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We discuss the news from the 2016 CHA Winter show!

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  • mjgreer

    Great show ladies and Izzy. I would be interested in knowing what companies were absent this time that are normally there, you said that Provo craft was not there and has not been for last come shows. Anyone else not showing their product at CHA anymore. If so what does that indicate for these companies?

    After the news of Basic Grey deciding to leave scrapbooking I was chatting with a staff member at a local online store about companies on the brink. I asked if My minds Eyes was near the end (due to the smaller scrapbook releases) and she said no they seemed strong and had been branching out like the guests today observed. October afternoon was the company she was most concerned about as they were having issues getting products out. Did they attend and what was there showing like?

    The online store I mentioned above have prerelease sales on many item from CHA but absent from the prerelease sales is American craft items. I ask why as I am interested in some of new lines and she told me that they were having issues getting stuff from them, I heard someone say today on the show that they were changing suppliers so maybe that will solve that problem.

    I am just a bit concerned that this industry is shrinking so quickly and I’m losing my favorite companies????

    Anyone have thoughts on this?

  • Tina Campbell

    Great show ladies and Izzy! I loved it and I agree about the bubble :) remember when the smashbooks were all the rage :) and everyone thought that scrap-booking was done! oh my now you don’t hear much about them at all but still hear about scrap-booking. Yep I think Tami is right and it does have to evolve I loved what was said about creative memories and how we have evolved from that Yay! I don’t know why people are in such a hurry to say that they think scrap-booking is done :) There will always be some kind of product somewhere for it :)

  • Kelly Jean

    I believe that I read somewhere that October Afternoon has not attended CHA for a few years now, but I don’t know why they decided to leave the show. I also have been feeling for several years now that the industry is shrinking, but I think like one of the guests said, it will always be there, just in a smaller version.

  • Kelly Jean

    I still love my Smash books! And I agree with you. Maybe we will just go back to finding creative ways to use the products we do have. I know I do that!

  • Kelly Jean

    Loved the show guys (and gals) and I had a few things to comment:

    First, for Izzy, in one of the past episodes you mentioned the Invisabilia podcast, and the first episode I listened to (based on your recommendation) was the episode called Our Computers, Ourselves. It was about a man that lived life with a small computer attached to him. He even got his degree with this computer and there was a debate on whether he earned it or the computer earned it! Anyways, it made me think of your little audio device for recording memories. I love what technology can do, but sometimes it scares me a little also!

    Second, I have to say that I love the mix of craft products that are being produced these days! While I am sometimes (as my Mom says) “a stick in the mud,” I realized recently that it has brought me and my friends closer together. At a recent craft night (we’ve been holding one each month), I worked on pocket pages, my sister worked on a mini album, one friend was organizing her wedding photos and working on a digital photobook, and another friend was finishing up a crocheted giraffe she made for a baby shower. Each month we get together and work on different things, but still enjoy crafting together. I love that we do this and I think it is definitely in part to the way the industry has opened up a bit.

    Third thing, some of the products definitely aren’t for me, but I would love to hear an episode on how to incorporate more of these styles to make them you. Like I love some planner products, but I crashed and burned with my planner because I just don’t have time for it. And I love coloring books and the fun party supplies, but I’m not going to color or throw parties ALL THE TIME. And the biggest for me is the mixed media supplies. I have watercolors and modeling paste and that’s about it. I don’t want to be that scrapbooker that doesn’t try things and is set in her old ways (because we all know things will not stop changing), but I’d like to branch out a tiny bit without taking a huge leap. Hopefully that makes sense! (And maybe you have an episode like this already and can direct me to what number it is).

    Thanks for reading my long comment!

