PRT267 – Splatter-Impaired

We discuss art journaling by letting questions from the forums…

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  • Marjan

    Anybody who’s interested in the therapeutic aspect of art journaling might be interested in Tamara Laporte at and/or

  • Angeliki

    Viki Papaioannou is Greek. and you read it like “papa-e-o-anou”! :-)

  • Vicky Clipsncuts

    Thank you for highlighting my work! Really honored! Oh and I am Greek !

  • rachaelnelson

    I don’t want to listen until the next one comes out. :) How bad is that?! :)

  • Julianna

    I loved this episode! I only wish you’d had more time to spend on it. so many great ideas from all the guests, but as often seems to happen with 3-guest episodes, hard to get to hear from each one as much. On a related note, I would buy a Deep Dive Audio Course on Art Journaling with you & Dina Wakley in a heartbeat! *prettyprettyplease*

  • amysoto

    Any updates on the Deep Dive with Stacy Julian? Excited for that, especially with only having PRT to listen to once a month!

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    I have never been terribly interested in art journaling, though I’ve been a regular journaler since I was a kid. You guys really sparked an interest in me, and it’s definitely because Julie and Wilna talked about doing a LOT of writing on their pages. I always pictured art journaling as being more about the paint and maybe a single stamped quote, rather than an *actual* journal where you could write a lot I f you wanted/needed to.
    I found an old lab notebook from college (we have a couple of these since my husband majored in physics and I was a biochemist) and it seems like their pages might be GREAT for art j ournaling as they are so thick yet smooth. I also love that they have a grid pattern. I’m off to buy some gesso and give it a try :)
    LOVED this episode. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  • We finished recording it last Wednesday! But there is a lot of work that has to happen between that and actually getting it to the people. :)
    I really was determined to have it ready this coming, but I’m worried it won’t be done in time!! But the following week for sure at the latest, unless something goes dreadfully, unexpectedly wrong.

  • Janet

    …or: if it stretches out to Thanksgiving week, we’d have so much more to be Thankful for. :)

  • Janet

    If you decide to revisit this, May Flaum would be a really good guest those of us who just can’t let go. I get terribly intimidated by your guests’ pages–I know I’m not supposed to–but May just goes for it. I’ve journaled for years, have been adding stamping and embellishments for the last couple of years, but just can’t “let go”. I am, though, thinking of making art journalling part of my 2016 One Little Word: compose.And here’s a link to Dina’s Art Journal Freedom at Amazon:
    (How the heck do you spell journaling anyway!)

  • Ha ha!

  • I find it fascinating that Art Journalling is seen as so intimidating. I am kinda sad that people feel performance anxiety over a blank page. I must be one of the 1% who don’t have that issue.

    Here in Australia, I learnt about something called a visual diary back at school. We all had one. We could do whatever we wanted in there. Just doodle, sketch, try out new media whatever in there. I remember a friend being stunned that I could just start sketching and form an image from whatever I put on the page from even a young age like 10?

    Even for writing, a blank page doesn’t scare me.

    However my engineer husband can’t comprehend anyone being able to come up with a fiction or non fiction story/essay etc on the spot.

    I won’t say my art or writing is something I’d publish but I sit down for 10mins something will come out fairly effortlessly.

    In contrast to scrapbooking, art journalling isn’t intended for others to see. I always kept my sketch books, journals and visual diaries private, so I feel no performance pressure.

    I kind of wish that everyone could experience that – creating art doesn’t have to be hard all the time.

  • Isadari Rivera

    Thanks for this episode guys. I am among the group that thought art journaling was more for painting and doodling. I didn’t realize the journaling aspect was a major part of this particular type of crafting. I’m excited to try my hand at it. I tried the fauxbonichi thing and didn’t care for it. This may be a great way to use all the mixed media supplies that seem too messy for my layouts.

