PRT256 – The Scrapbooker’s Commentary

This week we’re talking about our process on different layouts…

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Glass Beach by May Flaum:
glass beach
The Color Run by Amy Tangerine:
Me & You by Noell Hyman:

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  • I was wondering saving on a Evernote note is safe ? Does anyone else does that? I have the premium account and it allows me to add passcode lock for phone . Haha

  • Courtney

    Please, Please, PLEASE don’t use the Frixon pens for journaling!!!

    They are wonderful pens. I love them, and have a couple different colors. I only use them in my planner. Because the reason they erase is heat (friction from the eraser on the pen causes the heat that erases the ink). If the page gets too warm, the ink will erase. Sometimes you can get the writing back by putting it in the freezer, but this does not always work (maybe depending on the medium it was written on?). The ink has also been know to erase in warmer climates (like Arizona) just by being in the sun.
    A gal in our Facebook Pocket Page group is trying to figure out how to recover her journaled pages, because unfortunately the freezer didn’t work for her.

    Doodle with them, love them in planners, write your to do lists with them. They are very fun and colorful. But please don’t write your journaling in them!

  • As soon as you said, “heat,” I thought, Well, never mind! How said for the lady in your group. :(
    Thank you for letting us know! I’ll have to remember to share this as mail on the show next week.

  • Oh yes, here in Perth (Australia) I’ve already seen issues with the Frixion pens :( wah!

    For me the issue is not just vanishing text but also the erased ink coming back an odd brown colour :(

    I just love the idea and the feel of the pens too :(

  • Pepper – it’s just as safe as any other password protected system in my opinion.

  • I now totally want to buy Izzy’s ‘Losers Weepers’ collection ;)

  • I use Frixion pens for my planner too!! because I want to be able to erase them as my schedule changes , but I never use them for my journaling. It’s very popular here in Asia too since it’s from Japan.

    They are still fun to write with for other purposes that you don’t need to preserve.

  • Izzy, regarding Beats 1, I can’t seem to find the option in my itunes, I click the link you shared, and also the one on their site, I was brought to this page and nothing else. It looks like the Spotify Mood playlist . Doesn’t look like radio to me ><

  • Hey Pepper, you probably need to update iTunes first. It will show up in the Radio tab after that. :)

  • Amy Tangerine

    Oh that is so good to know – appreciate you sharing! I know there was some discussion about them. So far in Southern California I haven’t experience any disappearing, but I only started using them a couple years ago. Thanks for the tips!! I guess this is why I started planning on paper once again ;) a good excuse to use these supplies.

  • Amy Tangerine

    HAHA. It could be a bunch of “Oh well” and “Darn it” and “Better luck next time” motifs.

  • Gina

    I absolutely LOVE the Frixion pens and use them all the time to write lists/planner stuff etc. I love the way they write and that I can erase them so completely and re-write. I used them to address some envelopes and left them in the car while I was at work and was going to mail them on the way home. It happened to be a particularly hot day and when I got back in the car, the envelopes were blank! Great spy pens but I agree, definitely not for journalling! I could sort of still see the writing – sort of tone against tone so was able to just write over the addresses with regular ink. What a lesson!!

  • Jana NJ

    Yes after you update just go to search Beats1 and it shows in stations

  • Jana NJ

    Episodes talking about layout process is always one of my favorites, but as a devil’s advocate it would be nice to have a digital scrapbooker also, we do layer, we do use embellishments, we do think about design and we listen to paperclipping as well ;) just saying …

  • Thank you for the reminder! I’m never around the digital community (I don’t get around a whole lot these days, even in the paper community) so I’m sorry to say I forgot to brach out. Somehow I need to remember to do that the next time.

  • Terry

    love these episodes where we get to see the layout and also hear about the process. I think it would be interesting next time to give each guest and you, Noell, the same picture and have everyone do a layout and then compare them and discuss why they chose the materials/embellishments and how they think they enhanced the photo/layout design. It would be interesting to see how different they all are. Like May said how it would not have occurred to her to use the blue that you did in your layout, but how great it looks.

  • May Flaum

    I like that idea- maybe with a group photo from CHA? (so it wouldn’t be wasted/scrapbook layouts destined for the garbage)… seeing how each person took the story/design/etc. Fun idea, Terry!

  • Oh, that is a great idea! That was my one concern — making a fake layout. But yeah, we could do a PRT at CHA layout or something!

  • Christine

    Did the Color Run in my town earlier this year. So much fun. I highly recommend it as a great family event. If you are concerned about inhaling colored dust, do like the cowboys and wear a bandana mask. It is totally not a race. You can walk the whole thing and you won’t be alone. The people watching is awesome!

  • I’m pretty sure it was downloaded eons ago haha. Help!

  • Oh! I figured out why :( We have no Beats 1 in Singapore !

  • Tori Bissell

    Hey lovelies. I really hope my message from last week didn’t at all make you feel like you’re content is worth any less! I didn’t feel offended or frustrated about the youtube comment at all! I just really wanted to give a shout out to the awesome youtubers too. Anyways totally love ya’ll!

