PRT235 – CHA 2015!

This week we’re at CHA 2015 talking about all the cool new stuff…

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  • vintageplaid

    Tami Morrison has been building the buzz for this episode of PRT on Instagram all week! Can’t wait to listen to more of my favorite guests and their opinions of this year’s new products. I know I will purchase only a fraction of what’s on offer, but it’s nice to see it! Thanks Noell and Izzy.

  • Pauline

    This is my favourite episode of the year. We get the information and interpretations from the show and this panel is just so much fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Janet

    I’m going to have to listen again because I was laughing so hard. But then, so were you all! You all feel new life in the industry. Wonderful to hear after the underlying worry these last few years. Especially fun to listen after watching your videos. Great job!

  • Always great to hear about the new and upcoming products. It’s also great to hear about the positivity and upbeat feeling in general – instead of all the gloom and doom feelings when businesses were always talking about the “crisis.”

    Regarding the planner craze, I think it’s always been out there – it’s a hobby for some people because the planner is more of a journal type of thing. Now it’s just bleeding out to be more trendy and for the scrapbooking world, there is the memory keeping aspect mixed in. I do think Project Life has played a huge role in bringing on the trend… because there’s the daily/weekly/monthly documentation, but with a planner it’s even smaller and quicker, photos or no photos necessary.

    BTW, I was excited to hear Shimelle talk about all the international buyers… over here in Europe we are looking forward to more access to products! There’s a huge community of scrappers and crafters and instead of speading half our budget on shipping costs, we can just buy more product – HAH!

  • Hannah Brown

    This was possibly my favorite episode ever, just because of how hilarious it is to listen to you lovely ladies (and Izzy)! I am excited about watching through all of your CHA videos when I get the chance. I saw the one on the Fuse and I completely freaked out!! I am doing Project Life this year for the first time (attempted before but never finished), and being a 16 year old with a limited budget, I can’t afford to buy every cool page protector design out there. Why didn’t someone think of this thing before?!? I had thought about the issue with sealing something and having to pre-plan the back, but I figured you could just use the cutting tip to cut an opening. But now I’m wondering, when you use the tip to cut, does it cut through both layers of the page protector, or just the first layer?

  • I don’t know — if I remember right, the cutting tip in the demo was not plugged in, so she didn’t make a real cut.

  • Cindy_deRosier

    This is always my favorite PRT of the year. I was at CHA this year, so it was especially fun to compare what you all saw and thought with my observations as a relative newbie (I was there in 2011, so this was my 2nd show).

  • Please feel free to share your own observations! :)

  • Marie

    Just wanted to say that you guys did an awesome job with the videos!!! Amazing that considering you were there for a short time and yet did so many. I have watched them all and really appreciate the effort that you go to :) Thanks so much

  • Teresa S

    I’m sure if you just want to cut through one layer, you could put a piece of metal between the layers so it doesn’t cut both layers. I was thinking about that for when you need to make a slit in a page protector.

  • Teresa S

    Great coverage! While I’m not jumping on the memory planner bandwagon (I have way too many stories that I haven’t scrapbooked yet), it’s nice to see the industry is still continuing to evolve and something new has come to the forefront.

    Not of a fan of the 1970s yellow color showing up in some products, but do like the other brighter colorsl

    Thanks for all the videos!

  • I don’t remember noticing a 1970’s yellow, LOL! Can you think of 1 or 2 collections that had it? I want to go look. :)

  • Becki Adams

    I love the CHA episode of PRT. Its fun to hear what everyone is talking about on the show floor. I too have a LONG list of goodies that I want to come home with me.

    The portion of this show that struck a cord with me was the part about where we hide our scrapbooking from others. I get that and I’m guilty of it like many others. One thing that I do try and do to keep scrapbooking alive is by scrapbooking with my kids and sharing the hobby with them (and sometimes their friends). Also, I make sure and tell them the reason WHY I scrapbook so they understand how important it is to me. Too often we (me included) exclude the younger generation because we don’t want them to mess up our expensive supplies. I keep a box of supplies that I no longer need so my kids have a stash of their own to create with. I think it’s also important to let kids help with the journaling on the pages I create so they understand how important their story is. I think that we have a false sense of security with technology thinking that our photos will always be digitally archived somewhere. I recently read an article that talked about the likelihood of hard drives crashing, servers crashing and that the best way to preserve our photos is to have them printed and saved digitally.

