PRT258 – The Pen is Patient

This week we’re talking about journaling using a letter-style…

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  • Marieitis

    Great show with lovely, inspiring ladies….and Izzy :) So glad you are back and glad that Noell is doing better. Just have to mention that here in Australia the Raskog is $79.99 so more than double the US. It looks such a useful item but I would rather spend that amount on supplies :( If I did have one I would keep all the things that I use on most layouts: inks, mists, letter stickers, washi, wood veneer, die cuts etc. on it. I scrap on our dining table so it would be useful to keep things on one of those carts instead of having to pack everything away in cupboards when we need the table (most nights)…maybe it is sounding good even at that price..LOL!!! I will have to look for something similar at a much better price.

  • I found something similar at another store in the U.S. (World Plus Market) and it was double the price of Ikea’s Raskog. :(

  • Tori Bissell

    Okay maybe this is a stupid question but I just have to ask… where do you buy a whole collection or kit? My LSS only sells individual items and the online stores I look at only sell items individually too. Am I missing something?

    Maybe you shouldn’t tell me because then I’ll want to buy whole collections but I really would like to know. Because sometimes I look at the Crate Paper collections and think, I would love that whole collection but I can’t afford to buy each individual item…

    And I’m in Canada so it’s harder to get things.

  • Tori Bissell

    I absolutely love the idea of writing love letters rather than just making scrapbook pages. I found the discussion super inspirational and heart warming. I struggled a bit with this discussion though. I’m 26 and I’m single, and I don’t have kids. While I love the idea of writing love letters on my scrapbook pages how am I suppose to do that? If I wrote love letters to myself all the time that feels almost self centered and egotistical. haha can you imagine a whole album about why I love myself. I guess I could focus on love letters to friends and family members but none of them really look at my albums and I mostly scrapbook about my life and my happenings. Any thoughts?

  • Tori bissell

    So I just signed up for the webinar – sounds super fun.

    Just a thought: wouldn’t it be fun if one time the PRT episode was recorded via gotowebinar? You could do a live discussion and you could have people type in questions and you could answer them. You can record the episode via gotowebinar so that you’d have the recording to upload to the blog and to iTunes afterwards. It might be fun for just a one time thing?

  • You know what? I was going to ask that same question. Apparently, something distracted me and I forgot. I’ve seen a whole collection come up here and there, but it’s very rare. And when I have seen collections, it’s been confusing because it doesn’t always seem like EVERYTHING is there in the collection. So I don’t know…I find it all confusing.

  • Beth Wygant

    Newbie here, joined the video club and have listened to the last 5 podcast. I am working my way around my scrapbook room dejunkin’ drawers and taking no prisoners. I am thrilled you all keep going back to the concept of over purchasing items, purging your collections, and then rebuying. I suffer from this very problem. I feel my production in scrapbook pages, albums, cards , etc. is no where in proportion to what I have spent on products and I honestly wondered- am I alone? Apparently not. An example- I constantly fight the urge to own every single Cricut cartridge. After all, at one time- they were $90.00 a piece and now some are as low as $9.99. I struggle with stamps and stamp pad and yet I rarely use them. On another note, I find I have half the items I need to use a certain stampin’ tool successfully and now the item in question is discontinued! Can I just throw away (or give away) it? I know I spent X amount of dollars on the darn system. But it isn’t making me happy… Thanks for your ear- will you be sending me a bill for therapy? Looking forward to next week’s podcast.

  • This is why I asked Wilna what her “letters” are like when she does a page for herself (ie. it’s a picture of her, without her girls). Did you hear that part?

  • Ha ha! Well, welcome to Paperclipping, Beth! Glad you found us. :)

  • Kristin

    I am also 26 with no kids! I have written love letters to my nieces or younger cousins in my albums. I understand that they may not look at the albums, but either way I feel good getting my feelings on paper. I’ve also written layouts to my “future self” and looking back on those is always fun!

  • Tori Bissell

    Me too!

  • Tori Bissell

    I did. Sorry. I wrote this part before I got to that section. I think I’m going to go back and listen to it again.

    Thanks for asking that question.

  • Carol

    ^^^Noell, Raskog inspiration!!! I want one too but we are 7 1/2 hours away from Ikea :(

  • Dianne

    Last month I ordered a Raskog cart and a couple of Antonius inserts from IKEA. They only charged me $10 for the shipping, which was very reasonable considering how much the cart weighs. I love it!

  • dianeru

    Here’s a photo of my Raskog cart. I keep all my PL cards in the top, mists and sprays on the second shelf and 6×6 pads and some acrylic stamps on the bottom tray. Love having all that stuff so handy and able to be moved around to where I’m working.

  • Marieitis

    That looks amazing…:)

  • There’s a great group on Facebook called “Pimp My Raskog.”

