PRT233 – Scrapbook with Abandon

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking our changing holiday traditions…

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  • Interesting to hear about English Christmas, as Shimelle described is so similar to Australia. The Commonwealth influence I’m sure.

    We in Australia we all work till at least lunchtime on Christmas Eve – is it a holiday in the US? Interesting. Our Catholic or northern European friends tend to celebrate/give presents after Christmas Eve Mass.

    We have Boxing Day off work. It usually means eating leftovers, board games and the CRICKET. Australia plays a 5 day Test match starting on Boxing Day in Melbourne each year.

    This year was the first year that I truly realised how crazy Christmas is here. School finishes mid-December for the year (we have calendar year school) so we have EVERY kind of production, concert, party etc in December. Christmas is really the only time Australians would decorate their homes on the inside or outside. In fact, until I have 15 or so people I knew would put up one advent calendar (the paper kind with pictures), one Christmas tree and hang stockings (if that!). Of course I’m totally sure that some people went all out decorating but we had the most decorations among our acquaintances. Except for the Dutch and German families we knew. Since the advent of Pinterest people have certainly stepped up the decorating around here!

  • Had to say I totally noticed the simple chocolate advent calendars here as well in Italy. Probably in Europe… it’s a normal thing!

  • Jennifer G.

    I cannot wait to listen to some of my favorite people.

  • Izzy and I have been self-employed for a long time, so it’s hard to remember, but I think Christmas Day is a work day here in the U.S. The difference is we do start celebrating Christmas fairly early on Christmas Eve, even if we work that day. It’s standard to have a dinner and celebration that evening. Families gather around the tree, if they’re religious they usually do something with the nativity story, most of us open at least one gift, we have a Christmas dessert, sing Christmas carols, etc.
    For us personally — we all get together with Izzy’s family and it’s a big event. Then Christmas morning is just for our own individual families. Some families do it the opposite. Or they’ll spend Christmas Eve with one spouse’s family, and Christmas day with the other spouse’s family.

  • Christmas Eve is usually a work day for businesses and Christmas Day is usually a holiday. It really depends on the industry. I’ve been lucky that during most of my career I’ve had both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day off as paid holidays. I remember as a child my mom always had to work on Christmas Eve.

  • Hannah Brown

    Just started listening, and I had to pop in and comment about how super excited I am that you got Shimelle on PRT!!! Finally!! ;) I have really missed hearing her on the Roundtable, and have been mentally urging you guys to get her on. Now my wish is finally fulfilled. Shimelle is probably my favorite scrapbooking “celebrity”. She just makes me happy. There was one time when I pinned an article of hers on Pinterest. I mentioned her in the description, and said how much I was loving her album Philosophies. She commented and said, “Aww, thanks!”. This probably sounds really silly, but I completely FREAKED OUT. I shouted, “MOM!! Shimelle Laine commented on my pin!!” I’m not even kidding, getting a Pinterest comment from Shimelle was like getting a comment from some big movie actor. I wanted to respond, but was so afraid I would goof things up and say something stupid that I never did.

    Anyway, onto the show! So excited to hear Shimelle AND Karen Grunberg!

  • Shimelle and I have some common thoughts and practices with regards to albums as a whole, so we’ve been talking about a certain Roundtable subject related to that. It’ll be something we schedule as we move into the year! :)

  • Shimelle Laine

    you’re hilarious! thank you for the amazing welcome back! and hi to your mum, just in case! ;-)

  • Tina Campbell

    Loved the show! Fabulous to hear how other countries are celebrating the holidays. This year is the first year in a long time that I will have the 24th off but the hubby has to work. We have a tradition that we enjoy time with my family Christmas Eve and My husband’s family Christmas Day. We go to NY to visit our Daughter and the grands the weekend after Christmas. As far as the local kids and grandkids we go visit when we can be fitted in :) (We are the divorced parent so seems we get last dibs on alot of family things.
    Karen mentioned something about looking for a Dec Daily with mixed media. I found a site that is Let’s December Daily that has 4 girls doing their daily and it’s in 4 different formats which is great to see the different styles in one place and one girl is doing the mixed media style (so cool :)

    Wish you both a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Love the roundtable just the best place to be one night a week and always look forward to hearing the new weekly show, makes my week just a bit more fun :)

  • Hannah Brown

    Noell, that would be amazing!!! I would go nuts over an episode like that. Please do it! :D

    Thanks Shimelle! You are amazing and I’m still freaking out. ;)

  • abbeyviolet

    My job and my husband’s are closed on the 24th and 25th, which is great. I’m actually off the 31st and 1st as well. I truly love December Daily and do it pretty much daily in a very flexible way. It definitely has influenced my experience of December and my family’s. It makes me happy. I do Journal Your Christmas too, in a way, I use it to supplement and think about “bigger” ideas than what activity we might be doing that way. I add pieces here and there to my December Daily album from JYC or put them on my blog.

    The Advent calendar thing sort of surprised me as I grew up (and live again) in Oklahoma and we always had Advent calendars growing up (I’m roughly Shimelle’s age). We did more have the paper or chocolate ones v. the LEGO ones currently being loved at my house. My mom also happens to love Christmas Crackers and finds them somewhere yearly here in the plains.

    I thought the conversation overall was really interesting on many levels and enjoyed hearing how other people are celebrating and documenting. Great ideas!

