PRT261 – So Many Colors

This week we’re going behind the scenes of designing scrapbooking products…

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  • Marie

    Wow!!! What a fantastic episode. Thank you so much to Shimelle and Amy for sharing so much insight into their journeys with collection creation. Interesting to hear the process and, in a good way, the tension between their creativity and perspective as scrapbookers that interact with the public (end purchasers) verses the companies knowledge of what sells from past sales information. Absolutely fascinating. Although they are very different, I love both ladies styles. They are two awesome and inspiring people.
    I must also be in the minority of not using pink. Red, yellow, orange … but not very often pink…could have something to do with my family being all male except for the dog, cat and me :) But it isn’t actually because of that. I do use flowers on my layouts and don’t do things all manly. I create with what I like and for some reason it isn’t pink. Yet I wear a lot of it…hhhmmm.
    Thanks Noell and Izzy for a great show! What is amazing and what I love about the show is that I, who live in a little country town in Qld, Australia and have no opportunity to meet these two lovely ladies, get to spend and hour or so with them, listening to a chat that I would be too awestruck to even have with them if I could meet them. Really appreciate the time, effort and wonderful guests you have on the show.

  • Krystal Kompkoff

    Many thanks to Shimelle and Amy for pushing boundaries and getting new ideas and color schemes in scrapping. I, too, can use more collections without pink, since it really isn’t my style. I love the eclectic feel of your collections and vibrant colors. I believe there is a lot more room for gender-neutral collections.

  • Amy Tan

    Marie, thank you! And hello – I am in Australia. I know QLD is huge, but I will be at Spotlight stores next week – Would be so fun to meet you!

  • Tori Bissell

    This was seriously such an interesting episode. I loved learning all about Shimelle and Amy’s lines and process. I feel like you could have gone on for another hour talking because I was so enamoured listening to them.

  • Terry

    I loved this episode! For many reasons! Firstly, when I saw that the PRT was ready on Sunday I downloaded it immediately and then, as it happens, I was awake in the pre dawn hours and plugged in to listen. Then, during the sponsor message I heard Izzy read a comment I had made about Noell’s video showing her Phoenix album and I was so happy that they had read my comment and knew how much I appreciated the video. As a bonus (totally unrelated) today is my birthday and it was like they knew and did it as a gift to me when really they had no idea! Regardless, I meant every word of the comment and have watched that video numerous times already so, thank you again Noell & Izzy!
    As for the episode itself, I was fascinated by Amy and Shimelle’s insight into the behind the scenes process and decision making, that we as consumers of the end product are mostly unaware of. I am curious by nature and always want to know what goes on behind the curtain. It does not diminish the finished product for me, if anything it makes it more special. I appreciate the long hours and hard work to make creativity and practicality come together. Amy and Shimelle are to be commended for their ability to make that happen so we can all benefit from their great products!
    Great guests, the time flew by and I never lost a moment of interest. Your podcasts are lively and thought provoking and never fail to satisfy!
    Also, my hubby surprised me with a Nikon DSLR camera for my birthday so this has been a fantastic day!!

  • Marieitis

    So I had written a kind of long message explaining why I wouldn’t be able make it to see you on the Gold Coast ( 5 hours away) even though on any other week it might work: Monday my neighbour turns 100 yrs old, Tues is my son’s birthday and my hubby is on night shifts. No matter how I tried to figure it out, I couldn’t make it work. Then just an hour or so ago hubby woke up and I mentioned how funny it was that there was an amazing opportunity to see you but too bad about the timing. Goes to show how wonderful he is cos we are going to change the birthday party for my son to Monday, I will drive to the Coast Monday night, be able to see you Tues morning then drive back in time for his shift on Tues and my work on Weds. (Just have to get my mum to stay Monday night with the kids.) Woohoo. I can’t quite believe it, but I hope to see/meet you at Spotlight in Ashmore!!!! I also can’t believe your schedule!!! That is some serious travelling…more time on planes than anything else especially after the flight from LA!!! So glad you mentioned your trip on the show!!!!
    Cheers and see you in a week! :) :) Marie

  • Carly

    I loved this episode! Thanks! I’ve noticed that my favorite episodes tend to be the ones that have the inside scoop on the business side of the industry. And I loved hearing Amy and Shimelle explain what goes into making their lines. Thanks again.

  • Melanie W.

    This was so much fun! Hearing some of the background of color choices, what animals & icons to include, etc was fascinating! I won’t look at these collections in the same way now (I will have an added appreciation for the details) and I would love to hear more episodes like this!

  • Your comment was a gift to us, Terry. Happy birthday! :)

    I have the same kind of curiosity. I love understanding the brainwork behind their product lines!!

  • More design episodes with different designers? Sounds fun!!

  • Hannah Brown

    My vote is in!

  • Ok so I just looked at Dear Lizzy (Neopolitan) and it certaintly has less colours. I’m guessing 6. I’ve also noticed that the older Becky Higgins PL kits have less colours too. :)

    Right now, there’s so many colour nuances in products and I do love that!

  • Julianna

    love love LOVE this episode. So interesting to hear the behind-the-scenes process and random stories. I was especially intrigued by the interplay between an individual designer’s vision/wishes for their collection and the voice of experience/marketing data coming from the established company. I don’t know if it would be possible, but I think it would be amazing to have a follow up episode with someone from the business/marketing end, too!

