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  • Amy O

    What did I get from this episode first? The reminder of Brain Mapping! Thank you so much for bringing it back to me! I LOVE IT!

  • Marie Claude Gagnon

    I have been coloring as a child and rediscovered it about a year ago. My favorite coloring books are those by Angie Grace. Check them out on Amazon, they are great and really detailed. Since any color goes, they are really relaxing :)

  • Tori Bissell

    Oh I love the question about YouTube. I’m obsessed with watching process videos too. But I love it. I watch them all the time and then because I love them so much I started making them too. In 4 months I’ve gained 1000+ subscribers and I can’t even believe it. I subscribe to a ton of channels too and I did struggle with similar things to the writer of that comment.

    Here’s what works for me:
    – If a video isn’t inspiring you or if you don’t love it, STOP watching. Yes it may only be 12 minutes but if it’s not good STOP!!!!
    – Scrap while you watch
    – Watch a video and then try something and do it. For example if I watch a video by Wilna Furstenburg who completely inspires me: I’ll watch it then I’ll go and make something.
    – Limit the number of videos you’ll watch. Decide to only watch 3 and then make something or 2 or 5 or whatever number works for you.
    – Avoid watching process videos of people who don’t have a similar style or a style you don’t want to try. For example if you don’t want to make mixed media layouts don’t watch those process videos.
    – Weed out the ‘junk’ in your subscriber list…get rid of the ones that don’t do it for you

    These things have helped me soooo much!

  • Tori Bissell

    My favourite youtubers:

    Scrapbookers: Wilna Furstenburg, Inkie Quill, Suse Fish, Shimelle, Ashley Horton, and Irit Landgraf
    Card makers: K Werner Design, JJ Bolton, Nichol Magourik

  • On staying inspired, I found the being in a local FB group is a good place to meet new scrapbookers. We do meet ups for our PL group in Perth and it’s super motivating to see other people doing it too.

    Before I found the scrapbooking group I was a craft group and even though I was the only scrapbooker there it is also energising. (Plus I’ve made lots of friends!)

  • AmySo

    I love this quote from Lain: “The search for perfection is what makes us dissatisfied.” So true!

  • Catherine

    I’m cracking up at the glitter phobia. I am creating gift boxes for teacher appreciation gifts with my Cameo, and I ran into the mother who is coordinating it for my daughter’s room at Michael’s today. I proudly showed off the big old sheet of magenta glitter paper I had picked up to create a box band with.. and later realized she’s probably horrified, expecting the entire thing to be pink bling!

  • Cindy_deRosier

    Monica – Facebook won’t let me spell my last name correctly either! It’s supposed to be deRosier. Maddening!

  • Wow love the picks this week ! Especially the groups app ! Awesome !

  • My favorite youtubers are Shimelle , Kelly purkey and Amy tangerine. Sometimes I watch for the voice because their voice are so smoothing . I used to be an addict but now I turn to exploring more podcast so that I can free my Eyes for Scrapbooking haha ! I used to thought I can never get out of this bad habit of just watching but not scrapping , but it just occur to me one day how inefficient I am , and when things get busy , I just have to do it rather than watch it. However I’m not saying that you’re to pressure yourself and just go do it , do what is good for you in this time of your life . If the videos are essential for your inspiration , watch the most inspiring one . I also practice multitasking , watching and scrapping . It takes awhile to get used to it and not everyone is able to do so . But it’s worth a try :) if it doesn’t work , then you got to choose :)

    I have a new YouTube channel too ! I started sharing short (speed up) process videos of my Scrapbooking process :) And a little secret to reveal , i even watch YouTube videos WHILE I’m recording my scrapping process ! No kidding ! Haha !

    Thanks for another great episode Noell izzy and the panelist :)

  • Maribeth

    Loved this episode and I think it is great that you do repeat this. I love to hear the panelist address the questions that appear on the forums. The question that really spoke to me was about paying for instruction. I too have been scrapbooking since 1998, however I do not profess to know much. My problem with purchasing instruction is that I don’t scrapbook like anyone in the industry. I have no concerns on having too many pages, in fact I choose projects will probably only matter to me and will produce hundreds if not thousands of pages. Right now I am taking or obtaining from others, photos of every Courthouse in America. I am taking photos of every location that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I take photos of every Post Office of every town I visit. I also take photos of abandoned buildings, old cars, and churches. My grand daughter and I are trying to visit every McDonalds in our metro area and take photos and journal each visit. For most of these items I have designed a layout and use the same layout changing the papers I use and some embellishments.

