PRT251 – Giggle Your Way Through the Suspense

This week we’re talking about increasing the quality and interest of our journaling…

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  • Heather V

    Wait… Noell, did you ever tell the title of the book? Did I miss it? I’m STILL in suspense, you master of suspense you! :)

  • Ha ha ha — do you mean the grammar book? Yes I think so, but I’m happy to share them here (there are multiples of the same type of book):
    Here is one of them – Sentence Composing for High School
    Paragraphs for High school: A Sentence Composing Approach
    There are others, too, and each one also has an elementary school, middle school, and college level version.
    I’ve loved writing since I was in elementary school, but I’ve always thought the way we teach grammar is silly and not very meaningful. So I love these books and exercises so much — it is a fabulous way to learn, in my opinion!

  • AmySo

    I’m late in listening to this (harder to find time once school is over and kids are home!) but just wanted to say…I loved this episode! Discussions about writing are my fave!

    I confess though. Even though lists and shorter paragraphs are easier to read and more visually pleasing…I still write a lot on my layouts. Sometimes I do lists, or what I think of as “zingers” (short but–I hope–compelling snippets) but lots of writing is just my thing.

  • Well you’re good at lots of writing, so I say keep on doing your thing! (As if you need my permission.) ;)

  • You’re not alone in that, Carly! I think it just takes time. The more you write, the more comfortable you feel. My writing voice is definitely not the same as my speaking voice, but both are “me.”

  • Kelly Jean

    I’ve heard other crafty friends talk about it and I finally got into podcasts, so I decided to check it out! I love them!

  • Kelly Jean

    I HAVE been binge listening! I love them so much and find myself getting inspired right away by them!

  • Heather V

    Thank you so much, they look great! I’m always looking for new grammar/writing books.

  • BeatriceS

    Thanks so much for all the tips and suggestions I will definitely look into them!!!! -Beatrice

  • Rachael Nelson

    I know

  • Sunny Schlenger

    I heard an amazing synchronicity on this show! Noell, when you were talking about teaching grammar and the books you use, I started thinking about my 10th grade English teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, MR. KILLGALLON, and how he made us diagram sentences. A million of them. I looked him up and darned if he isn’t the same guy! :-)
    I love synchronicities!

  • That would be weird. But hmmm…the writer of my books is anti-sentence diagrams. Do you think it’s him with a massive change of heart???

  • Sunny Schlenger

    Yes! I wrote to him because of you. Thanks so much! He developed this theory through the years and was so appreciative that I acknowledged him. I told him I learned about it from you and The Paperclipping Round Table. He said that my email made his day!

  • That is CRAZY!!