PRT257 – The Prospect of Paper

This week we’re talking about why we buy…

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  • Great episode today as all the organization episodes are. At the beginning of this year I also read “The Life-Changing Magic…” like @JamieLeija and many others and was spurred to do an enormous purge. Similar to Wendy I sold everything on a local FB BST. That purge combined with a new mindfulness meditation practice this year has really kept me centered on the relatedness of consumption vs creation. I am not creating at a rate where I need a ton of stash and have been able to keep shopping in check by continually relating any new product I’m interested in to “Does this bring me joy?” I just published a post about purging and organizing my stash right before I listened to this podcast this evening so it was interesting to here different perspectives almost immediately. =)

  • Youngmi

    *Raises hand* Amen.

  • JennLynn

    I was out of town last week so I just listened to this episode and loved it! I agree with so much of the discussion! There definitely is a ‘sweet spot’ for everyone as far as amount of supplies goes – I think of it as a ‘point of diminishing returns’ lol. I am totally on the wrong side of that curve at the moment. One other reason for ‘over-buying’ I feel that I fall under is getting the whole collection pack/kit instead of a few pieces because the pack/kit is often a better ‘deal.’ When I add up the cost of the pieces I like it is sometimes almost as much as the collection, so I just get that. Never mind that I have to store and dispose of the excess later. Thanks for another great episode!

  • Tina Campbell

    Hi Jamie :) You got yourself a great breed of dog. At one time we had 2 Blue Heelers (Australian Cattle dogs) (as in my picture) What color is yours? A piece of advice is dog obedience class that was the best thing we did for our youngest. The look comes from the dingo that they have been breed with years and years ago. That high energy doesn’t calm down much our youngest is 10 and he is just now finally mellowing out a bit. I wish you the best this dog will grab your heart in no time they are so easy to love and so protective too.

  • Jamie Leija

    Hi Tina! Dixie is as coppery red color. She starts school on Sunday! We’ve found her to be very trainable, with time & patience. And she totally looks like a dingo! More than 1 person has told us this. Thanks for your comment. We’re quite smitten with her already.

  • Gabrielle McCann

    That video is fantastic!