PRT252 – We’re Talkin’ Croppin’

This week we’re talking about going to crops…

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  • leighbling

    Only got to listen to half the show on my way to work – the train was on time for once! So I will have to listen to the rest on my way home this evening. But, I scrap both at home and away, and I scrap differently at each. When I first started scrapping in 2003, I was flatting with others, and I had a small stash that fit in a drawer in my dresser. If I didn’t commandeer the kitchen table for an afternoon, I had nowhere to scrap, so I had to go find others to play with. These were CM workshops. Now, CM in NZ wasn’t as hardcore as in the US, I believe, and I had a consultant that was fine with us using contraband, as long as we bought some product through her; she was running a business after all.
    These days, I have a room to scrap in, and no flatmates to care about. And I have a room full of stuff. I can happily spend an afternoon pottering around and creating, but I tend to work on single page layouts and more artistic and expressive pages at home. When I scrap away from home, I tend to take a kit I’ve made up and work on a larger project such as a travel album, or a Passions album (TM Shimelle). Example, for 9 months I worked on 176 pages album(s) of my travel to Morocco. I had a kit of supplies and tools that I used repeatedly throughout, and I could just grab the box (the NZ version of an Iris case) and my crop back, and I could go to my LSS with a couple of friends for an afternoon of scrapping and complete 6-8 pages. Or, attend a 3-day retreat and complete 50 pages. I find by limiting supplies, and working from a kit, I can travel pretty lightly, but get a lot done, compared to the lady at the next table with what appears to be her entire craft room in totes, who doesn’t achieve a thing!

  • iceteeeeee

    I just got back from Scrapbook Expo in Chantilly, VA with 11 friends who meet there every year (from NJ, VA, MD, and NC), so this was a timely episode! I highly recommend this well-organized, fun event! We cropped, shopped, took classes, won prizes, and laughed the weekend away. It is something we all look forward to! This event allows us time to be among like-minded people who are happy to share and discuss our favorite hobby. I highly recommend this or any other organized event where all you have to do is bring your projects and enjoy yourself.
    On a side note, I was lucky enough to meet Melissa Frances and Nancy Nally!!!

  • Teri Hartman

    I’ve never gone to an “official” crop, but do meet with three girlfriends once every couple of months to scrapbook. Well, to be honest, we eat snacks, chat and then scrapbook. I find that for these outings, I am much more productive when I “plan
    my pages” before I go; I pick my photos, papers and some major embellishments before I pack up. Then I lay my photos, papers and major embellishments in a 12×12 container, and the rest of my bag is for other essential tools. I only need one rolling tote for these nights. When I do this, I find I can get up to 5 pages done in less than 4 hours.

    On a side note, to add to Izzy’s “extreme cropping” idea…I’m wondering if we can include a pub crawl along with it? Although, maybe those are memories and stories we WON’T want preserved. ;)

  • Jennifer Larson

    I enjoyed this discussion. I started scrapping alone, going to crops at Archiver’s periodically by myself. What got me going to crops more regularly was a church craft day organized by a woman at my church whom I knew slightly. When she saw me scrapbooking, she invited me to join her group of friends, which met more regularly at Archiver’s, about once a month. We call ourselves the Scrappin’ J’s. A few times a year we rent a cabin in Minnesota to scrap for the weekend, and I have to say, these weekends are so much fun.

    I still scrap mostly on my own, and I give myself permission to finish pages (mostly journaling and titles) at home. But I treasure these times with the J’s. It’s awesome to spend time with people who truly understand that scrapbooking is the best hobby ever. We inspire each other, share with each other, give each other feedback, and just have a great time.

    For people who want to find local scrapbooking groups, I agree with your guests that making use of local crafting events–at churches or LSS’s–can hook you up with fellow scrappers. You can also do that online with communities you’ve been a part of. I met another group on a MB and have gone to cabin scraps with them too.

  • Tori Bissell

    Okay I’m a week behind on this comment but I wanted to give another journaling tip. Have you heard of the listers gotta list challenge? Every month on there is a prompt for each day that you could make a list. It’s a great journaling prompt. In April I did it every day and it was so much fun. I made the lists on PL cards and put them in my album like that. I love that it captured where I am in my life right now. It was also super easy to follow along because it’s just a list.