    Thanks Noell and Izzy for another great (thought provoking) episode!

  • Cindy_deRosier

    Here’s a link to the trends I identified:

    Some were the same that you all mentioned, like gold and planners and cupcakes. But the ones that weren’t mentioned make me wonder if they are new trends or simply new-to-me trends because I wasn’t at the show in ’12, ’13, or ’14.

  • Cori Peck

    1. So glad to know I’m not the only one thinking these thoughts about planners! Personally, I would spend way too much time making my planner pretty, and I would procrastinate doing what I was supposed to be planning! OCD Crafter R Us.
    2. Shimelle – Thank you for silver. And for bright, happy, saturated colors. Just thank you.
    3. Pinterest wins. Party supplies probably win for most get-nonscrappers-to-care-about-scrapbook-supplies of everything I’ve seen online. I agree that there would be many fewer new items on the CHA floor if Pinterest didn’t exist.

  • From what I’ve read/heard it’s designed to only cut through one layer, which is a big selling point for those of us who had used a soldering iron to fuse page protectors. The heat on soldering irons and wood burning tools isn’t so controllable or designed for this task. I really hope it works as well as they promise!

  • I’m still listening but I have to jump in with some comments.
    1. the people on the street where I walk my dog probably think I’m nutso thanks to all the times I’ve been dying laughing while walking along listening to my earbuds. I blame Izzy mostly. I was totally losing it when you guys were talking about Him/Tim!
    2. from the (broke) consumer side of things, it’s not OCD that makes me annoyed that so many new products are stuck on a container ship or not released before the start of the year. It’s that I’ve already committed my limited $$ to buying a planner/PL binder/etc for this year. I’m not going to throw this stuff out and start over because someone releases something awesome in March. And I’m not going to wait and wait when some company promises me for 3 months that they’ll have an awesome planner/product in 2015 but they can’t tell me the dimensions or show me a picture or do anything but assure me they’ll have stock until “soon” but limited supplies will go out to subscribers first… :(

    Last week when someone said they thought you’d videoed last year I was sure I’d seen a video too, even though on second thoughts I realized you must have been right about just publishing a photo (because I don’t have time to watch long videos). There’s something really different about listening to you guys talking together in the same room. I love that you can connect with people all over the country every week (awesome technology is awesome) but it’s really fun to listen in on a discussion happening “in real life.” :)

  • Melanie Wehrman

    I discovered your podcast a few months ago, and have so enjoyed your fun discussions of one of my favorite hobbies! This episode had me laughing out loud while I finished putting away Christmas decor and washed dishes. Especially the part about planners being ‘Type A art journals’ and needing a plastic case to carry them in so they didn’t become ACTUAL art journals–so funny!

    I have scrapbooked for a long time, and have watched 2 peas as well as several local scrapbook stores close, but I never really thought about the industry being in trouble. It was interesting to hear your discussion about that topic, too.

    Thanks for the enjoyment your podcast brings–I am really busy at home so don’t have as much time as I would like to scrapbook, but I can live that through you all talking about it while I do the laundry, etc.! It is also fun to hear people in the industry talking about their likes/dislikes, etc. and feel like I get to know some of the names and personalities behind products and websites. Keep up the good work!

  • Teresa S

    That yellow color in Shimelle’s line. I’ve seen it in a few lines. It just screams 70s for me. Maybe photos don’t do it justice? What did you think of that color?