    Izzy, I used to live in Phoenix and volunteered with the library for The Friends of the Phoenix Public Library in the warehouse were all the (thousands and thousands of) donated books come in. We would scan them to assess the value of each book. If it were worth enough, it was placed in a pile to be sold online. If the book was mass market and wouldn’t be worth much. It was stored in the warehouse, in its proper category. A couple times a year they open the warehouse to the public for a big book sale where everyone can come in and buy books for super cheap. The proceeds from both of these types of sales go to the library. It was so much fun working there and I miss it very much.

  • canyonjoy

    I found it very interesting that several panelists said there was too much pressure to make a pretty layout each time but then they were okay with their art journaling efforts often being “just okay.” I think we create stress for ourselves in many ways but if we look at the whole of what we do, sometimes the solution is simple. Just do it. Me? I don’t aspire to make every layout pretty, just pleasing enough to my eye that I can easily move on because when I looked at those pages years later, it isn’t perfection I’m seeking. It’s the memories. Did I succeed in saving those? Yep. I’m good.

  • jenniferswilson

    What an awesome episode! I have always been too Type A to try art journaling but last night I went out to buy the Strathmore art journal and a few supplies. I need a new challenge and something that’s just for me. Can’t wait to get started!

  • Tori Bissell

    I love the “idea” of art journalling but I totally haven’t done it before. I totally agree with Noell’s thought of “timididity”. I would love to try it but are sorta timid about it. I also have so much on my plate with other art styles I’m a bit worried about the time it would take to get started and gather supplies and learn what to do. I wonder for those who are doing art journalling…how long did it take for you to get started? and to feel comfortable with it? How do I solve the desire to have all supplies the ‘greats’ have?

  • Annigoni

    Loved Dina’s ‘stamp compendium’ idea, and Julie’s suggestion of using deli paper to collage the stamped images onto the journal page. I find that when I’m too busy to scrapbook and there aren’t enough hours in the day, art journalling is my creative lifeline – it’s not fussy, I don’t stress about how it looks, and just 15 minutes can de-stress me. Thank you for a truly inspiring episode.

  • Angela Daly

    I love love this episode !! I follow the guests regularly on their blogs and I have taken on line classes with them, I am a scrapbooker since the year 2000 and I have evolved in to art journaler in the last 4 years bc sometimes is easier to paint tags or work on a background page for 15 min a day, than to create a scrapbooking page in that amount of time. So I create art journaling pages in stages, enjoying the process.
    Project life and art journaling are my two passions now. I am enrolled in wilna’s Art to heart class and Life Book with Tamara Laporte for the last 3 years, both classes are amazing !!! thanks for the conversation and hopefully have more art journaling episodes in the future.

  • teddi

    i’ve art journaled since around 2006? i scrapbooked first. i’m an old school journal keeper too. i like the blank page. it excites me. i’m like woo hoo a new book i can create in. i’ve tried all kinds of journals. strathmore visual art journals are my fave. i have several kinds of books going at once too, & i don’t waste the paint on my palette either. as far as materials. i’d say start with excites you. use your scrapbook supplies. glue sticks & magazines for collage are fun too. you just treat the magazine images like a photo on a scrapbook page. remember when you had cd muckosky on & her pick of the week was the prang watercolors? you can get them at any craft store. they’re good pigment. only get a small amount of material & play with those to see if you like them. better yet go to a party or class where you can try each other’s materials. then you can slowly add more things. lately i’ve been using old school crayola crayons. i bought a brand new box with 64 crayons & the sharpener. i’ve been loving it. i like how they blend. i like that they don’t smear onto the next page. i can cover a lot of space, & shade with them. plus i really do like having all those colors.

  • Amy O

    Before “the announcement” I started listening to every single one since PRT001! Give it a try – it has been a very interesting experience, who the guests were (I didn’t realize how many times Julie and Dina were on in the first 70 episodes or so!), the fact that Project Life was not as all-encompassing as it is now back in 2011 and how fast it has grown, and you will also see trends that are still here and some that are no longer around anymore. PRT is an amazing time capsule of the paper arts industry! (currently re-listening to PRT073!)

    Rachael, give the whole series a re-listen – you’ll love it!

    And yes, I am a non-schmo!