    As for the sports comments, my two grand daughters both play soccer, and what I came up with was using the Creative Memories Picfolio Milestone Album (but pocket pages would do. I put each season for each girl in four pages, creating a title card of the team name and the date of the season. More like a traditional photo album, but at least each team will be represented, and already it is fun to watch the growth from their first team to where they are now.

    My big problem is finding a place to socialize with other scrappers. I have no local scrapbook stores in my area, the only one which is 30 miles away does not host any events that are inspiring for me. I would love more live online crops to become available, where people could just have their webcams on, and share, ask questions regarding techniques of the other participants, challenges that can be broadly completed. Lain, Noel, Izzy, I know you have the technical expertise and capabilities to do this, this kind of event I would pay for to attend, but I need that immediacy of LIVE. If someone is demonstrating a technique I want to to be able to ask questions. Also live technique classes would be something that would be good for me, but I want a supply list and enough time before the event to purchase the exact items that will be used so that I can follow step by step the instructors demonstration.

    Thank you all for all you do for this industry. Keep up the great work.

  • This already exists! Have you looked at Lain’s yearly True Scrap event? I’ve been an instructor for this giant live online event every year since she started doing it. It has every single thing you’re asking for except that other people can’t turn their webcams on — you only see the instructor demonstrating on video. But there is live Q&A with each instructor after her demonstration, there are many, many different demonstrators, there are hundreds of scrapbookers to chat with the entire time, there is a supply list…actually, I see you want that ahead of time. You don’t get it ahead of time, but you do get video of the live event when it’s over so that you can purchase your supplies and follow the steps later (there’s no way you could chat, ask questions, AND follow along fast enough to keep up when you’re doing this online because you have to use your hands to type your chatting and your questions).

  • Maribeth

    Hey Noell, yes I have considered that event, but yes, it was because I could not have the supplies ahead of time I chose not to purchase the event. I really need to have the product in hand even if I can not do all of the steps there might be some where I know I will have trouble and I could possibly get help then and there about what I might be doing wrong. Techniques are the most difficult part of scrapping for me, 2nd only to creativity I suppose. I might take a look at that again. I did participate in one of Lain’s LOAD events and I enjoyed the challenge of creating a layout a day.

    Thanks again for all you do for us.

  • I’ll mention to Lain that you’d like to have the supply lists ahead of time so you can follow along and see if that’s even a possibility. I know must people find that they can’t do both — chat AND scrapbook so most people opt to chat because it’s a rare opportunity to hang out with so many scrapbookers, as well as the instructors. But I also understand that sometimes you don’t know what question to ask until you’ve tried the technique.

  • lynne moore

    I have found whole scrapbook albums filled with pages (no photos) at Goodwill. Great price but I didn’t need the themed pages. At a crop I offered the pages up to people to take. So even if you find pages you don’t want to keep, maybe it will be a great inspiration to a new scrapbooker.

  • Ann Johnson

    Over the past few years I have struggled with having too many albums and pages but I still love this hobby and still love making pages. I do not do project life but seem to have done more summary pages. For example Fishing 2014 – I took one photo from all of our fishing trips that season, put them in pocket pages and labeled where we went or other specific details. This was so freeing and not having multiple layouts of all of our fishing trips. I do the same thing with birthdays. Instead of doing a page of everyone’s birthday we attended that year, I create a page using one photo of the person’s birthday and put all of them on one page. This allow me to use these photos but yet not feel they are stuck on my computer. I also love doing a summary of summer photos. If there is a specific story that I want to tell, those I will pay more attention to create a more meaningful page. Finally, for all my favorite photos from the year, I have been using Becky Higgins mini books (the ones that hold the 4×6 and 3×4 photos) and put them in there. No journaling, just a regular photo album with my favorites. Family will probably want to keep this in the future, then have large bulky albums.

