PRT262 – The Problem with Albums

This week we’re talking about some of the problems with scrapbook albums…

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  • Wow, congratulations to her!!

  • Thanks for the idea. It would work for the kind of album Stacy uses, but mine cannot be covered with paper because they’re cloth and corduroy, and CM. Plus, I really love the look of the classic faux We R albums, and that’s the look I want.

    But your color suggestion is helpful if I ignore the CM albums. When it comes to my ring albums, I think there are just a few that really stand out from the others — 3 red ones and a green-yellow. So I might just switch those ones out and then my colors will look more analogous: blue, mint, greens, and neutrals, plus coral. Those colors all work well together and it’s basically what you described in terms of color.

    I have some AC ones that came messed up — a black mark on the front of one, glue showing through the cloth, etc. I didn’t feel I had time to deal with returning them. The spines look great as I described them just above (blues), but when you look at the front you can see those problems. So even though those are colors I WANT to have, I’d love to switch them out for albums that aren’t messed up.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Yes, you can change the pages around, but you cannot separate the front page from the back (unless you’re using the plastic page protectors, which they did not have when I was using their albums). It’s also a lot of work to take them apart and move the pages around, compared with D-rings. But they’re definitely gorgeous books!

  • SparrowApril

    I recently became aware of this company that will scan your albums for you. A fellow scrapper works with them and raves about how easy it is. You send the the scrapbook, they scan it & provide you with the digital images. They also have solutions for digitizing film produced images, negatives etc and both VHS and video film. I know that I probably won’t get around to doing something like this , myself and not needing to buy equipment to do it also has it’s appeal.

  • SparrowApril

    GREAT Idea!

  • SparrowApril

    I like that idea it reminds me of the album version an idea I picked up from Stacy Julian where she recommended updating a digital photo frame with your highest rated photos from the most recent season.

    Since the photos in my digi frame are over a year old at this point, I think it’s time to make a new “greatest hits” photo stick to update it!

  • SparrowApril

    I would like to make this comment regarding getting rid of physical page layouts completely after they’ve been scanned.

    My mother passed away several years ago, and while I get SO much joy looking at all the photos that I have of her over the years, there is NOTHING like holding something in my hands that she held in hers, things she made, things she wrote on become MORE and more treasured with each passing year.

    I think a handmade item also connects us to history. I remember as a young person standing in the Library at the Huntington Library and Gardens (in San Marino, California) and being in AWE looking at 2 pieces on display from their library collection.

    1 was an illuminated manuscript – have you ever seen on of those in person?! The 2nd was a draft of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography – looking at that handwritten piece and realizing it had been written, touched and in the possession of that famous founding father, made history more real, more alive for me. I can imagine a scrapbook page might have the power to do that for those who come after us.

  • SparrowApril

    It sounds like one of the scrapbook companies needs to come out with book covers for scrapbook albums. I’m seeing book covers everywhere for textbooks, since it’s back-to-school season. Slipcovers for your scrapbooks.

  • Courtney

    Noell: You should look up A Mighty Girl. On Facebook, they post different amazing woman and their contributions. And their website is awesome. I love how inspiring it is.

  • Courtney

    There is a 10″ and 15″ on photojojo if I’m reading correctly.

  • Courtney

    Have you heard of TimeHop? It’s an app that will show you photos from the same day the previous years. I adore it. I’ve learned things like apparently we go out to eat August 29th. Well, we have the last 4 out of 5 years. And there’s no reason for it, no birthdays or anything. It’s a rush of memories when I look at it, and since it’s not editable, it’s just pulling photos.

  • Yes, I follow it on FB. Totally inspiring!!

  • Karen Siegel Fitting

    Thanks April! I’m working on having all my albums done this way and it’s great! I can show them off through the app on my phone, I can pull the .jpgs off the DVD and make photo books… it’s really cool!

  • D Israel

    I was thinking old-school text book type covers (or at least the kind I grew up with!). They wouldn’t be permanent covers, but would definitely change the way they look on a shelf. Like this, but you could use anything:

  • Youngmi

    The timing of this episode was perfect! I’m packing up my life to move across the country and nothing is giving me more grief than my scrapbooks. On the shelf, they didn’t look like much but once you start putting them into boxes… First you need to find boxes that are big enough and then you can’t put too many into a box because it will quickly become too heavy to lift! A full 12×12 album weighs about 5 lbs. I estimate that all together my albums weigh over 125 lbs! I am seriously rethinking this hobby.

    My albums are a giant mish mash of colors, brands, and styles. My early albums are jewel toned CM strap hinge albums which are wonderfully sturdy and will last forever. I then moved on to Colorbok post bound albums. My PL albums are WRMK and my current albums are AC cloth D-ring binders. In all honestly, I like post bound best for their price and sturdiness but D-ring binders make it so easy to move things around. My albums are all different colors but I love it! They’re chronological and because each album is different, I can easily tell what they contain. My China/Japan/Korea albums are earthy florals, my sister’s wedding album is black faux leather, my Disney World album is a sunny yellow and my Hawaii albums are bright tropical pink. They all clash fantastically but I choose my albums carefully to reflect the contents so that they too contribute to the story!

    Thanks for another fun episode!

  • This episode was chock full of things I wanted to comment on, but when I get to my computer all I can remember is that I “totally” need some slug and snail stickers lol.

  • deecwhite

    Hi guys! I hope you see this comment – I wasn’t sure how to contact you to give you some info. I was just listening to this older episode today and wanted to weigh in. At the end of the show someone said that they read about a person who did their scrapbooking via Facebook, and nobody was really sure how that was possible. There is a product called MySocialBook ( that you link to your FB account and you can have a photo book printed with anything you want that you have posted to your FB page. You tell it the date parameters you want the book to encompass, you can choose which types of posts you want to include, and then you can also have it NOT include specific posts if you want. I too have switched to using this product as my yearly day-to-day scrapbook. I realized that I was doing double the work when I would post pictures & in essence “journaling” on FB, then also printing the photos and re-writing it all over again for a scrapbook. Now I am conscious of the fact that when I post on FB, it will end up being my annual scrapbook so I try to make it a little more meaningful. Then at the beginning of January I go on to MySocialBook and print my book for the past year. You can mess around with layout a little bit, but I don’t usually. To me, it’s fine as it is because at least it’s all there. Then if there are bigger stories that I want to tell, that’s what I scrapbook throughout the year. I hope this was helpful!