  • Sorry about that! I didn’t know the list of countries where it was/wasn’t available. :(

  • It’s ok! I wish they open it to more countries in future!

  • Tori Bissell

    Oh I absolutely love listening to these kinds of podcasts (when you do the layout shares). It might be fun in the future to have listeners send in layouts for a contest or something and have some “non famous” scrappers do a layout share. Just a thought.

  • Tori, I thought your comment was a very positive way to respond to our sponsor message! We didn’t feel like you were downplaying the worth of our own content. I do appreciate your concern about how we felt about it, though. Thank you! :)

  • Yes! That make me laugh OUT LOUD…

    But I’m excited to see Finders Keepers Amy!

  • Oooh yes! I would love that too Jana :) Any specific digi scrappers you’d love to hear from?

  • Bookworm9798

    I read about this password method and have found it very helpful. Once you’ve implemented it, you don’t need software or lists to keep track. Choose one master password you will remember — at least 8 characters, using letters and numbers. I’ll create an example: derekjeter1996. OK, but let’s capitalize the first letter and add a special character to the end: Derekjeter1996&. Now, simply use a variant of this password for every site. For your online Target account, put the letter “T” between derek and jeter. Derektjeter1996&. Do the same for every other online account. Switch over your most-used sites first, so they can have just that single letter in the middle; once you’ve implemented this, you will have to add a second or third letter in the middle for another site beginning with “S” — so gets the “S” in the middle and Shimelle’s site gets “sh” and Simon Says Stamp maybe you designate with “sss”.

  • SparrowApril

    Very good to know, I just started using these pens with my Smash Book. So far I’ve only used them on one page, but since I use that book for scrapping when I’m away from home & traveling it very well could get too hot (I live in Texas). Thanks for the heads up!!!

  • Amy Tangerine

    How crazy is that?! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  • Amy Tangerine

    ooh, love this idea too!

  • Amy Tangerine

    Yes!! Good idea for next time. It was such a fun event.

  • StudioWendy

    Quick 1Password clarification. 1Password actually does not store your master password in the cloud. In fact, you don’t have to use anything cloud-based to use 1Password. You could actually sync your encrypted password database manually using a thumb drive, or using wifi on a local network. Here’s an interesting article from 1Password that addresses a lot of the technical stuff if anyone is interested. The downside, if you lose your master password, there is no restoring it.

    LastPass is different in that you do have to have an online Lastpass account, which is what becomes more susceptible to hacking.

    Finally, on security, consider adding 2-step authentication to any account that allows it. Apple, Gmail and Dropbox all do. If anyone tries to log in with your account, you’ll need a 1-time PIN that will expire in 15-30 seconds, delivered either via text message or via the Authenticator app. Yes, it’s a pain to set up and sometimes a pain to deal with, but if anyone tries to change your accounts, they’d have to have access to your phone in addition to your logins and passwords. Note that if you run apps on your phone or computer, you might also have to go through the process of generating special app-specific passwords (an additional second password for every approved app). Again, it’s all a little bit of a pain to set up, but so worth the protection.

  • StudioWendy

    Evernote uses 2-step authentication, so if you have that turned on, and use a password that is as long as possible with as many variants as allowed (uppercase/lowercase, symbols, numbers), you’ll be as secure as you can be.

  • Yes, heat can make it all disappear and that’s why I don’t use them… but it is cool to play with the frixion pen and highlighters…

  • Wondering if there is a member video about Amy’s layout approach.. like a kind of organic collage page that doesn’t look like a square grid though… almost like a designed visual moodboard?

  • Yes, despite the fact that Izzy is always just joking around… he has the best ideas!

  • I genuinely love what Izzy brings to each weeks’ discussion. And I love how Noell says, “Oh, that’s hilarious” to shut him up ;)

  • Yes, I’m sure I have some where I’ve used a similar approach because I work that way myself sometimes quite a bit. I’d have to think about it and scour the Member’s Library to figure out which ones show that approach…

  • Thank you for explaining this!

  • kraftkris

    Ok, I seriously thought that Amy Tan’s name was Amy Tangerine and that people were just shortening it! #youlearnsomethingneweveryday

  • Love this idea!

  • Tori Bissell

    Oh good! I totally love ya’ll and I wouldn’t want it to come off wrong at all. :)

  • Carmen McMaster

    The powder is colored corn starch. My Husband and boys did a color run last year and will do it again this year. My youngest boy is now 4 years old (3 last year) and he ran like a champ the whole way, no walking for him. I am highly allergic to corn and had to take three showers afterward to stop feeling itchy, I guess I got to close to the fun taking pictures. Two of my boys made it to the Color blast home page.

  • Carmen McMaster

    If you like this then you have to come to the get it scrapped office hours. I haven’t been able to make the times work for me lately but they are great.

  • Or it could be a theme picture that everyone might have which would add variety. First car, best present received, etc.

  • I’m behind on my Paperclipping Roundtable listening, but wanted to pop in and let, I think it was May, who was running out of small letter stickers, know that Papertrey Ink came out with a way to make your own in any color. Type Strips 1 & 2, and numbers. It was released in November 2014 so you can check Nicole’s blog for more info too.