  • Thanks for the advice :)

  • McKenzie McGehee

    I would love to do a live crop via webcam, I’ve done it a couple of times via GoogleHangout and it was so much fun, but it’s definitely not a technique thing, more just hang out and chat while you scrap from the comfort of your own home.

  • LainEhmann

    Thanks, Amy!

  • LainEhmann

    You do get the supply list about 2-3 weeks before the event. :)

  • LainEhmann

    See above – the supply list goes out 2-3 weeks before the event. :)

  • Oh, perfect! I did not remember that!!

  • Just wanted to thank you for your pick, Noell, to embrace being an imperfect parent. I had a really rotten morning where I basically failed in lots of parenting ways. I was sniffling my way through the last of this podcast while sorting my clothes. Your comments reminded me it will be ok. An apology will make things right and there are worse things than being a very human mother.

  • Courtney

    No supply list, but Get It Scrapped does a free monthly crop where different people turn on their webcams at different points and scrap and chat and sometimes shop. Anyone can have their webcam on, they just keep it to 6 at a time, and rotate through whoever wants to share. There’s no specific techniques being taught, it’s more just social/watching others scrap. And anyone/everyone can be on mic so you can easily ask someone how they did something.

  • Yin

    Oh I absolutely loved the ‘How much is too much’ question/topic! Mapping out the stories to be told, and summarizing themes/photos on a layout are great suggestions, thanks! But I want to hear more, would be great if this can be an episode by itself?
    Even though I’m primarily a digi scrapbooker we have downsized and live in a small apartment and there is literally not enough space. I have started and love physical project life since 2002, and have an album a year where that year’s layouts, stories are all packed in. I digiscrapbook 365 photos a day in half monthly layouts (so two pages a month), print them out and stick then into the PL album too. Then I pick only very selective stories to tell in the PL physical pockets. So I think I have already streamlined it a lot but still wonder all the time that there will be too many albums for my children one day to know what to do with. They are teenage boys now and not very interested at the moment! Maybe when they marry their wives will be more interested? Of course I scrapbook for myself, but I do want to have strategies to keep great/solid stories/memories instead of stuff that will not mean so much twenty, thirty years down. Actually just typing this has made me think back that of my pages from ten years ago, it’s the layouts from week in the life, those that say how I feel/we feel about something/someone, insider family joke/funny moments, and our trips that are more precious and looked at more often now. More than the birthday layouts and visit to the zoo type of layouts. HHmm… I guess I might find the answers to my questions myself! Anyways, thanks for a super episode and do still consider this for an episode topic!

  • Melissa Gross

    How FUN to hear my comment read – one of my blog readers let me know about it, but we were on a long road trip and I’m just now getting to listen to this episode!

    Just wanted to clarify that I didn’t include the professional Guys & Dolls Playbill on my original High School layout – it was two separate layouts. However, I do have photos from both of those events that I’m planning to pair with a photo of my hubby in high school (when I find it!) because he worked on the backstage crew when his high school put on a performance of Guys & Dolls. I think it will make a great connections layout.

    Also, in our magazine rack, I do include Playbills from professional productions we’ve enjoyed along with the one-page folded simple Playbills from my nieces’ performances in community theater productions. It’s quite an eclectic mix – from The Lion King in the London Theatre District to the Rockettes 75th Anniversary Christmas Spectacular in New York to Huckleberry Finn at the Port Arthur (Texas) Little Theater. Imagine how special that makes the nieces feel! :)

    Off to listen to the rest of the show now!

  • ARC

    So I *just* listened to this episode today and I SQUEE’d when you read my post. Thanks for the great suggestions. I’m struggling with being paralyzed by indecision about whether something is “good enough” to make a whole layout about, and I’m itching to make layouts in general, so I’ve started keeping a list of layout ideas in OneNote and find myself gravitating towards the “small stories” – the moments that we would otherwise forget, like the way my and my girls sing the same song in the car often on the way to preschool, etc. Now I just need to figure out how to capture those while I’m driving because that’s where I often get the ideas!