PRT234 – The Jim Henson Rejection

This week we’re talking about the scrapbooking message in a non-scrapbooking article

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  • keely

    Izzy, I’m getting an error message with Stacy’s link ????

  • Pepper

    Love this episode, so much deep thoughts into it, so applicable for life in general, not just scrapbooking, in career and relationship as well. Every episodes of Paperclipping comes so timely that it’s like a wake-up call for me. Sometimes it’s like a voice that keep on advising me :) Thanks for doing what you’re doing. And yay to all the guests! Love their input!

  • Tina Campbell

    Interesting show and topic I enjoyed the conversation and what sparked me was that chat about how the production of Oklahoma changed musicals and maybe the girl couldn’t see what she did achieve. I so loved that musical our Jr Hg school did that musical :) Yep some of our not so great work could be what we are best noted for :) I’m good with that too cause I did create it either way :)

  • Janet

    Great episode. What struck me most is Stacy’s musing on seeing other people’s pages and getting caught up in their lives. I may go to blogs and sites to get ideas, but find myself sometimes getting lost in comparing my life to their beautiful, active, engaged lives–and slip into feeling everything my life is missing. “Curated” seems to be the word of the year, and I’m working to remember that. What a great way to start a New Year.

  • vintageplaid

    I just read the article and it is so encouraging and thought provoking. Now to actually listen to the recording. Three of my favorite guests!!

  • Catherine Gervais

    Love that snippet that Noell read about each day being a fresh page. I’m literally doing a letter size sheet a day, writing, stamping, or sketching and putting the date. Not an art journal, but just a pile of papers with unfinished scratchings of ideas. I’m happy to see the ideas coming out, and when I go to create finished projects I have a lot to choose from.

  • Kim L.

    I loved this episode! Great way to start the new year!

  • Jen S.

    By far the most profound and inspiring episode of Paperclipping I’ve ever listened to. Maybe it was just what I needed right now. What a wonderful way to start the new year!

  • I haven’t finished listening yet (and maybe someone brings this up) but when Izzy was saying that he felt that all of the guests had the confidence/not comparing themselves thing down and then Stacy (I think) chimed in to say that no, in fact it was a struggle she faced all the time I thought of that very useful saying/quote – that you should never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. We tend to compare our own rough drafts with another person’s heavily curated, finished masterpieces and that’s paralyzing.

  • Niki Ruda

    Great thoughts panel! Here are my “take-aways”:

    1. Do NOT get in the box! I Avoid the box! (Izzy, I think this could be a T-shirt)
    2. If no one is listening…find a new audience. Your ideas are worthy!
    3. You can’t compare me to others…there is no one like me to compare to.

    Davis inspired me to post a comment. I love that she said “if sequins
    make you feel hinky…” because glitter makes me hinky!!! (Izzy, another
    T-shirt!) And it’s ok not to use it! It’s a box I must avoid! I didn’t know hinky was a word but it really is!

    Love this episode! It really spoke to me in so many aspects of my life.
    Thank you for the permission to continue on my path without looking back
    or using my peripheral vision to look forward with my head high to
    pursue what makes me happy and feels right!

    Love, love, love this!

  • Oh, what a great comment!! I LOVE your t-shirt ideas, and that second made me LOL. It did!

  • Kate

    I just found your podcasts a few months ago and can’t stop listening! Your show has given me so much to think about and to include in my pages. It has encouraged me to continue a hobby that at times, recently I have considered giving up. I must admit that I am one of those that has collected more product than I have completed pages. I love the idea of scrapbooking, creating and memory keeping, but I get caught up in several aspects of the whole thing. These are my problems with scrapbooking, You can’t pass down 47 scrapbooks (no kid is going to want them!). So often it’s more about the layout than about the pictures. How often do you see a layout before the pictures. That’s backwards, a layout should enhance the pictures. And lastly, why am I doing this? Who really cares?
    After listening to many episodes of the your program, I found answers that work for me. My daughter won’t want 47 scrapbooks. Good thing, I don’t have that many yet. I am scrapping just the important events, or ones that need to be remembered for me. I am also changing my style so at some point in the future she can keep the pages she wants and discard the ones she doesn’t. What was once 10 albums could become 1. My style is what it is, I’m not very creative or artsy, but I enjoy the process and love looking back at the pictures. Most of all, I realize that I am really doing this for myself. I want to remember these days. These are memories that I want to keep for me to share with my family. This is a hobby I enjoy and that is why I do it.

