PRT236 – We Should Start a Band or Something

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  • Pepper

    I’m so excited to see the new episode :) I’m a subscriber to Ali Edwards monthly story kit and stamps :) It comes with FREE digital kit if you subscribe to both kits! Love it! Agree with Izzy that Peppermint has a great radio voice! Please invite her back often as a panelist, her insights are awesome :D

    Off to listen to the episode second time!

  • Teresa S

    Another fan of the Epson PictureMate. I have never tried the Canon printer, but there are no complaints on the Epson from me. I got it for Christmas and love it.

  • StudioWendy

    Hey guys! Great to hear Peppermint again!

    Noell and Izzy… I just got the Selphy 910 for Christmas and have been using it with my Mac without too much trouble so far. One thing I did find was that although it worked fine on my wireless network, it did not want to work when I traveled with it. So instead, I set it up with a local wireless network. You might give that a try. The Selphy basically creates it’s own wireless network that you can use to print to. The down side was that I couldn’t access the internet while I was printing on that network, but it was easy to set up. The printer issued a password and I just connected to that new network it created and then typed the password in in on my computer.

    The one problem I did have was that sometimes it wanted print the images long instead of wide, cutting off the photo. But that only happened when printing from a certain program. So I’m still playing with that a bit to figure out why it does that.

    All that said, I’m an Epson girl at heart, with a Canon-sized budget. If money wasn’t a concern, I would have bought the Epson instead. I used Epsons at the day job for decades and we never had a bad Epson! They print beautifully!

  • Kari_M

    Wow….what a great episode. I haven’t even finished listening yet (I listen during my commute so will hear the rest on my way home), but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the discussion about the Picturemate vs the Selphy. I actually purchased the Selphy and love that I can print directly from my Iphone to the printer. Do you know if you can do that with the Picturemate? Also, wanted to share that I can totally relate to Peppermint wanting the white printer. I actually purchased the blue Selphy because that was all Amazon had in stock and I didn’t want to wait. Now that the white is back in stock, I ordered it and am going to gift the colored one to my daughter! One last thing is that I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the consistency of your podcast! I know that every week you will be releasing a new episode! Thanks for all you do!

  • Marie

    I was supposed to be sleeping but I started listening to this episode and got totally wrapped up in the lively and varied topics discussed today. Another Epson fan….using only their products and agree with Jennifer that these are home prints but good home prints. I have never had an issue with my wide format printer. I buy all the cartridges at the same time and then they are handy/ready to replace when needed. Epson always has a discount on the cartridges. The PictureMate is on my wish list but currently it really isn’t that big of a deal to print off a photo with the big printer. I buy most of my paper in the 11×14 size and print in varying sizes. PSE and Epson seem to talk well with each other.

  • Melissa LaFavers

    I haven’t finished listening to the episode yet, but I have to comment on printers before I forget. My husband and I have an HP Photosmart printer, and let me tell you, there is nothing “smart” about this printer, nor will it print photos, at least not on any kind of photo paper. Many times, there’s been a lot more than frowning face emoji’s flying around this house when I’ve been in knock-down, drag-out fight with that printer, which it always wins. In fact, I’ve turned the air blue with my expressions of frustration.

    It is also a scanner, allegedly, but the other day, it wouldn’t save a scan to my desktop. Something about the file being read-only? I came pretty close to taking that piece of crap into the yard and beating it to a well-deserved demise, Office Space style.

    Someday… ;)

    Just wanted Noell and Izzy to know, you are not the only ones who have trouble with printers.

  • crazymathchic

    I haven’t finished the episode yet either, but I have to jump in on the printer discussion for a second. I have a Canon Pixma, and one day it stopped printing wirelessly from my mac too! The weird thing is it wasn’t after an update or anything. And it does print wirelessly (like from my ipad), just not from my mac. Weird. At any rate — does anyone have any experience with the longevity of prints from either the Epson PictureMate or the Canon Selphy? I was using Canon paper and Canon ink for my Pixma, and I printed a picture last summer that has been hanging on my fridge (not in direct sunlight). By fall (only a few months later!) the picture was so faded that it looks like it’s been run through an extreme instagram filter! I’d love the convenience of printing from home, but I’m worried about how long these prints will last!

  • Kim L.

    I was just on Epson’s website looking at the Picturemate Charm, and according to what I read there, wireless printing is not a feature. That is a deal breaker for me. I wonder if an update to that printer would be happening in the near future.