  • Tina Campbell

    I agree :)

  • Tina Campbell

    I came across some old interest today and after listing to the podcast your right we don’t stop scrapping just evolve around it ;) I have my mother’s scrapbook from looks like the starting year is 1951. Shame she took all the pictures out of it, but I think most of them maybe in a box I got when she passed :) Would love to figure out a way to take this and make a current album out of it :) Something to ponder a bit this year :)

  • One more thing I just thought of… Trade shows themselves have become less relevant in the age of the internet where companies have an easier time getting the word out about their products. Because of this, when a company stops attending CHA as an exhibitor, it could possibly suggest they don’t need CHA as much now as they did in the past. It doesn’t necessarily suggest the company is struggling (though that could also be the case).

    Just a thought… :)

  • Val

    Ahh! I wanted to chime in so badly on this show! I came into this community without the scrapbooking background, so I have such a different perspective. I really love the show and hearing everyone’s reflections, but I feel like y’all missed out on connecting with new crafters, even though it was obvious that the CHA scene is changing! The simple fact that a huge community of us watched almost the entire thing via Periscope is one example of this. The things we were really tuned in to only seem to elicit puzzled and bewildered comments from the PRT. Please include someone on the show who can speak for my tribe of self-taught mixed media artists, planner people, and paper lovers who have yet to do a 12×12 layout. If nothing else, we’d like to inform everyone of how we are experiencing the industry. I totally still love y’all, but when I listen, I don’t want to feel like an outcast at a crop.

  • Ha ha, thanks for chiming in, Val. I’ve always loved mixed media, and it’s not like I don’t know the planner world — I shot many videos where I showed and explained all the planners at CHA the year before. I also used paper planners for years from high school until the digital world exploded. Since planners are intended to help you be organized and more efficient, it defies logic to many of us that people are now using them in a way that is inefficient. If it gives someone pleasure, that’s fine — I understand that. But you have to admit it’s ironic and funny, right?
    I would love for you to share the specifics of your perspective, though! That’s exactly why I invite the audience to add to the conversation with comments. Please share what you loved and noticed!!
    As for the guests I choose — while we sometimes venture into art journals and mixed media and planners and cards, this is really a scrapbooking show. So that’s why we view everything through that lens. You are not alone, though! So please add your CHA observations!

  • Oh I had to chime in! Heidi Swapp did some colouring PL cards as some point! I got given them in a Secret Santa from my planner group… Worlds colliding there!!

  • Irit

    Really enjoyed the show, as always! Just wanted to give my 2 cents about the mirrorless vs. DSLR. I’ve had a DSLR for 10 years, and this year I decided to buy a new camera. I was quite set on getting another Nikon, but eventually went with a mirrorless, a Fuji. I have two little girls, so the majority of my photos are portraits, lots of indoors photos and lots of short outings. When I bought my DSLR in 2006 I was traveling a lot and wanted a great camera and a few lenses. I decided my priorities were different this time around.

    I needed a smaller camera so I wouldn’t even have to think about whether I should take it when we go out. I also invested in a great premium lens that is great for portraits. I am so happy with my choice, and even though I can’t use my Nikon lens I think it was the right decision for my lifestyle. Point is, I was a die hard DSLR user, and never thought I would give it up, but it really depends what one’s needs are.
    And there are coloring papers for pocket size out there, they are made by a company called Shimmerz :)

  • Ann Johnson

    Enjoyed the show and I’d hope all scrapbookers would enjoy hearing about the goodies from the surrounding paper arts such as cardmaking and mixed media. I started as a scrapbooker and while I still scrapbook occasionally, I’m primarily a card maker. As a card marker, I’m always curious what sort of new stuff is coming out — card stock, patterned paper mostly. As a stamper, I’ve heard of all those little companies in the first timers section. Waffle Flower, Altanew, Neat and Tangled, Winnie and Walter, WPlus 9 all have great products that might help out a scrapbooker too. The model of these smaller stamp companies might be something to try for other start-up companies too. They have small releases, but these companies have great products. Just my two cents.

  • Ann Johnson

    P.S. The MISTI stamping tool was created by a woman in a little town in western Illinois. It’s a lifesaver for a stamper to get stuff straight and I use it for one card at a time stuff too. It’s another example of how she started making them at home, releasing some to online sites such as Simon Says Stamp and now has moved on to the big time. I love that she can be successful in this way!

