PRT238 – Yellow School Bus

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking homeschooling and a bunch of other stuff!

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  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    Listening now and just had to pop in to say that I smile SO WIDE every time you all bring up ASMR. :)

  • Thanks for having me on!! So much fun! :)

    Here’s the hilarious Emoji post (WARNING slightly offensive header image)

  • For those interested here’s a few of my homeschool related layouts – including Emily in her new school uniform

  • And of course one of her dressed as Queen Elsa while doing her school work!

  • Karen Siegel Fitting

    If you’re interested in having your Albums done digitally by a professional, check out Legacy Republic. They are the only professional digital transfer company doing photo albums and I’ve done almost all of my Creative Memories ones! I’d be happy to refer you to someone local to you.

  • Courtney

    Just a note, in case someone like me went to; it’s actually . I don’t know if the link is corrected farther in the show, but I found it on Ashlie’s blog. And the site is cute!

  • Robin Gale Conlin

    Thanks for choosing my link as your pick. I just want to make sure the credit goes to Terri Bradford of CreateScrapbooks. She wrote the post, I just pointed it out in my comment. It was really cool hearing my name on the podcast!!

  • Danielle_nl

    I was really curious about this subject as we don’t have any homeschooling in the Netherlands. Both my kids are in a regular Montessori school and the parents are asked to be very involved in school. I help out regularly in my kids classes so I can take pictures about ‘schoollife’. I also ask the teachers for pictures. I scrapbook some of the stories but the layouts do not end up in a schoolalbum.

  • Kerry

    Thank you so much for this discussion. I am a homeschooling parent too and struggle sometimes with the “what to do about school?” in our scrapbooks. We don’t have an official first/last day so we celebrate in different ways during the year (accomplishments etc.) with photos! I also take an official “school photo” each year. Otherwise, I also forget to take pictures because our days are very much the same! It was wonderful to hear all of the viewpoints in this discussion. Also loved the idea of having a “why we homeschool” page. It may be interesting to look back on later!

  • LisaDV

    So funny. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Courtney

    This is for Izzy. It goes with the comment from Katie about hashtags:

    I hope you find it interesting. Since I’ve heard this topic mentioned before in a few episodes – like QR codes :)

  • Tori Bissell

    I googled the meaning of succulents and I found this:


    Meaning: understated ~ enduring ~ timeless love

    P.S. Izzy you are hilarious!

    My succulent stamp would say:
    – “My life would suc-culent without you!”

  • Marion

    I always find it very interesting, when homeschooling is a topic. Here in Germany you are not allowed to homeschool. You have to send your kids to public (or private) school by law. If you don’t send them, you are really in trouble with the police and childcare officials. Also no yellow school bus or school uniforms over here. My two children are adults ( 25 and 29) now, but I wonder, if I would have had the energy to homeschool them back then. Two totally different characters and I believe a lot of yellow school bus days :))
    Great show as always. I look forward to it every week. Keep it up this ways!!!

  • Yes, I do remember some of my fellow homeschoolers and I watched as a homeschooling family in Germany almost lost their kids (or maybe they did lose them for a time) because they insisted on homeschooling them instead of sending them to school. I think that was last year.

  • Mandi Holmes

    I love the topic. I was homeschooled and I loved it. My parents still have all of our school books in boxes to show that my brother and I completed the work. When we did it it was done mostly in the car due to work or just doing day trips to places. I don’t have many school pics because it was during the days of film but with the few photos I did have I have scrapped about how much time, strenght, etc my parents invested in us when I am sure it felt like they were running their heads into brick walls.

    I think now the kids are more supported on being home schooled then in the 90s. Back then we felt like we had to hid that or people would start sticking their noses in and cause trouble.

  • Aliwinn

    Great show! Thank you! I homeschool my son (now 9) and have from the beginning. I’ve used my scrap supplies for lots of school projects….when my son was little, we went on an “alphabet hike” we found something in the park or in nature that began with each letter of the alphabet, we took photos, then we made a mini book of the alphabet with all our photos….that was my son learning the alphabet. We have also used my supplies for art projects. I take photos of all our school trips…..we have been to the Science Centre, museums, art gallery, farms, fire stations etc… I scrap all those photos. I take a photo at the beginning of our school year, each year. I have a school album (12×12) that has a page for details about the year on one side and one, large pocket on the other side with space for a photo on the front. I put a few items of school work in the pocket and the photo on the front, then I jot down info on my son’s year (fav subject, who his friends were etc..) This way he will have some things to keep and memories of his school life in the years to come.

  • Courtney

    The Romeike family I think you mean. They were allowed to stay in the US.

  • Firstly, thanks so much for the nice words about The Digiscrap Geek Podcast… which you can find here:… and I agree that no one should stop listening to PRT. :)

    I am a former homeschooling parent that didn’t really document much of our homeschooling activity… and I never really questioned why until now. ,Homeschooling was so involved, a lot work for me and a lot difficulty for my kid with his developmental issues, that I wanted to get away from it when I sat down to make a page, I think. I focused on other types of learning stories instead.

    My son is back in public school, but, his school has a no camera in the classroom policy (I think for kids privacy now that social media is so big). I’ve taken to photographing his school work instead, probably because I’m not with him in the trenches anymore.

  • Hana

    You’ve merged my two favorite things: scrapbooking + homeschooling :) Lovely discussion with great ideas to take away. We’ve been homeschooling since 2003 and up till recently we did not have a homeschool album. Two things changed: my oldest who is 16 and finishing up his second year of community college had forgotten much of what we’d done during our homeschool journey. Second, I had amassed a large stack of photos of all the chalk drawings we’d made (we use Waldorf curriculum) and wanted a way to document those photos and the other projects we did. My kids (4, 8, 12 & 16) each have a 2-page spread on homeschooling in their scrapbooks and documenting all those photos in their albums would have overrun them. Then I discovered Project Life and thought it was the perfect system for documenting our homeschool journey. The process was so easy, rewarding and fast I thought anyone could do it, so I hosted a scrapbooking workshop for my homeschooling community on documenting their homeschooling. And now I have a small group of moms and 12-year girls who scrapbook! Thanks for the great show!

  • I love hearing how you’ve shared scrapbooking with your homeschooling friends! That is awesome!

  • I had no idea that was Terri’s site!!! Thank you for letting me know!!

  • This is just AWESEME! :D Love that you are introducing scrapbooking to more people :D

  • That’s a great point Carrie! I tend to scrapbook about school during the holidays too! Our brains need to switch gears sometimes!

  • I think that’s an awesome page to have scrapped – would love to see it! I totally agree on the public acceptance of homeschooling. In 1995 when we started people would often ask if it was legal!! LOL Most people were just worried I wouldn’t get in to uni. I ended up being the equivalent of valedictorian at my 2nd university graduation with my double degree. All of my siblings got into uni too so they needn’t have worried!

  • ARC

    My 5yo would love that! Her school has no uniform but they most definitely cannot show up in dress-up clothes :)

  • Samantha

    Thanks for sharing this topic. I really enjoyed it! As a mom who has homeschooled for 23 years (our oldest is 27 and the youngest is 13, so still a few years to go) I really enjoyed hearing how others scrapbook their school life. I don’t have a separate book for school as it’s just a part of our daily life. I do have a “portfolio” type scrapbook for each child for high school. This holds pictures of field trips, sports, activities, school work, graduation, transcript, etc….Thanks for another great show!