  • Jana_NJ

    About the picks if you have Lightroom and Lightroom app on your phone it does the backup instantly to your computer of your camera roll it creates a folder on the folder section of Lightroom and gives it the name of your phone and it backup the full photo file, I also transfer to Amazon Cloud, Flickr, OneDrive automatic so we don’t have to use the cable. ;)

  • Thank you! :)

  • Wow, that is fast. I can’t remember when we got our first Selphy, but I know it’s been longer than that, and so far I haven’t noticed fading. Not that I don’t think it could happen — it just hasn’t happened yet. I’m sorry to hear your experience with fading happened so quickly. That’s definitely something I need to consider. :(

  • Hannah Brown

    I haven’t finished listening to the episode yet, but I wanted to comment on the Planners before I forgot. I think planners are so cool and I really want to have one that will serve as a central place for everything that needs planning in my life. I don’t have enough money to shell out to buy one, however. And besides, every time I’ve gotten one for school or the like, I end up forgetting about it and half of it goes unused. So I am trying to create my own custom planner using printables I find on the internet. I’m also making dividers using some pretty 8 1/2″ by 11″ patterned paper. It makes much more sense for me to simply print out a week at a time than to have a store bought planner that is only half used. I got excited when I heard the Passion Planner mentioned…I’ve looked at it before and it looks AMAZING! While I am still holding out hope that I will become a consistent enough planner that I can use a physical one, I am not buying one right now. I am using her free printable, however. On her site, she has a free black and white printable of the weekly pages. I am currently using these and I love the way they are laid out.

    I love the idea of all the pretty decorated planners, but as someone on the panel said (I think it was Jennifer?), I have too many other creative projects. So I am using my creative energy to make one time things such as dividers, enough so that my planner will still be pretty.

  • Laughing at the Office Space reference… such a bad but good movie

  • Noell, but you keep your pages in albums out of direct light, right?

    Even ambient light fades things fast :)

  • Jana when I tried the LR app, I had to set the language on my phone to be US english before it would even work. #aussiefail

    Haven’t been brave enough to try it again

  • Yes. So displaying our pages will make the home-printed photos fade quickly?

  • Yes. The UV and heat breaks down the ink. It also fades lab photo prints, but they are much slower to fade so we don’t notice it as much.

  • Deirdre Keating

    Wow, that is a huge plus! Thanks for the info:)

  • Kelly

    Hey there! It’s Kelly–the one from the discussion who has a love affair going on with her Espon Stylus Photo R2000 :P I just wanted to plug Epson once more for their quality of prints. I have never, ever experienced any fade problems with any of my prints and I have them hanging all over the place, direct sunlight, indirect sunlight. I’ve even printed posters for various events, hung them outside where they were rained on and not even hint of a color run!

    In a printer review article from PC Magazine, I found this about the R2000: “As with any printer, the photo lifetime varies depending on paper type. Epson’s claimed range for Epson papers is 160 to 300 years for dark storage (as in an album) and from 52 to 80 years for paper exposed to air, depending on which paper you’re using.”

    One other bit of advice I can offer to friends when looking to purchase a printer (and I’m not talking about the small portable ones like the Selphy or PictureMate) is to stay away from all-in-ones. An all-on-one may do all of those things well, but it won’t do them GREAT. And if you want great photos from your printer, invest in a printer that is meant to specifically do just that and nothing else. Just my two cents!

  • This is very helpful, thank you. Everyone seems to love their Epsons, and we almost hate ours, LOL. I was wondering if it had something to do with the fact that it’s an all-in-one — and not JUST that we’re kind of incompetent when it comes to printers.
    The info about longevity is also fantastic. Thank you!

  • Catherine

    Isn’t Big Picture Classes a sponsor anymore? Did I miss that? I only took classes over there because your show would always remind me…

  • Hi, Catherine. You might have been tuning out when we talked about it on the show before — it’s common to go in and out when we listen to audio. We don’t know what’s going on with BPC right now as they transition over to their new subscription model. We’ll be in talks with Studio Calico about it, and we’re considering other options, as well. For now we’re hoping that the Paperclipping membership and courses will sell enough to support the show until we settle on something with someone.
    Thanks for asking and for being a supportive listener!

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Had to jump in and let you all know that if you work well with to-do lists but would like to combine it with both personal and work calendars, etc, I would highly recommend checking out the “Bullet Journal”. I discovered this about a month ago and it has changed not only my life, but my husband’s as well! We have both struggled to find methods of keeping track of the “stuff of life” since we both like using digital calendars, but are not able to access them in our workplace. Bullet journalling has become the perfect solution for me to keep track of EVERYTHING personal and work-related all in one place. It no longer feels weird to jot notes from a work phone conversation next to a list of scrapbook projects I want to accomplish. I have seen people who do them up all pretty and unique with colours and stickers and washi, etc and others who stick to pen and pencil. It was truly revolutionary for me! There is a video you can watch here:

  • Shannan M

    I love the Bullet Journal too! The only drawback for me is not being able to write down future appointments, so I have gone with a planner this year but I’m keeping the Bullet Journal for everything else. The index is such a game changer!