  • Amy O

    I absolutely LOVED this episode – I guess I’m part of that 1% who just lets go and journals… I listened the day it came out on my commute home and people around me in traffic must have thought that I was crazy (or on the phone) talking back to my car radio all of the way. I am sure that all of the classes I have taken with Dina over the past few years definitely influenced my “let it go” – if she is in your area sign up as soon as you can (and for all of them, you’ll regret it if you don’t!)

    Thank you again for having 3 amazing women on this episode!!!

  • Kelly Jean

    At first listen of this episode, I wasn’t sure if it was “for me.” I’ve created a few art journal pages in the past, and have really liked them, but don’t create them often. After listening to just HALF the episode, I went home and created a page in about 15 minutes. I loved it! Who knew that you could actually create something in that time? I have never done that before and never thought it was for me, but I was super inspired! I like to keep my messy side in my art journal and prefer my scrapbook pages to be clean and focused on the photos and story. I just have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the thing that either Julie or Dina (sorry, can’t remember which one!) said about how “when you like something, then it’s finished!” This is something I struggle with alot, whether a project is “DONE” and I am going to use this towards my process from now on. I used it on the art journaling page I did last night and LOVED how it turned out. Finally, Noell (sorry this comment is so dang long!), thank you for sharing a video of a art journal process that is more like scrapbooking. This is the type of art journaling I do, and love it, so I’m excited to be inspired by this video. Off to check it out!

    PS: (I promise this is the last thing): waiting a month for this episode was soooo worth the wait. Thank you for continuing to fit this show in your schedule!

  • Cyndi

    After taking several classes on mixed media I can now say I am comfortable using the techniques often found in art journaling. It does take practice or more importantly, experimenting. I discovered techniques/product I enjoyed repeating and others that I dropped. It did take some time and focus to learn how to manipulate the different products. But I was interested in figuring it all out. I admired the pages I’d see online. I pushed myself through techniques I did not really like just so I could say I tried, I learned, I let go. Some techniques I didn’t even try. Just not me. I love using my fav techniques in ways outside of art journaling. I love Wilna’s scrapbook pages and projects. My fear of brain dumping as Dina and Julie reference is the unexpected/unwanted discovery of an art journal that contained my inner private thoughts. Yes, I know it’s possible to paint over the writing. Not sure I want to put precious time into creating the art….going through the process…just to cover it up. The need to brain dump is not so great. I love to journal positively. To express gratitude. To document everyday life. Is art journaling commonly referred to as a place to write down inner private thoughts?

    Once I took the time to learn mixed media techniques it was easy to move forward. I didn’t really need to “let go” and just do it. The process just became natural.

    I love the idea of making a stamp compendium and pre-making stuff. I have piles of scrap/crap too! And stencils, inks, pastes, water colours, staples, washi, markers, etc.!

  • TracieClaiborne

    I’m listening slowly so I can drag it out and savor it, but so far, I have to comment on Julie’s life-changing revelation! I absolutely loved it when she said that as children we didn’t know how to read or write until we did it all day every day and that if were had drawn all day every day, we would know how to draw! Genius! I might have to disagree a tiny bit that art is not a “mystical talent given by the gods” because I do believe some people are born with a natural ability to draw and create art and it comes as easy to them as speaking or walking but it’s nice to know there’s hope for someone like me who is drawing challenged!!! I can tell I’ll have to listen to this episode again and write a lot of it down. :) What an awesome group you chose this time!

  • Christin Grønnslett

    Just listened- a little late to the game and wrote my thoughts about it

  • KimTh

    Late to the discussion, just listened to this yesterday and was in heaven! I started art journaling late 2013 after stumbling onto a YouTube of Julie Fe-Fan Balzer and proceeded to binge watch many more. Then when Wilna described her feelings about art journaling, she was describing exactly how I feel about it … it’s a part of my heart, my soul. What a rich discussion and I learned so much, mainly that my biggest stumbling block is trying to finish in one setting and letting that go. Anyway, thank you for occasionally offering something a bit outside scrapbooking, but that can still be incorporated into scrapbook … this was a fabulous Roundtable! Many many thanks!