PRT268 – Ironic Snowflakes

We discuss choosing Christmas products…

UPDATE: The first version of this episode contained artifacts from hardware glitches. We think this new version has fixed it. If you already downloaded the previous version of the file, please download this new one. It has the same name. Sorry about the trouble…

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  • Hannah Brown

    So I downloaded the episode on iTunes (very excitedly), and when I was listening, as soon as Nancy started introducing herself, it messed up BIG TIME. I can’t even describe it…it’s like some weird DJ mix or something. XD It fixed a minute later and the show continued as normal, but now Noell and Nancy are talking about CHA and it’s messing up again. I went to see if it does the same thing in the iTunes store, but now the episode isn’t even there.

  • Ugh, sorry about that. There was a hardware problem when we were recording apparently. Thanks for letting me know. I just posted a new version of the recording without the glitches. Had to delete a bit of content, but most of it is still there.

  • Hannah Brown

    Thanks so much! :)

  • McKenzie McGehee

    My name is Mikki and I’m a podcast addict. If you like Invisibilia, you might also like: RadioLab and Hidden Brain.

    Izzy, you should check out the podcast Scene on Radio, it’s Duke University’s documentary film school, they produce audio documentaries for the podcast. Radio Diaries and UnFictional are also shows I love that are in the audio documentary category.

  • So here in Australia we have a summer Christmas and of course don’t have snow! (Even in winter we still don’t have snow LOL) so for me snow is all part of the magic of Christmas – Father Christmas comes from the North Pole so I don’t mind using snow in photos of us with Father Christmas. If I didn’t use snow at Christmas I’d never use it at all!! I kind of use it in more of a symbolic way. Eg snowflakes = Christmas magic

  • Tina Campbell

    I agree about the snowflakes :) I associate them with Christmas even though I live in a colder zone that has winters. I will also use snowflakes for snow pictures/layouts too. I agree about the snowman they are good for Christmas cards though :) Great episode :) Yes Noell I remember Mom and her records at Christmas time :) Lot of old country Christmas songs. We have come a long way from then :) Lots of old memories came about when you were talking of the records though :)

  • canyonjoy

    Izzy, I am hesitant to admit this, but I listen to the Roundtable in part for you podcast recommendations! I loved Serial (and am looking forward to the new one coming out sometime soon…I think) and I listened to two episodes of Invisibilia last night while driving. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  • Hannah Brown

    I was in the process of pulling together supplies from my stash for my 2015 December Daily when this episode came out. Needless to say, I was very excited to see the topic! I did DD for the first time last year, and I was OBSESSED with gold like everyone else. I think I’m slightly sick of it now, so this year I think I’m going to go with lots of silver. I love traditional Christmas colors, especially Noell’s Christmas red. I may add touches of pink and blue this year as accent colors,as well.
    I really like adding different textures to my album, so I pull together things like burlap, tissue paper, and fabric. I also like using more mixed media…it just seems to represent the beautiful chaos and whirl of the season. I made a bunch of backgrounds for my 8 1/2 by 11 December Daily last year using paint and spray mist. I think I’m going to try a 6 by 8 pocket page format this year, but I’ll probably still make some mixed media project life style cards. I can’t afford to print from home, so I print through Snapfish. I realized last year that the easiest way for me to do December Daily is to keep track of the stories during the month and make the album in January/February. I love looking back on our Christmas a few months later, so this works well for me. Thanks for another wonderful episode! Can’t wait until January! ;)

  • Debbie Behling

    Love to list to this podcast! Where can I find Noel’s review of Shimelle’s Christmas Magic? I joined Journal Your Christmas this year and love the daily prompts for my journal. Thanks for all you do!

  • Robin Gale Conlin

    This is the laser light that shines on your house. We have one and its really cool. You can choose green only sparkles or red and green sparkles. You can get it anyway they sell “as seen on TV” products. It is sold out all over my town, but I managed to snag one at CVS after hitting 4 other stores!

  • Robin Gale Conlin

    If you loved serial, then you need to listen to Undisclosed. It goes more in depth on Adnan’s case. It is so fascinating and addicting!

  • Gina

    I have to thank Izzy for my latest obsession…Invisibilia. Love podcasts & since I’ve been looking for some new ones (miss your weekly format but totally get the time issue!) I listened to the first one and am part of the way through the second. So good!! I’m interested if you read any of the comments about the podcast & what you thought – some were not great, specifically that that they had some of their information wrong. I’m so naive about some of these things – I so blindly trust NPR…

  • Are the makers of Undisclosed at all related to the makers of Serial?

  • Robin Gale Conlin

    One is Rabia Chaudry, who brought the case to Sarah Keonig’s attention. But it is not affiliated with Serial.

  • Debbie Behling

    Serial Season 2 started today!

  • canyonjoy

    Thanks, I’ll check it out!

  • canyonjoy

    Good news! Off to check my podcast listing……

  • Oh no! that exact laser light product was just on the TV news because it can cause problems for pilots :( or at least, it shouldn’t be used if you live on/too close to a flight path… I guess that makes sense.

  • I think this podcast (and Shimelle’s daily JYC videos) might be to blame for me splurging on Christmas products today! Especially after hearing that there wouldn’t be a Shimelle Christmas collection every year… I thought it wouldn’t hurt to buy some of the die cuts and stickers, even if I’m not scrapbooking in the traditional sense this year – I’m doing my Christmas journal in a Midori Traveler’s notebook. The vintage character of it is very appealing. I think Shimelle must be about the same age as I am. I picked up some Pink Paislee gold shiny things while I was at it too. Christmas is the only time I like gold. I’ll have to clean out my Christmas box to fit all my new treasures in. I use an old December Daily box from Studio Calico to hold all of my holiday crafty things.

  • canyonjoy

    You must be sure to aim entirely at the house. If any beam misses and goes over the roof, then it’s a serious problem. I think they’re cool but, along with drones, must be used with caution.

  • I have and LOVE the Christmas paper lover’s book! Oh and Kikki.K is an Australian company but Swedish design :) founded by Kristina Karlsson

  • Cyndi

    Not so much PRT related….I just got around to listening to the first episode of Invisibilia….so freaking amazing. Now I can’t wait to get to the third episode! And Serial is back too! I just love my podcasts! Please don’t go away PRT. As an aside….I only purchased Ali Edwards DD Kit this year. So many fun stuff in my stash from previous years. Now I understand why my Christmas pages are not my fav. Time to tone them down.

  • We love Radio Lab, but I haven’t heard of any of these other ones! Thanks!