PRT245 – Rise of the Subscription Trend

This week we’re talking about a growing trend in the scrapbooking industry…

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  • Fiona Maxwell

    I’m only listening to the podcast now, about half way through, and I use to subscribe to a kit club. I loved being a subbie to this kit club. The main kit & add-ons really suited the style I like to scrapbook with and it allowed me to get new product regularly, which I don’t get here in Australia. The cost of shipping is high but I could justify the expense as it helped me cut back dramatically with my other purchases, which became almost non existance.

    I’m also a huge YouTube follower, even addicted, but in the last month I joined Paperclipping because I felt it could give me a little bit more. My decision was confirmed after watching the few videos you send when people sub to the newsletter. I’ve also been checking out GIS but as yet are to subscribe, which I’m leaning towards. I have to thank Katie Scott there because I hadn’t heard of GIS until I started subbing to her a couple of years ago.

    Like many people have said, you have to manage where you spend your dollars. For me in Australia I think about what is easily accessible here and how new is the product. I’ve cancelled my kit subscription due to the Aussie dollar being very poor. This means that I’m the concepts/contents of the kit subscriptions to make my own kit and it is giving me a renewed love of my products. I’ve also recently watch some of the Paperclipping videos that has helped to have a renewed passion.

    Kits suite some people and others not. I like the kits that are not affiliated with one company.