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Shannan – I fixed that by just adding a calendar in the front of my journal for long term planning. I added birthdays and Anniversaries there, and plan to add anything still pertinent to my monthly calendars as I create them. It should help add things to my to-do lists as well (likes booking baby-sitters and shopping for gifts/cards, sending invites, etc) because when I make my monthly calendar page and to-do list I will look to the yearly calendar current and next month to see what needs to be added and what I need to accomplish prior to the events!

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Ok – I just had to jump here again and say what a brilliant way of looking at a stash that Noell described: pick out what you love and get rid of the rest! We are moving again soon and I really should go through my stash prior to that…especially my paper stash. I don’t feel like I have a serious hoarding issue at all, but it always feels good to go through and purge prior to a move. I’m totally going to take this approach this time around!! Thanks Noell :-)

  • Thank you! I don’t have an enormous amount either, but I do still purge regularly.

  • Naomi

    Still in the process of listening to this week’s show, but so funny to hear your surprise that Peppermint also designs paper products, because a few weeks ago one of her element packs was picked as a product pick on your show! Episode 227!

  • Melanie

    Loved the new episode and the guests :)
    Just wanted to comment on the impulse buying of supplies. Like Peppermint, I am an impulse buyer. I like her idea for a pinterest board. My technique is for in-store shopping. When I’m shopping, I allow myself to put into the cart whatever grabs my attention. I let myself feel like I’m buying it. Then when I’m done shopping and head to check-out I go through the cart again. I find that I only end up buying a couple things. If I really love it, I’ll buy it. Most of the items I put back. It turns out the impulse is this need for immediate gratification, rather than really owning the product. Usually by the time I’ve wandered the store feeling like the item was mine, I no longer need to have it. The process works for me and I recommend others try it if they buy too much product.

  • Youngmi

    I really love these episodes where a variety of topics are discussed!

    I have an old Epson PictureMate printer and it was pretty amazing when I first got it. It still prints but since it’s about 10 years old and it went unused for many months several times, the print quality isn’t so great anymore. I definitely want a new photo printer but I went back and forth between the Selphy and a new PictureMate so many times that I gave up trying to make a decision. I can’t get over the not-quite 4×6 prints that a Selphy gives you. But I also don’t like that the Picturemates require constant printing. If you don’t print daily, you’ll need to clean the print heads which sucks up precious ink. I had hoped that they would solve this problem with the newer models but the Amazon reviews indicate otherwise. Inefficient ink usage vs. true 4×6 prints… I can’t decide!!

    As for the impulse buying, I’m the opposite of an impulse buyer when it comes to scrapbooking supplies. Other things, yes, but never for scrapbooking. It might be because I hate to pay for shipping so I wait for a sale or until I have enough items in my cart to qualify for free shipping deals. I like to build my cart for months and left all the stuff in there marinate. Every once in awhile, I’ll look in there and add new items or remove items that I’m not so wild about anymore. It helps to wait a bit because you often realize that you don’t really love it… it’s just all the hype that’s making you want it! The downside to this is that sometimes items go out of stock. In those cases, I usually say that it wasn’t meant to be and move on. It’s rare for me to obsess over a scrapbooking product and within a couple of weeks, I completely forget what it was that I wanted. And with new products coming out left and right, it’s very likely that a similar product will appear very soon!

    Thanks for another fun episode! I’ll definitely be listening to this one more than once.

  • Cyndy Blewett Recker

    I have been using a Selphy for one year now and love it especially for my pocket page scrapbooking. I still send bulk orders out to Costco. I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I got a new Macbook Pro for Christmas and now I can’t install the seplhy software on it. Does anyone know what I can do to be able to keep using it? I do not want to have to use the old computer for the printing. I am a lazy scrapper so things need to be quick and easy for me. Noell did you ever use the selphy software with your Mac or did you always create your templates in lightroom first and then print as a 4×6? I love being able to create my little collages right in the software. I am not using photoshop or lightroom on my mac.

  • Cyndy Blewett Recker

    By the way I have to say that I love hearing Peppermint on the show. I think she is hilarious!!

  • krizbee

    Noell – on the topic of being overwhelmed at the thought of a supply purge – your suggestion – “think about what you want to keep” – UHM – GENIUS!!! I have had that on my mind as I have been working in my scraproom since I listened to the show and it is a game changer! Thank you!!!

  • Yin

    I just checked it out – very interesting, I already use check boxes and ticks and stars, and migrate tasks on a week to week basis, great to have more great ideas to think about!