  • Christine

    This episode was worth the wait! It was interesting to hear the process from both perspectives and the designer/manufacturer back and forth. I love that Amy said she was going to try Shimelle’s approach to open the conversation with her must haves. Thanks to Shimelle for the silver. While I don’t hate gold, I prefer silver and have been feeling very over it, move on please regarding the quantity of gold in recent collections. I also very much liked Shimelle’s comments about the various depths of involvement in this hobby and the industry’s need for themed products to survive. I sometimes feel like those swimming in the deep end can be critical of those in the shallow end (good save Noell!). Like they are hanging out in the kiddie pool and need to graduate up to hang with the cool kids. A friend of mine, who is very much an event scrapping big user of themed products, verbalized feeling this way after a large crop one weekend. I feel we would all be better off as a hobbylobby/industry if we learned to value and appreciate all depths in the pool. Have you ever had a guest that was more event/theme oriented? Thanks again for a great show!

  • Christine

    One more thing. Both ladies should look n the mirror and say to themselves “you are doing an awesome job Mom!” I obviously don’t know you/your kiddos but you share bits and pieces of your beautiful boys along with your beautiful work and while I’m sure it feels out of whack more times than it feels balanced it is obvious you are both doing the mom thing very well. My baby is 19 and Noell was right on when she said it’s all an illusion when it looks easy and together. You are both inspirational creatively and as mums.

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    Thanks for reading my comment! That made my day as I was driving back from dropping my kids off at school (older one had her first day of Kindergarten, sniff!). I also loved this episode because it was so “behind the scenes” and would love this kind of background for more collections. Oh, and I should point out that I did not spend $1 each on those 1800+ sheets of paper I got rid of :) Nowhere near that – when I was new to scrapping I bought a lot of “lots” on Craigslist or Ebay and those giant pads of paper at discount stores. I knew how many sheets I had because I sold them to a gal at work and had to count them for her :)

  • Carly

    Also just in case anyone is interested in The Great British Bake Off that Shimelle mentioned and you live in the States, you should be able to catch it on PBS soon. They call it The Great British Baking Show instead, which is weird because its the exact same show (same people and everything) with just a different title. PBS hasn’t given an air date yet for this season’s show, but they have a section for it on their website. They aired last year’s season in January so we might get it then. But its a fantastic show. — Sorry for the off topic excitement.

  • Ginny Wilson Hunsberger

    It was fascinating to hear the behind the scenes of product design from two of my favorite designers. Thanks for pushing for more/different colors, Amy and Shimelle! Amy has produced several of my favorite lines, the Shimelle line is the first collection I “killed” to the last bits, and True Stories is my favorite line produced in a long time. When Amy’s Sketchbook collection came out, I was thrilled with the bright colors and watercolored elements. True Stories brought me a new favorite color palette and I love the nostalgic/modern vibe. Thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes, PRT!

  • Lucy

    OMG the Great Planner Room Tour video was so funny, I just had to go back and watch it again.

  • Aroha Mills-Barlow

    Can I just say what a awesome episode! I just loved hearing the behind the scenes on how collections are made, i was so surprised when they said that not everything they wanted made it to production. Thank you Shimelle and Amy for working so hard to bring us such amazing collections that I can preserve my memories with.

  • Hannah Brown

    I really really enjoyed this episode! Please do more of these with different designers. I glanced at both lines when they came out, and my first impression was that they’re not something I would really use. But as I listened to Shimelle and Amy explain the thought process behind the lines, my mind was flooded with ideas. I am still very early on in my journey to find my style, and you guys are helping me expand my horizons! While every single show is inspiring, this show really took the prize. Thank you so much to Shimelle and Amy for sharing your thoughts, and Noell, please do more of these episodes! :)

    -Hannah, 16

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    1. Yes, I totally expected Izzy to break into song!

    2. Amy, you mentioned that you had s paper in your first(?) collection called “yes peas”, and it sounded like in Rise and Shine you had a paper or element with “keeper” in the name. This kind of makes me think that there are teasers for upcoming collections (names, maybe, at least) in the previous ones… Could this be true? :)

    I loved this episode. It is one of the very few (beside the audio course) that I have almost immediately listened to again (I”m partway through my second time around, and finally having a moment to comment)! My favorite part of watching a movie is seeing the special features–especially the behind-the-scenes, and this episode felt a bit like that. It makes me appreciate the collections even more, just like watching the DVD special features increases my enjoyment of the movie. If you have an opportunity to do more episodes like this in the future, I hope that you will!

  • Youngmi

    This episode was so much fun to listen to! If ever there were a scrapbooking all stars sleepover, I imagine it would sound a lot like this episode. Amy and Shimelle are my fave designers/scrapbookers and I loved hearing about all the creative work and (gasp!) drama that went into their collections. Thanks Izzy and Noell for putting together another great show! The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen… I totally sang it.

  • I loved the episode.It was so interesting to hear what is behind the collections. BTW, I took Amy’s class on Craftsy and wound up buying the kit that goes with it (which is very rare as I mostly shop from my stash or just buy stamps and dies).

    I was so happy to hear there are designers that are working on gender neutral or gender inclusive products. For example, I’m so tired of having to alter the people in space kits because all of the people in them are white males…. still. I look forward to the day when I make cards without flowers (or made with blue, black, or plaid) that aren’t automatically labelled “masculine cards”. I’d love to see more “childhood” paper kits that aren’t specifically “boy” or “girl”.

  • Carly

    An old season just started last night if anyone is interested.

  • Bookworm9798

    This was a fantastic episode. Thanks to Shimelle and Amy for sharing their experiences with us. I’m sure it must be a little hard to talk about a current employer and co-workers and processes while still sharing information for the show topic.

    I loved the colors in Amy’s first line (I’m hoarding at least one sheet, still.) There was a beautiful blue and a gorgeous fuschia (which does not exist anywhere right now and I love it.) Keep pushing the color envelope, ladies!!!