PRT241 – Paper Planners

This week we’re talking about paper planners…

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  • Jamie Leija

    Noell, when you were talking about how you think of time in a circle, it made me think of this stamp I saw a few months back. I finally found it again!

    It’s called a Hyperdex:

    Here’s a video on how to use a hypderdex grid:

    Just wanted to share :)

  • Jennifer Kellogg

    WHEELISTS UNITE!! I thought I was the only one who visualized my year as a wheel. My Jan starts at 9:00 position and Dec ends at the 9:00 position. My months are all different colors in my head, too. December is always black. January is always very, very pale blue. But mostly I just see shades of color (I am color blind)

    I see my week in a wheel too. Sat/ Sun are at the 9:00 position. There are graduated colors too. Wednesday and Sunday are always yellow in my head. And what’s interesting is I ALWAYS mix up Wed and Sun when I’m talking.

    It’s so cool – I thought I was the only one!