PRT242 – Recent Layout Analysis

This week we’re analyzing recent layouts we’ve made…

The Panelists

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Jennifer’s Layout

Wendy’s Layout
CHA Winter_MH_Observations1_WSaponaro


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  • Pepper

    Wow, Thank you Noell for picking my blogpost :) Here is a link to the entries. Part 3 and 4 are still in the making and will be posted soon !

    <3 Looking forward to hearing Jennifer and Peppermint on the show talking about 8.5×11 scrapbooking :)

  • vintageplaid

    I don’t see Noell’s layout. Am I missing something?

  • vintageplaid

    Now that I have listened to the entire episode I understand why Noell’s layout is missing! Would still love to see it though. ????. I enjoy these episodes but I find I have to concentrate more and stay close to the layout so I understand the discussion. I do like hearing the thought process because it sheds so much more light on the story of the layout and the significance of each embellishment. It was so interesting to hear Wendy and Jennifer talk about their thoughts in design. Thanks, ladies!

  • Wendy Morris

    Thank you @vintageplaid!! I’m happy that Noell & Izzy invited me back to the Roundtable.
    Happy Easter to you!

  • I was going to share the layout I did in the last Member Video (about Trinity and her ballet director). There is was more to the story of my creation of the layout than what I showed in the episode, and I was going to focus on that part on PRT. If you’re a member, then you’ve seen the layout. Maybe I’ll think about doing a blog post about it if I can find time, since not even the Members know about that part of the putting together of the layout??

  • Question for Jennifer – will you do a companion layout with the part about the flamenco/flamingo confusion? Maybe with a picture of the flamingo dancer from her book? Because I think that’s really cool and an important part of the story. (btw I totally guessed that you were going to say that when you mentioned about her confusing words! especially when you were describing her pose). Maybe if you weren’t going to make another page you could at least include that story on the back of the layout. Because when you look back at this page in the future isn’t that the story you’re going to want to tell?

  • vintageplaid

    And congratulations to you and your husband, Wendy! I remember hearing about your ordeal to prove the reality of your love for each other. So wonderful to hear the happy ending.

  • vintageplaid

    Yes, I did see that video and now I will go back and watch it again!

  • Tori Bissell

    Wendy’s layout seriously blows my mind. I honestly am shocked that this is an actual paper layout….I thought it was digital. Wendy if you’re reading this…what do you do with this page or where do you put it? like those thread spools are pretty thick aren’t they?

  • Tori Bissell

    Jennifer I love the colours in your layout and most of all I love love love the story behind it. Kids say the cutest things!

    It reminds me of this time I was working with a group of kids from Africa. I worked with the African Children’s Choir as a chaperone and teacher. These are kids who were learning English (there third language). We were talking about homonyms – words that sound the same but mean different things. So I asked the kids to give me some examples. The kids said “sheep, sheep, and sheep.” Perplexed I said, “there’s only one type of sheep, what do you mean”. They responded, “auntie, you know… sheep that goes on water (ship), sheep that goes baaaaa (sheep), and the sheep that you eat (chip).”

    I guess the thing I learned was that documenting those little moments … even the little mess ups like flamingo vs. flamenco dancer are just as precious! I hope you also write down and document the follow up story.

  • Tori Bissell

    Their not there…

  • Cute!

  • Wendy Morris

    Awww thank you Tori!!! Yes, I can testify it is actually a paper layout. :) I’m not a digital scrapbooker. The layout was on display in a frame in the Prima Marketing CHA booth this past Winter 2015 show in Anaheim, Cali.
    I actually do not have many of my layouts in albums. However, the bit of bulk doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I will display my layouts ‘out of the box’ in a frame or on a 12×12 clipboard hanging in my art room. I like to change it up from instantly putting away in an album. Also, sometimes when I have one bulky layout, I will make sure the facing layout is equally balanced in bulk so it doesn’t warp the flat pages in my book (hope that makes sense). As in the podcast I noted I’m not always an ‘archivally safe’ scrapbooker. :) I really go for a twist on the artsy side of creating my projects. The spools are metal thread bobbins – a bit of bulk but not over the top too much.
    Thanks again for your compliment and questions Tori and hope you enjoyed the podcast discussion! x

  • Tori Bissell

    Oh I totally agree!

  • Tori Bissell

    That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing. I’m totally not archival safe either…and I really appreciated you saying that. Whenever I say that I get this look from scrapbookers as if I’m crazy and ‘doing it wrong’. They shake their head as if to say ‘oh you’re just a little girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing.’ The truth is I’ve gotten to a point where I’m so over the “right” way to do things. I’ve heard every mean comment from scrapbookers and all I have to say is who cares. It’s for me. Anyways all of that was to say, thanks Wendy for being you and doing you and doing what you love and not apologizing for it. Actually I think all of the PRT team is really great at doing that. That’s totally one of the reasons I love PRT. Even Izzy’s ‘who cares’ attitude is refreshing…(note: I know he actually cares a lot about a lot of stuff, but when it comes to doing your own thing…)

  • Jennifer

    Yes, I do want to do a companion layout or an insert for that!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Tori! I do want to follow up with the rest of the story.

  • vintageplaid

    more homonyms…and then there’s they’re

  • AlisonG

    First of all, Belle and Sebastian was the bomb dot com! Loved that show.

    I also really enjoy hearing different scrapping artists dissecting their process and thoughts about designing and creating layouts. I’ve enjoyed both of these type of episodes tremendously and hope you do more like this. One other thing I’d really enjoy along with this is a process video from each scrapper to be released after the podcast airs. I enjoy hearing them talk through it first but find myself wanting to “watch” them create as well.

    Thanks for being my inspiration and running buddy. ????

    Alison (Wanderlust in the forum)

  • Wendy Morris

    You’re welcome Tori!! I always keep it real! Hey, it’s your art and ‘you do you’, right? *hehe* (fist pump)

  • Wendy Morris

    Thank you so much! Yes, the boat has docked and we are now enjoying our life together. Crazy thing that we would do it all over again because our love and soul rhythms are just that strong. Thanks again for your sweet comment!

  • Jennifer Kellogg

    What does it mean if you use and like both Evernote and Asana?