  • The CHA episode is always a favorite as there’s a certain level of synergy when you’re all in the room together that seems to make the episodes flow better.
    When Tami said the planner craze was art journals for Type A folks it made me want to get one!! I love that comparison. I still use a paper planner but instead of jumping on this trend I simply started stamping and washi taping my boring black and white one. It’s so fun.
    Thank you Shimelle for silver. I love silver and am not a fan of gold so I may have gasped and shrieked a little when I saw the silver album in the Paperclipping CHA video. So excited for your new collection.
    I also enjoy hearing a little industry insider talk which you did at the beginning of the show. My local mom and pop shop store owner attended for the first time and I’m curious to see what she thought.
    You guys are so awesome! thanks for all you do!

  • I’d love to see what you wrote but I’m getting a server not found error when I click on your link. :(

  • Cindy_deRosier

    Weird. It works for me when I click it. Go to If you’re seeing this today (Friday), it’s the top post. Otherwise, scroll down one or two. :)

  • Teri Hartman

    I agree with your discussion surrounding the sort of ridiculousness of some of the planners. I like my planner, but it’s pretty much just a list keeper. I can’t be bothered to make it pretty.

  • Youngmi

    Something about listening to a Roundtable with you guys all in the same room makes it even more fun than usual! I actually jumped out of my seat when I saw the Fuse in action. I was yelling at my husband, “It’s like your soldering iron only BETTER!” I actually do want to use it to seal my photos into my page. Ever since Project Life increased the size of their 4×6 pockets to ensure that the 3×4 pockets are truly 3×4, my 4×6 photos keep sliding out of their pockets. I’d love to seal them in so that they stay put!

    Thanks for another hilarious Roundtable!

  • poppyseed

    I discovered PRT last year and look forward to listening to the show each week. The discussion about the planner trend caught my attention because I jumped into the craze last year. I’m not a scrapbooker, but have long admired the art. My local art supply store has both scrapbooking and traditional art supplies. I’ve always liked to look at the scrapbook supplies, but never had a way to use them. Now with the planner, I buy some of those things (e.g., stickers, embellishments) and can put them in my planner. As the panelist said, I still keep my schedule/appointments and contacts on my phone. My planner is for creative and fun ideas, doing a daily sketch, daily word, and journaling.

    You may be wondering why I listen to PRT if I’m not a scrapbooker. I like the assortment of guests and hearing them talk about their art and businesses. In the past I’ve used a combo sketchbook and journal, and I also draw and paint. Last year I branched out into art journaling. I find PRT apropos to my interests because many of the design principles, challenges, and other life topics are things I think about and deal with. Also the show and discussion is so well done. I think hosting a panel must be a bit like being good at public speaking, the people that make it look easy really have put a lot of work into it. Thanks Noell and Izzie for such a wonderful podcast!

  • I don’t see the 70’s in the yellow, but when I looked back at it after your comment, I can see where the orange and green combo might be similar to the old 70’s tupperware — so maybe…?

    I compared the yellow in my video to the yellow in the American Crafts pictures, and it does seem like the yellow in the pictures stands out more than the yellow in our video. It might look even more different in person. I do think the color combo is different from what we see more commonly.

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    I loved this episode (like I love them all!!)… I find the papercrafting industry so fascinating, and I *love* hearing the “inside scoop” about the CHA trade show. (“Type A art journals”==one of my favorite remarks of this episode…and Shimelle’s inside information about the naming of her papers in her new line was awesome!). However, I’m leaving this comment for a much less high-minded reason– I am not on Instagram and I am dying of curiosity to see Shimelle’s shoes! I can’t figure out how to find the image, and I don’t see links to the panelists’ Instagram feeds… could someone hook me up with a link? :) Thanks!!!

  • Natalie (QSOgirl)

    Thank you!!!!

  • Jeannine H

    This was such a fun, fun show. I really enjoyed the conversation and information about the industry (past and upcoming trends) and the laughter. I guess i am like Shimelle in that I am all about the new paper. The fuse does not inspired me at all but i don’t do Project Life. My favorite collection of CHA 2015 is Simple Stories “I AM” collection. It is very beautiful but i love the concept. So thanks for everythign you do. I have so far resisted getting on Instagram but i need to see Shimelle’s shoes. I’m signing up! In conclusion, Izzy’s sneak squeak term is too cute! It’s a keeper.