PRT263 – I Think It’s a Butterfly

This week we’re discussing our thinking behind pages (and pocket pages)…

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  • Anandi Raman Creath

    BTW, I forgot to mention to Kelly on the show that the ‘Essentialism’ book is one of my favorite nonfiction books ever. Such great information in it about simplifying life and work.

  • Sabrina Krighaar Hjort Matzen

    Izzy’s idea of spine covers needs to happen! I know you can get stretchy fabric covers for schoolbooks, why not make them in a size to cover albums? It would be such an easy solution for changing the look of your albums – and cover up any grime and scratches.

  • Tori Bissell

    What Anandi said about Kelly’s layout really stood out to me. She said that because there are less photos it looks more “impactful” because it’s “carefully chosen” and “each photo ends up meaning more.” I feel like with my pages, I’m always trying to add more and more photos and more and more ‘stuff’ that It ends up looking really busy. My project life pages end up looking like a throw up of photos, embellishments and papers. It never even crossed my mind that, this approach might be taking away from the impact and importance and meaning of my photos. And when I think about the reason, passion and purpose behind my scrapbooking it’s because I want to document my memories … I want to be able to look back and see what was important to me and what I really cared about. Every last picture isn’t actually necessary for me to make meaning on my page. Thank you for that lovely insight!

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    Thanks @Tori! I struggle with the same thing, because I adore collecting scrapbooking *products*, but what’s really important to me are the words and photos, and I, too, am working on simplifying to what NEEDS to be on a page, not just what CAN be put on the page. (And for me that also includes “overjournaling” – how can I say what I need to in fewer words?)

  • Shannan_mm

    Just letting you know that the podcast isn’t updating in my Stitcher app this week as it usually does.

  • Sorry, Shannan — that is an error on Sticher’s end. I can’t tell you whether restarting will help or not, but you can always try.

  • Catherine Dean

    Love this podcast, gorgeous work and content!

  • Shannan_mm

    No prob – I get it through iTunes too anyway.

  • I can second Anandi’s recommendation of Scan Cafe. Their service was very good and much cheaper than local options. And the thing is, when you give your negatives to Costco (or whichever local option you choose), I don’t think they don’t have a guy sitting in the back of each store scanning your negatives. They’re almost certainly transporting them somewhere – and who knows where or how. Scan Cafe is very transparent about their service and how they transport your negatives and slides. They’re not just throwing them in the mail.
    We have always taken a risk when we take film to be developed somewhere, that they might lose it or destroy them. All of the photos my parents took of my little brother when he was born (severely oxygen deprived and not expected to make it) were lost by a local photo developing place. They gave my folks 2 free rolls of film to compensate.

    Taking a small risk to get negatives and slides turned into something useful is probably better than risking them disintegrating unused and unloved in a basement or storage room. But if you didn’t have an excessive quantity of negatives you could always have them printed locally before you send them out to be scanned.

    I loved Kelly’s pages and process video, which I found on youtube. I really didn’t get the 6×12 size when I first saw it earlier in the year but it’s growing on me. To the point where I’m obsessing over the album in that size I found online and wondering if I should try it next year, even though I decided that journaling in a notebook was what I wanted to do next year.

  • ARC

    @Joanna – I got some feedback on the local options from some folks at work and they actually thought they did a poor quality job. One of the nice things about ScanCafe is that they don’t use automated scanning – someone is actually looking through the scans and corrects artifacts, small damage, etc.

  • Gina

    Great show as always. I think it’s interesting that the subject of the size of 12×12 albums/pages came up again as well as in the last episode about albums. It got me to thinking, does anyone know why scrapbooks are 12×12? I love how Anadi changed her project life album to 8 1/2 x11 so it is more manageable and Kelly’s album is a great way to reduce the size. I know there are many different options for albums currently but I wonder if the slightly smaller size will be a popular trend to come?

  • Hi Joanna ! I do 6×12 for my PL too :) Do share if you try it next year !

  • Yay to inviting Kelly on the show :) Love both guests !

    I do scrapbook in 6×12 album for my Project Life too this year :) I had an album that size since 2014 and wanted to do something with it. I was struggling between 9×12 and 6×12 but since I don’t have a 9×12 album and shipping cost, in February I decided to start setting my 6×12. Then I realise that Kelly is also doing this size, I was thrilled because I can get inspiration from her. Apart from kelly I didn’t know many who do this size. If you do pls share! I (sometimes )share my pages on my blog here

    Can’t wait for the next episode, as usual :) THANKS :D

  • Mandi Holmes

    First off, I think someone needs to make the spine covers Izzy mentioned. Those would really help my labeling method for my family.
    I love this week’s episode and it is done so while that I can picture the spreads just by listening to it.

  • Christine

    Enjoyed listening to how/why the guests do what they do in PL. But I cannot lie, this episode format frustrates me as I always listen while driving or walking and rarely have time to go back and listen again with a computer. Just one woman’s opinion and in no ways diminishes my positive feelings about PRT overall.

  • l mccarty

    I kind of know what you mean, Christine, but I still like this format, even when I can’t see the pix. I listened to it twice before I had a chance to come and see the pix and I get a lot out of the pix after I’ve had to visualize them first.

  • D Israel

    Just finished listening; great episode! I was thinking the same thing about the spine covers for albums, lol. Or old-school book covers. Maybe Izzys think alike? :D Also, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that mostly documents with little journaling. Working full time with 3 kids under 12, I just don’t have the time or energy. Maybe one day….

  • Cyndi

    CM spines are separate from their albums. Maybe they could manufacture different colours while they redesign new pages that can be worked on separately? Great albums except for the page layout system.

  • This is so cute, I love it!

  • Okay, I just got a chance to check out your link. I really like this 6×12 format! I feel that the 12×12 format for Project Life where the photos don’t usually match each other is too busy. I like the 12×12 if it’s a single story I’m telling because I can make it all coordinate very easily. But if I’m doing something close to a photo a day, then it usually just looks busy to me. But this 6×12 format is visually simpler and I like it.

    You and Kelly have made me want to do this if Izzy and I do end up selling our cars and moving to Portland to live a car-free lifestyle. It would be fun to document Portland-living this way. :)

  • Youngmi

    Just finishing up listening to this episode and Anandi has convinced me to give Project Life another try. All those giant bulky 12 x 12 albums are such a turn off for me. I never go back and flip through my albums because they’re so heavy and everything in a design D page falls out as I turn the pages. (Does anyone else have this problem??) Love Anandi’s idea of an 8.5 x 11 PL album. I had considered 6 x 8 but seemed a little too small for me so 8.5 x 11 sounds like the perfect size. I finished my third year of PL in June and had decided that that would be it but I think I’ll give it another go in January. Does anyone make 8.5 x 11 PL page protectors or will I have to add a Fuse to my Christmas wish list? :) Thanks for getting me excited about PL again! Oh Roundtable, I can always count on you for scrappy inspiration. Loved this week’s guests. Thanks for another awesome episode!

  • ARC

    Re: stuff falling out of PL Pages, I use tape to seal side-loading pockets – Studio Calico had some clear tape with days of the week printed on it from a 2012 kit that I use for this because it doesn’t interfere with the page design, but I also use coordinating washi tape on other pages. For top-loading slots that are too loose, I use decorative paper clips which also provides some interest on the page.