  • ARC

    There were some comments about people “not having time” to work on making their planners look pretty, and I felt like it was veering into condescension a little (possibly not intended, so I’m not too bent out of shape about it, as I’ve heard this from other scrapbookers as well). But I’d like to say that it actually doesn’t take very long to stamp and add stickers etc. I spend about 25 minutes on the weekend planning for my week ahead, and while I do play with my tiny little stamps and ink and stickers, the true advantage is setting aside “planning time” to really look at my commitments for the week ahead. Until I started paper planning last year, I never did this, and would just have to take the week as it came at me, often unprepared for it. Now with a paper planner (and yes, cute stamps!) I am MUCH more prepared, and actually LESS busy because it’s made me cut out commitments that are not a priority for me. To each her own, but I did want to mention that this current trend/focus on planning has actually been really beneficial to me, both for personal stuff as well as my full time job :)

  • ARC

    Oh, and one of my favorite time management authors (Laura Vanderkam) says “not having time” is actually better phrased as “not a priority for me”. :)

  • Thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt. It’s not an attitude of condescension, but just a genuine inability to understand. I appreciate your post because it gave me info I didn’t have, namely, that the decorative aspect attracts some people who have never planned to actually start planning. In that light, I can see how it helps you. I’m glad to hear this. I’ve done weekly and daily planning for almost my entire life (started in high school and have never stopped), so adding any decorative aspect to it would take away from my productivity. But for you it is adding to your productivity because it gets you to do it. Nice.

  • Gina

    I just finished listening and always love hearing a new Roundtable! I thought it was interesting that at least two guests said they have a scraproom full of product and they would just be supplementing their stash as opposed to buying a lot of new thing this year. I love scrapbooking and love all the products but like others don’t have as much time as I would like to scrapbook or to use all the fun papers and embellishments. Sometimes I feel like I should buy new product partly to support the industry that I love. I don’t want it to go away! (don’t get me wrong, I love to buy the new stuff, I just don’t always use it as quickly as I should). My hope is that as the industry consolidates and becomes smaller that there will still be enough consumers to support these companies and they will find the right business model to keep their company going as well as provide us with new fun crafty stuff.

  • Stacy Adams

    Regarding the planner stamps, I haven’t bothered buying them. They are cute, but I think it will be faster for me to just draw them in myself. I made a chart of mostly used images I tend to use, and just reference it when I’m making entries in my planner. The other thing about stamps is that you have to mount them, then clean them…very time consuming for those little itty bitty images.

  • I agree it is sad to see companies go because there are great products… but it’s just that everyone is downsizing and perhaps not buying as much as before. But I do think internationally, the complaint is always not being able to buy the supplies they want. People who live in remote areas and such, don’t have scrapbook stores and customs/shipping cost a whole lot. When will they invent the teleportation already? :)

  • Good point, Tina. I don’t think anything is going away completely, it’s all just morphing and changing with the times. I wonder if 10 years from now scrapbooking will actually be referring to something that is very digital or technology driven… just because our society is always moving towards everything techie, iphones, apps, etc…

  • I feel like smash books are like scrapbooking people’s sketchbook/journals… which have obviously existed for those who journal, artists who have mixed media sketchbooks… that kind of thing. Now there are many who do the same kind of thing but in midori traveler’s notebooks, which really is just a different size notebook!

  • Good point Izzy! I think it must all depend on the industry, because there are some industries that remain tradeshow driven… like you have to be there to be legit. Whereas other areas might have decisionmakers who are more open to do business directly or over the web!

  • I agree – it’s just different priorities for different people. There are those who spend hours and hours on a scrapbook page embellishing and others who don’t. All preference. I agree that pretty planners doesn’t mean it can’t also be useful. I happen to like my stuff useful and pretty :)