  • Kate

    Forgot the most important part, a friend and I have started to meet once a week to scrap together. We are having a wonderful time and I am getting so many of my pictures onto pages! We don’t let anything get in the way of our weekly date to scrap!

  • AmySo

    I haven’t finished yet, but the discussion is reminding me of one of my favorite books about creativity, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life, by Twyla Tharp. She is also a dancer and a choreographer and while her book focuses mostly on creativity, it is enlightening to see it through a dancer’s mind…the physicality is still visible somehow.

  • Kimba911

    I love this topic! It really made me think. I think it’s important to still pay attention to what others are doing. The secret is to be crazy about yourself and what you are producing! Then when you see others’ inspirational and talented work, really see and appreciate what they’re doing, and use that as inspiration to help influence what is already-authentic about you!

    I have had to struggle with this at my job, as well. I have always given 110% of what is authentically me. But sometimes (as was demonstrated in your podcast), that isn’t “enough” for certain situations. So I have had to look realistically at what I am doing, and perhaps I need to improve by talking to others who are successful at what I want to be doing; perhaps even take training classes to better myself. We are all works in progress, but it is also important to appreciate the journey.

    Kim Calloway
    Simi Valley, CA

  • Becki Adams

    This is an amazing episode, I will be listening to it many more times! This episode is unique in the fact that this concept can be applied to so many different aspects of life. I’ve shared it with many friends who *gasp* are not scrapbookers because it is so versatile. One point that wasn’t brought up in the episode, that I think is important, is that I’ve found that it’s easier not to compare myself to others since I’ve found my own style and I’m comfortable with the work that I produce. I know that my style is different than others and that’s okay, in fact, that’s great! When I was just a beginner at scrapbooking I found myself staring at galleries comparing my work to others. It is however, good to look at different styles and methods, as was mentioned in the episode, since what you see helps you find and define your own specific style. I now know what will and won’t work well with my style.

    The comment that May made about being critical of others work reflecting back on how happy she is with her work was so enlightening and rang so true with me.

    Thank you, Izzy, Noell, May, Caroline, and Stacy for such a great episode that calls for some true introspection.

  • Yes, I agree it’s so important and helpful to learn to be able to appreciate the styles of others without feeling like you need to emulate that style as well.
    Thanks so much for sharing our show with others!

  • Katie Armstrong

    GREAT EPISODE!!!?????? My one little word this year is “brighten”. So I have been very focused on staying positive. I loved the quote that was shared. I may have to hang it in my house somewhere. Also liked the bit about “finding your audience.” My hubby and I just started a you tube channel playing video games together and we are having trouble finding our audience and we’re getting discouraged because it wasn’t taking off. I think we just need to wait it out and try to find our audience.

  • Amy

    Later in the show you talk about people who aren’t on pinterest, and looking at what everyone else is doing. You mentioned how lucky it is to be those people because they are creating only for themselves. I think this rings very true. I’m a digi scrapper and I remember when I first learned the very basics of PSE, just enough to make a page. I made 5 pages in the first hour. Everything about those pages is technically horrible but they are among my most favorite. They represent pure documenting of our family’s lives. Since then, I’ve taken dozens of classes in various aspects of memory keeping and I struggle to get back to that space where I am making pages simply because of the joy of making and remembering. It takes much longer now to make a page and part of it is working to overcome all the voices that have accumulated over the years. This was a great, inspiring, show. Thank you all!!

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    Wonderful and inspiring episode! OMG, Caroline’s Jim Henson story was amazing. I always had a crush on him, so being asked to prom by him would have been my dream. :)

  • TracieClaiborne

    I agree with Jen S. This was the best episode of Paperclipping Roundtable to date for me personally. I may listen to this about ten times because every one said such brilliant things that I want to really let them percolate in my head and think through them. I really wish I had a transcript of this show so I could take notes and highlight my favorite thoughts! Brilliance!!!

  • Janelle

    This was such a great show, and “profound” is exactly what I thought, too. Love delving into the psychology of scrapbooking! I do have one critique, though… I think the episode should have been called “Funky Fresh”! :)

  • krizbee

    JAW.DROPPED @ the Jim Henson story