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    I have 2 Raskogs. The one that works for me *really* well is filled with my jewelry-making tools. I had a business making custom metal hand-stamped jewelry and pet tags, but then I got obsessed with scrapbooking, so I needed to keep the two sets of supplies separate but easy to get to. The Raskog *perfectly* contains my jewelry stuff so I just wheel it out when I’m ready for it.
    Inspired by your episode with Wilna and Stacy about KonMari, I have been systematically going through my craft room so the Raskog is in a bit of upheaval now, but I think I am going to use it to store my washi & glitter tapes, stickers jars of embellishments, and *maybe* 6×6 paper if I can get it to fit. but I’m still in the ‘discarding’ stage and not yet in the organizing what’s left stage so my 2nd Raskog is only about half full.

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    I often buy them on Amazon, esp for Basic Grey or American Crafts-released collections. They are either all of the 12×12 non-specialty papers plus a couple of sticker sheets, or sometimes it’s just the papers alone. Rarely some of the AC ones will come with Thickers. I’ve also seen them at the stalls at the scrapbooking conventions. (Not to be confused with the 12×12 pads of paper for a collection, which are usually single-sided and thinner.)

  • Caroline M

    I assure you that you are not alone. I am in the process of decluttering my craft room, and let me tell, you, I feel so creative now! I feel free. I’m actually going through a second round of purging, since I now know what does and does not work for me. Most stuff I just threw out, the rest I gave to a friend. I feel no guilt whatsoever. I felt more guilt by keeping some of the items I got rid of. The book on clutter by Marie Kondo is awesome and helped me a lot. I highly recommend it.

  • Caroline M.

    I have the same one and I love it!

  • Caroline M

    You sound exactly like me. The KonMari method is saving my hide! It has freed me of the guilt of getting rid of items I no longer need/want/love.

  • McKenzie McGehee

    I love my Raskog cart, I have the mint color.
    Top shelf: mixed media stuff (paints, mists, stamp pads, gelatos, stencils/silkscreens and my little cup with pencils/pens and scissors.
    Middle shelf: frequantly grabbed embellishments
    Bottom shelf: is a current work in progress but currently it holds odds and ends and washi tape.
    I need to redistribute the weight though because my middle shelf slid down on Monday. I keep it next to my desk and it ROCKS!

    Funny, I don’t know anyone locally that scrapbooks but I convinced my friend to buy a Raskog cart, he uses it next to his sofa for remotes, game controllers and some odds and ends. He liked it so much that he bought 2 more haha

  • Davida

    I’m in Canada; every now and again many items from a collection are available (together as one item for a reduced price) on They post new deals daily but you can also shop their archives (can even search by brand) and they do ship to Canada. For Crate Paper they have Craft Market and Kiss Kiss right now :-)

  • Janelle

    Only halfway through the episode, but before I get distracted and forget, I wanted to come and say THANK YOU! to Jen and Wilna (and esp Izzy/Noell for resisting podfade!!!). Wilna’s “letter” to Noell was so amazing and brought me to tears (can you write us all a letter, Wilna? That would be awesome!) and Jen’s story about her daughter realizing how much she is loved, both motivated me to get my story down. To write letters and share them with my kids, even if they’re still little guys. To send letters to my husband and other relatives to tell them how much they mean to me. I’ve had writer’s block for weeks now, but this episode has changed my perspective already. What a blessing your show has been to me for so many years. Keep up the great work!

  • Mandi Holmes

    I loved the show this week. I never thought of doing the journaling as a love note. I am definitely going to do this.
    I have a Raskog cart and I LOVE it. Mine is the aqua color, my favorite color.
    I bought a bunch of those cute dollar spot metal pails, plastic tubs and magazine racks to hold my embellishments. The top shelf holds ephemera and chipboard diecuts. Middle shelf holds sequins, wood veneers miscellaneous embellishments. The bottom shelf holds brads, eyelets, enamel dots, flair, gems and extra adhesive.

  • Mandi Holmes

    Here is a pic. Sorry it is sideways.

  • Noell, so glad that you all are back! I miss paperclipping rountable so much! And I sincerely hope you get well soon !

    Anyway I shared how i used my Ikea cart here in this blogpost :)

  • I really love how both Jen and Wilna touched on how we love deeper, differently than non-scrapbookers. As we document our stories we are able to take a deeper look into our lives, and really cherish those moments. Also, in the moment, I find that I’m relishing that tidbit of life as its happening. As a seasoned scrapbooker, I recognise it as a memory that I can scrapbook later, so I drink it all in and really live in the moment. Scrapbooking has taught me to recognise a cherishable moment as it happens!