  • Tina Campbell

    Cool show! I also have a scraproom that I do most of my scrapping. I do go to the occasional crop (really wish there were more in my area) I do the day crops and I enjoy being out scrappin where I can generate ideas from what others are doing too. I would suggest page kits to take with you, it’s easier to scrap at the crop and all ready to go :)

  • Wendy A. Otto

    Great Episode (Who am I kidding they are all great)! Really enjoyed the guests commentary on crops. I wanted to throw out an idea or two that help me when I go to crops. I am lucky enough to still have a local shop, and they host crops every other Saturday. I have also found that limiting my supplies helps me to accomplish more at the crops. I take only enough coordinated paper, alphas, and embellishments that will fit in a Becky Higgins 12×12 page protector box. I choose which photos I want to crop and instead of taking the whole album with me, I take the pages I think will turn up around the pages I want to crop. I also pack a small pencil box with my scissors, pens, adhesive, etc.
    Since I am taking the time to comment, I want to also congratulate you on the Deep Dive Audio Course. I purchased it right off. I love how Shimelle explained how her Alice in Wonderland album evolved. since listening, I have been noticing trends in my own scrapbooks, My family has camped every Memorial Day in Eastern Oregon, since before we had our children. I have enough photos and layouts to make this an album of its own. It’s amazing to see how what we camp for these trips has changed!
    Thanks again for the wonderful commentary and supplying great laughs along the way,

    Wendy O.

  • SparrowApril


    I thought I’d share a website I use for those times when I’m trying to work on something & the silence is deafening. it gives you the background noise of being in a cafe (a few variations to choose from) you can leave the tab open in your browser while you work and you get instant coffee shop background noise. (Well what do you know they even have apps now – both Android and iOS)

  • krizbee

    this is pretty cool! Thank you!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    thank you for picking Mercy Tiara’s video on packing for a crop! So good!


    Haha…Love this. As a freelance writer, I’ve been thinking of going to work in a coffee shop just for some noise. Maybe I’ll try this first! Thanks for sharing.

    PS When not writing, I host crops for my smaller than small scrapbook store. I’ve seen them evolve a lot through the years as people accumulate more and more stuff but I like to think I host pretty good crops and I can usually fill them. What helps? Good food, perhaps a few tools or at least a space for people to set up to share tools, being friendly and encouraging that from the other scrappers too, and having a demo or make-n-take all help make it fun. (10 minute sales are great fun too!). It’s also important to make it clear that these activities are optional and that seems to work fine for the crowds I get.

  • teddi

    i met my scrapbooking friends at scrapbook meetup, here in texas. this was about 5 yrs ago. it was at someone’s house, where i knew no one there. i was kind of on a scrapbooking break at the time. i had some major life changes/challenges, & i hadn’t wanted to look at my past. i was also blogging frequently & that had become my form of memory keeping, plus i was totally into art journaling. what i decided to bring to the crop was photos of when i was a baby. i didn’t have any bad memories or feelings associated with them. i almost didn’t go that night because i wasn’t even sure if i was still a scrapbooker, but i went anyway. i told myself if i didn’t like it, i could leave in an hour or something. i’m so glad i went! i met some of my dearest friends there. i had tried a bunch of different art groups, music groups, & other stuff i was interested in, but the friends i’ve stuck with, are the scrapbooking ones. it was weirdly unexpected how we connected, & how comfortable i felt with them. we’ve moved our group from to facebook, because facebook’s free. this week there was a crop at a local scrapbook store, & art journaling club, at another local scrapbooking store. i know we are lucky to have local stores. when i lived in utah, most of the local stores had shut down. our group isn’t as active as we used to be, & people have moved away, but we usually get together once every few months. it’s not always a crop. sometimes it’s dinner, a birthday celebration, a surprise baby shower, or a wedding shower. they’ve tried hosting crops at different people’s homes, or even joann’s craft store. they usually do 1-2 retreats a year where they rent & share rooms, over a weekend.the next one is in sept. i’ve never attended a retreat because i’m the girl that gets more scrapbooking done alone at my house. when i attend a crop, it’s to socialize, & i don’t get much work done. just letting you know i related to this episode.