun to play with.

  • ARC

    Thanks for sharing this! It was a fun video to watch :)

  • Angela Bowe

    A few days ago, I asked in one of my favorite planner groups on Facebook, if the planner craze has helped push them into want to scrapbook or if they were scrapbookers already. One replied that it is making her want to get into scrapbooking. The rest said that they already were scrapbookers. No one said that they had no interest in scrapbooking. Though of course, not everyone in the group commented. I think that it was interesting.

  • Ann Johnson

    Maybe a future Paperclipping show could ask if planners could lead into scrapbooking.

  • Caro_frenchy

    Is it possible to have the book referenced again please

  • So glad to see you pop up here, Liz! Welcome back to the fold. :)

  • Your pages are gorgeous. You definitely have a natural eye — one of the lucky few! A word about alignment — I prefer non-linear over linear layouts, yet I still use alignment when I’m non-linear, and I bet you do too, but don’t realize it, because alignment keeps the pages unified and finished. When alignment is used on a non-linear layout, the “line” is invisible, but it’s still there, holding everything together.

  • The title of your article + an experience I had with my son and his photos this week worked together to inspire the topic of the next episode (recording today). I don’t know if we’ll directly refer to it or not, but because you shared it, it was on my mind and it led pretty directly to our topic, which I’m really excited about! So thank you for the inspiration!

  • Karen Schreiber

    So this is a different subject that I was hoping you could talk about on the Roundtable. I know that in this world of ‘updates’ and ‘fixes’ we need to be constantly updating to new things. But seriously when you have a really great product do you have to get rid of it? What I am talking about is Google’s Picasa program. I heard recently that Google is getting rid of Picasa. I absolutely love this program for printing my Scrapbook photos. The printing process is particularly easy and has all kinds of options that I have not found other places….and all for free! Could you comment on this. Is the rumor true that it will be totally eliminated? If so, what do you recommend to replace it? Many thanks, Karen Schreiber (Karen Hanim)

  • I’ve wanted to talk about this on the show when we have a few extra minutes, but I haven’t found those extra minutes yet. Here’s an article that makes it seem like it’s not a rumor at all, until you read the update at the very bottom that contains a comment from Google, which to me makes the rumor question hazy:

  • =) Thanks Noell!