  • anniem

    It depends, if you work in a large office/hospital you will get 2 days off most years it is Christmas eve and Christmas Day and New Years Eve and Day. (they don’t want to be responsible for you on the road with the drinkers) This year because of the Thursday holiday they are giving Christmas day and Day after (Boxing day) to make a 4 day weekend and if people want to take Monday and Tuesday off to have a full week off. Doors back open 1/2.

    In the tech world here in the Bay area the doors close for 1 week between Christmas and New year. It is holiday if you want it or not. Only the support teams work that week. It saves the company money turn down the heat and lock the doors.

  • So funny to hear Karen ‘pick’ Audible as I sit here working at my computer listening to the PTR while I work! (Podcasts are great, too.) ;)
    I have an Audible account and enjoy listening to books when I have to travel for work.
    Izzy, Rice Krispie squares are also my favourite ‘pudding’! You snap, pop and crack(le) me up.

  • Karen

    Hmm that’s not true for Google. We get the day before and after Christmas and two days for New Years. The rest you can work or take off, as you choose.

  • karen

    In the US that is. The holidays around the world do differ to accommodate local cultures :)

  • karen

    Tina, is it called “Let’s December Daily”? And Deb’s the one doing it with mixed media? thank you for letting me know about it!!!

  • karen

    I do exactly the same thing as you! :)

  • karen

    You must share your favorite reads on audible! I find it’s magical when i hit that perfect combination of a wonderful story with an excellent narrator. So I am always on the lookout for more of them!

  • I really enjoyed listening to the show, and it was great to hear Shimelle again! I totally relate with many things Karen mentioned. I grew up in Isreal, where we celebrated only Hanukka, and now I live in Austria, and we celebrate our own combination of Hanukka and Christmas. When you move to another country it really makes you think about which holidays and traditions are important to you to keep. I also signed up to Shimelle’s JYC to help me make some sense of this season and what it means to me.
    Loved the show, thanks for coming up with this topic and happy holidays to you all!

  • Paula Rowan

    Thanks for another great episode. You mentioned Black Friday coming to England (it was headlines on the news here as the police were called out to shops where customers were getting hurt). I wonder if you have Black Eye Friday in the US? this is the Friday before Christmas when many people finish work at lunchtime and go round the pubs until they close. Just renewed my membership, much cheaper than a night out and worth every penny. I also signed up for Heidi Swapps ‘Capture 30’ class at Big Picture and your coupon code worked fine. Merry Christmas x

  • Tina Campbell

    Yes that is what the blog is called :) It’s been fun to see all the different styles doing the Dec Dailys :)

  • Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series was delightfully narrated by some one with an English accent.

  • I wonder if Black Friday will come here to Aus, as we have our big sales starting on Boxing Day. It used to be that only department stores opened on Boxing Day, but now it seems everyone does. Does the UK do Boxing Day sales also?

    PS Not heard of Black Eye Friday (thankfully LOL our drinking culture is bad enough here!)

  • So happy to hear from Shimelle and Karen. They both inspire me so much.

    My family has celebrated Christmas in two different countries outside of the USA. We have tried to enjoy each place for its differences and delights. For example, swimming in Riyadh on Christmas Day was fabulous and a great treat after the cold winters of New York. We enjoyed the holiday traditions of Sweden. Our family traditions have an interesting mix of family and country traditions. I have documented the different elements of our holiday celebrations. I think it is important to give background for others about our traditions, their meaning, and origins if we know them.

    Great episode as always.

  • Great to hear from Shimelle again – I just picked up some of her new line from my local store.

    I also loved hearing about Karen’s tradition of the New Year Tree and her Jewish Christmas Tree and her American friends’ reactions to it.

    Speaking of different holiday traditions:

    I took my 11 year old daughter out to lunch a couple days before Christmas, we went to her favorite Italian restaurant (where she eats plain pizza) and she told me that she wished we lived in Italy so we could have a witch instead of Santa Claus. I was like what do you mean Christmas witch? And she told me all about the Italian La Belfana the Christmas Witch. Of course I googled it right away from my iphone and sure enough – she was right – there is an Italian Christmas witch – and I love the idea of a female character doing the gift giving for Christmas – since, I am pretty sure women are 99% in charge of all the Christmas traditions and gifting etc around the holidays which is why we are all stressed out and the men are just blissed out on turkey.

    Here’s to learning about and celebrating different holiday traditions.

    Cheers and Happy New Year Paperclippers.

  • Wow, I’ve never heard of this!

  • ldmccarty

    Such a wonderful discussion w/Karen and Shimelle. As so many others have commented, really wonderful to hear Shimelle again. I can relate to the commenter below who just fell in strong-like ;8) w/Shimelle just listening to her on PRT. Her spirit is so strong and her humor right at or near the surface that she is the kind of person I think “Man, I think we could be really good friends.”

    Noell, thanks for doing this tradition show. It was lovely hearing people’s takes on their traditions and how they’ve changed as people move from place to place and age to age. The beauty of the time in late December is that no one faith, no one tradition, owns the coming of the light at the end of the year. People recognized long ago that the days were again lengthening and they celebrated (in 100’s of different ways) their joy to know that the warmth of summer was again coming toward them rather than going away from them.

    There is peace in knowing that the year is turning. That a new year is coming, and with it new opportunity to live, love, learn and help each other. Wishing you all a lovely 2015!

  • YES!

  • I am a big fan of Audible as well.i am very picky about narrators. Barbara Rosenblat is an excellent narrator. She narrates my favorite mystery series by Elizabeth Peters- the Amelia Peabody series. If you are interested in Egyptology at all, this is a great one.

  • karen

    thank you both so much for the recommendations!!