    Just had to chime in with my raskog story ;) I bought the turquoise one and it sat empty in my studio for a long time, actually that’s a lie, it became a collection spot for papers and junk ;) Then my hubby stole it for the kitchen! We put our fruit in it and it looks so pretty with all those colours.

    So of course I had to buy another one for my scraproom, another turquoise one and it was empty for a bit, but now it has mini albums on the bottom two trays and I put a basket in the top where I stand up kits from classes and WIPs that aren’t finished yet. I can flip through them to decide what I want to work on and they are out in the open and not hidden away in a cupboard to remind me to work on them.

  • Margie Visnick

    I have to mention that Sam’s Club is selling something very similar to the raskog for about 20$ US-I don’t have an IKEA, so it’s probably my best option

  • Bethany Rielage

    Here’s a picture of my Raskog cart. I keep my stamps on top since I use them so much, some misc embellishments in the middle, and my PL cards on the bottom. The magnetic containers on the front are from IKEA and hold my ribbon scraps. The purple cups on the side are also from IKEA and hold my tools and washi tape. My stamps and PL cards are in plastic organizers from Close to My Heart that fit perfectly in this cart!

  • Jill Cropp

    I’m live in Portland! I’ll be part of your scrapbook community!!!

  • C.Robin

    Great show!! Noell I have two Raskog Cart, one has most of my Project Life card and thing I use in PL. The other has my tape runners,pop dots and glues. Also my 6×6 paper pad. They fix under one of my scrap tables, I pull it out when needed. Mine are grey.

  • ARC

    OMG, you just gave me such a great idea. I love the idea of putting mini albums in it. I wonder if we need a new one now :)

  • Tina Campbell

    Fantastic show today, I love to hear the ladies talk about their love stories and their kids. I too love to do story telling on my layouts so this was very inspiring for me. Me, I have no cart :) Just don’t see a need for it in my room. Thanks for putting on such great shows and get well quick Noell. Now Portland, not a favorite place of mine, but then I love the slower way of life not the big city we like the smaller towns :)

  • Cyndi

    Fabulous title for this beautiful discussion on journaling. I am sometimes teased for writing in a letter style. I can’t help it. The words tumble out that way. I have to work hard not to and then the journaling feels awkward. Sometimes I will avoid journaling so that my heart does not reveal itself. So not who I am. After listening to this discussion I am inspired to let go and let my heart do what comes natural. Thank you ladies!

    Wilna should not be allowed to make picks of the week! Her choices are gorgeous! Too bad insists the viewer fill in the pop up. They have lost a customer on that one.

    The stamp set Noell chose is a stunner and so affordable. Love!

    I picked up a raskog cart at IKEA in the clearance dept for a song. It was missing the wheels. No biggy. It gets used in the bathroom for toiletries, tissue rolls, towels. The girls love it. And it is teal! Another love.

    Thanks for a great week.

  • Tori Bissell

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip about Canada…going to check it out !

  • Do your PL cards something in something within the cart?

  • dianeru

    I have a long skinny “fridge bin” that just fits and holds 3X4’s perfectly and then 3 plastic containers I picked up a while back at Target dollar spot that fit 4X6 cards or 2 rows of 3X4’s.

  • Karla Triplett

    Noell check out “pimp my raskog ” on facebook fun to see how you can use this cart.

  • #aussieproblems ;) Ikea just isn’t cheap here really is it? Have you seen the Kmart carts?

  • Ok, just started the podcast and had to leave a quick comment after hearing about how much you loved Portland. I had to ask if you guys have watched the TV series Portlandia?! I can totally see you guys getting this comedy! – it’s on Netflix – and I realize this is totally non scrapbooking related! PS, so sorry to hear about your ankle/foot injury Noell :(. Alright, back to the Podcast!

  • Kellij07

    I have my ikea cart in my living room, it holds a plant and a basket on top filled with mini albums, I plan to continue filling the rest of the shelves with more mini’s!!!!

  • I love the direction the PRT has been going recently. The guests have really been speaking from a heart-based place and Wilna and Jen are very vulnerable in talking about the way their heart leads them in journaling. Thank you for pushing the boundary beyond product (still fun of course) and allowing space for deeper discussions about emotion and self-reflection in scrapbooking. Talking about our hobby in this way is near and dear to my heart and I even started a blog about it. Thank you <3

  • Melinda Sweetman

    I am a fairly new subscriber but loving your episodes so far!!
    Raskog – totally, totally love my 2!!! I have them both in turquoise! In one I have all my PL stash sorted into CTMH medium containers and the other has all my mixed media stuff – top shelf – gelatos, baby wipes, mists, water spritzers, blending tools; middle shelf: brushes and all my mediums – gels, gesso etc and bottom shelf: acrylic paints, some spray paint and my rolls of paper towels. Oh and all my paint trays :)