  • Leslie McLaughlin

    I love my PictureMate printer!!! Never any problems!!

  • thisisina

    Loving this episode so far, although I’m not done listening to the whole thing yet. I needed to chime in with a couple of things though:

    * On Peppermint’s paper designs — A few episodes back, one of Peppermint’s products was one of the picks! The pick was the leaves from her Gramercy Road collection through Gossamer Blue. (Episode 227- Secret Life of Me — had to go back and check!)

    * On the Passion Planner — I tried this out and really liked it, until I realized I had to purchase a separate one for each month! A bit too pricey for me when all is said and done, so I switched to something else.

  • Catherine G.

    This made me laugh! I have a wide format Canon Pixma (the entry level one) that I am in love with. Printing at home on demand plus using Photoshop Elements to brighten up my photos has pretty much saved me from stopping scrapbooking.

  • Tina Campbell

    Fantastic show! Really loved the discussion on the printers. I’m a member of Simple Scrapper and the calendar that Jennifer made is the perfect thing to use for all your creative deadlines that is perfect this year and have been using it for what I need to do for each week.

  • Angela Bowe

    I think this is the episode where there was a discussion about transferring photos back and forth from an iphone to a computer. I have an iphone and a windows pc. I just wanted to note that you can plug up an iphone with the “charger” (usb) cord to the flash drive on the computer and transfer photos and other files very easily. Once you plug the phone into the computer, a folder for the phone will pop up making the phone a flash drive and from there you can easily copy and paste your photos to your picture folder on your computer.

  • A few thoughts:
    -I heard that if you don’t print color images very often on your (full sized) printer that some ink cartridges will expire (not run out, but they actually have a timer expiration on them!) or will be used up by the print head cleaning process which runs more often because the ink dries out more in the heads through underuse. I had a printer like Noell said that always ran out of ink or failed to print on the rare occasions that I used it. Since I switched to the Canon Pixma and started printing photos every week for PL I have great ink longevity and few problems. I don’t know how much to credit the brand and how much to credit the more regular usage. Hubby does have the random connectivity issues with the wifi printing though.
    – when you guys started talking about romantic uses for the Passion Planner I cracked up (in public, with headphones on, as usual). And then I wondered what Izzy would say if he knew there was a planner out there called the Desire Map Journal…!
    – thank you so much for the info on deleting large numbers of photos off an iPhone with Image Capture. I knew there had to be a better way… Recently I passed the time at my MIL’s place (when I was annoyed and wishing I was at home and everyone was watching sports) deleting hundreds of pictures off my camera roll.
    – Noell said exactly what I was thinking about decluttering a large, old stash. Much better to choose the things that you love, the things that you would buy now (would you pay $4.99 for those stickers if you saw them in a store today?) Ideally all decluttering should be done this way. Move everything out of the space, imagine what you would like to have in the room, them retrieve just those items that support that vision from the stash.

  • thisisina

    Aaaah!! I should’ve finished listening before I commented the first time, Peppermint read my topic! So stoked to be mentioned on the Roundtable. Noell, you’re right, it’s pronounced Eee-nah, since my full name is Corina. Yes, I’m the same person. :D Currently a non-schmo, I used my precious scrapbooking budget to subscribe a few months back. ;)

    Peppermint, I do use Pinterest, but not very often, but will definitely be using it more to keep track of scrappy stuff. Maybe I should pin stuff that I already have too, so I can see what stuff I have that is similar already.

    I also like Noell’s point about thinking about what I can use up before I’m going to want to shop again.

    Thanks for discussing the topic, I’m going back to listen to the podcast again to get even more out of it, since I was way too excited the first time I listened to it!

  • Rita Ramirez

    I have the PictureMate Charm and love it. I did have one issue of the printer heads but that was because I had not used it in a very long time. I do not have to print daily. You can still buy the wireless bluetooth adapter as I did. I love the true 4 x 6 prints and the other options of borders and borderless. You just have to play with the options a little to figure out what you want to do. In addition, it has an option for a battery pack so that you can take it with you. That I have not purchased as of yet. So thumbs up to Tracy Banks’ video on the Charm plus I used CNET for the comparison.

  • Tiffany

    I’m catching up on missed shows, and I just listened to this one yesterday. I wanted to comment about the listener who was looking for ways to reduce spending. I’ve had times when I was on a spending roll and needed to stop. It is hard at first. I think it is because of that “shoppers high” you get. But then once you haven’t bought anything for a couple of weeks, that urge to buy goes away! In fact, it can even be difficult to START spending again, because now you’ve got a new norm, and you’re probably having a blast using up your stash.