PRT269 – Setting Yourself Up for an Awesome Year of Scrapbooking

We discuss ideas for entering a new year of scrapbooking!

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  • Cyndi

    This episode is full to the brim! I need to sit and take notes!

  • Nicole Seitler

    I LOVED this episode. And I did take notes! Both Jennifer and Karen are people I’ve admired for a long time, so it was such a treat to listen to this discussion. I will totally need to listen again because there was SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. Yay!

  • Kari Mertz

    This was a great episode. I was so excited to hear that episodes might be increasing to twice a month! I miss the weekly episodes!

  • Laura Smith

    What a wonderful way to start the year! Great show! I choose a word for each year, but I loved Karen’s idea of deciding how you want to feel and using that to make decisions in the new year. Totally incorporating that going forward!

  • cindi

    Totally enjoyed listening today! Miss the weekly’s but I totally understand the time and commitment overload. I go through that all the time. Best wishes for the New Year!

  • Angela Daly

    Loved this episode, full of great energy to start the new year, Just like Karen I own a Professional camera but sometimes is hard to carry it around. I just got the Sony Mirror less A 6000 after a long research, (just like Karen did) I found out that mirror less is the future technology for cameras. I am in the process of buying a lens converter to be able to use it with my good Nikon lenses. You have full control like a regular DSLR, WiFi, Video, It is light, very very very fast and some of the professional photographers are using it to travel. Love it !!!!
    If someone is interested here is the link to see the camera:

    thanks for a great show

  • Robin

    Loved this episode! I am still working on finding a system that works for me, so I really enjoyed hearing all these great ideas! I love Karen’s method of choosing how you want to feel, and letting that be a guide. And Jennifer’s system of planning several weeks at a time, then re-evaluating…I’m way more likely to stick with that! So many great ideas, I know I’ll have another listen and take notes this time:) Thanks to all of you for another great episode!

  • Jana NJ

    I’m really enjoying that Paperclipping is getting more universal with the topics that appeal for scrapbooking as a whole, when I left paper scrapping for digital scrapping I felt a little left out although we all do design, we all tell stories, we all have to organize ourselves I listening this one twice great job guys ! I see that now going to school and life getting in our way the need to scrapbook than force us to be more organized.

  • Susan Manohar

    This was a wonderful episode, one of my very favorites! I really enjoyed hearing the differing perspectives on planning. Some of my biggest take-aways: from Noell, saying that she knows exactly what she wants from her life, and she takes the appropriate steps to live her life accordingly; from Karen: “eating the frog” to help with the things she may least want to do; and from Jennifer: using a “cascade of projects” to help her plan her year, narrowing down her list, and then using quarterly planning to focus on what she wants to and is able to do. (I’m finishing up Jennifer’s Refresh class at Simple Scrapper and the quarterly focus is exactly what I need!).

    Thank you again for such a rich and thoughtful episode!

  • vintageplaid

    I agree with the others, this episode is worth listening to multiple times. Thank you! I have never been able to set goals in a concrete way, but hearing Karen’s thoughts about defining how you want to feel then deciding what to do to make those feelings a reality were so eye-opening and something I “feel” I could do! We seem to live our year in chunks these days due to our travels, so Jennifer’s concept of planning for smaller segments of time was also very very helpful both in planning my memory keeping fun and my life in general.
    I miss the more frequent PRT’s and so thrilled you might be able to add to the schedule, but with rich content like this, repeat listenings are a must and before I know it, a new PRT has popped up. I listened to Tracie Claiborne’s in depth interview of Noell and it made me doubly appreciative of the quality of the PRT and of ALL the work involved in putting together the show. Again…thank you.

  • Courtney

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but I do have to add the Deep Dive Courses are awesome! I’m digital, and still found tons and tons of value in them! Stacy’s is more paper centric, but all of the principles are completely adaptable to digital.

  • I’m so glad to hear that!

  • Thank you!

  • Love how articulate Karen was in the episode above being driven to want xyz or do xyz from social media/influences even when it’s truly not what matters to us personally. It’s like being seduced to the dark side!