PRT232 – Overwhelming Color

This week we’re talking about color as well as planning our scrapbooking as we head into the new year…

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  • Amy Muse

    Not finished listening to the entire episode, but I happen to think that “Project Life” type scrapbooking, (AKA pocket scrapbooking), is now so mainstream, that “Project Life” is no longer the buzz word it once was. (Very good marketing on Ali Edwards behalf, as pocket scrapbooking is nearly a decade old actually).

    For instance, Close To My Heart has “Picture My Life”. “Project 365” didn’t seem to be as catchy, but rather a daunting, overwelming, and dare I say, shaming concept that just didn’t have the appeal. Hello, “Capture 30” short. sweet. simple. fast. Perfect marketing. Some companies like Snap!, Simple Stories, American Crafts and many, mant others just refer to divider pages, pocket pages, and binder accessories.

    Pretty planners are also nothing new as many companies have them out there. Love Heidi Swapp’s line, but Teresa Collins also has some very pretty versions, as does Martha Stewart, Bo Bunny, Simple Stories, Close To My Heart, and many others.

    I believe one must be a product whore or hoarder like myself to really know what products are really out there and available to buy. When a scrapper is really into using their stash, they just aren’t out there, constantly looking for the latest and greatest.

    One of the advantages to not having samples and kits given to you by manufacturers is you keep the objectivity and your autonomy in your paper crafting. The disadvantage is if you are not consistently consuming the latest and greatest products, you may not be as in tune to what is available except for what is in your direct circle of influence.

  • Hoguec

    Enjoyed this episode on the drive to the airport early this morning. A few thoughts:
    1. Funny how things cycle around. Planners, phone, headphones. They kept shrinking. Now I’m seeing a lot of big planners with accessories, phones the size of a small tablet and kids wearing headphones like a DJ. (I hope hair trends don’t head this way!)
    2. After I stopped hyperventilating, I decided to take Debbie’s challenge to consider how my photos are stored. What is the saying about how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time? I’ll be eating a wooly mammoth in 2015!
    3. Color is such a personal thing. How it makes you look. How it makes you feel. I think this year will be like most. Some will drape themselves in it and some will just have a bit here and there.

    Finally, a comment/suggestion. In the first segment, you all mentioned so many great options for storage, etc. It’s so nice when those things are part of the show notes. I was driving and unable to take notes. While listening again is certainly no hardship, I was minorly bummed when none of that info was here. Emphasis on minor. Thanks for another great episode!

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    Still listening to the mail segment, and loving that you’re still talking about ASMR! I will mention that hearing certain sounds is a huge piece of the puzzle, but there’s a strong visual element as well when it comes to triggers. For some folks, just watching someone concentrate on something when it’s relatively quiet can trigger it. For me, seeing someone concentrating or making decisions about art-making triggers my ASMR even in the absence of sound — there’s something about imagining the internal process or thinking about the creativity that causes the tingling sensation. This is why the ASMR YouTube videos often don’t affect me as much as crafting videos — because with process videos, the reaction is much more natural and organic — a response to authentic creativity rather than to someone intentionally trying to trigger it.

    Anyway, Noell asked for people to weigh in on whose process videos are especially triggering, and I have a few:

    -Christine Urias’ Scraptime videos are some of the MOST triggering for me. The sounds are amazing. You hear her squeeze paint onto crinkly parchment paper, or you hear her folding intricate die cuts, and she always keeps her products in the packaging until she pullls them out to use them, so you get to hear the crinkle of the plastic. And something about her table creates the most pleasant sound when she sets out products for viewers to see and then pulls them away… bliss.

    -Wilna Furstenburg’s videos are super triggering even though she almost always silences the crafting sounds and uses a voice-over. But her voice is so soothing, and her process so delicate and inspiring that it still triggers ASMR for me even without the crafting sounds. If she ever allowed the craft sounds to be heard in addition to her voice, I think I’d probably have to quit my job and just stay home watching her videos all day. I think someone mentioned in the comments on the last show that accents can cause or enhance ASMR, and I’m sure this is at work in Wilna’s videos. I like videos by Lilith Eckels and Janna Werner (also voiceover videos) for the same reason.

    -Noell’s Paperclipping videos really are great for ASMR, too. I have always loved that she doesn’t silence the crafting sounds, shows mixed-media techniques, and uses sped-up action sparingly.

    -The videos that are the LEAST triggering are those where there’s no voiceover and no crafting sounds, and someone plays a musical track over their creating. If they speed up the video so you can’t witness the process in real-time, it’s a total ASMR buzz-kill! I still watch those occasionally (because, ultimately, I watch the videos for the scapbooking and not the ASMR), but I’m usually the least excited to watch them. Digital tutorial videos are also non-triggering for me. I need to see people get their hands on physical supplies. And even though I don’t often use mixed media in my own scrapbooking, the videos where the artist uses paint or spray ink or other media are much more triggering than those without it.

    Anyway, thanks for jumping on this topic after my initial comment about it! It’s given me more to think about, and it’s very cool to hear others talk about experiencing ASMR from craft videos.

  • Haven’t finished listening, but I wanted to chime in to say that the Lightroom catalog is just for Lightroom… You want to make sure write any tags, etc, to the metadata, which you have to tell Lightroom to do. That way the information is written to the photo permanently.

  • Francie

    Thanks, Debbie, for bringing up the idea of photographing or scanning paper layouts as a backup whether or not they are shared on social media. I am mostly a digital scrapbooker, but I lost 90 pages of paper layouts when my home burned down last January (my letter describing the experience was read by Katie on the final episode of The Digi Show). My digital data was backed up offsite, thanks in part to my following the good advice provided over the years on PRT and The Digi Show, so I still have all but the last two digital layouts I had made before the fire.

    I did get extremely lucky in one respect: while the contractor rebuilding the building was having all of the rubble carted away to the dump, six months after the fire, he found two damaged albums and set them aside for me. They were my two wedding albums, the second and third paper albums I had ever made. They were water-damaged and mold was setting in, so I had to throw them out, but I was able to photograph each dirty, wrinkled page first (about 80% of the pages were there) and upload the images to Adoramapix. Now I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of this unique photobook! However, I do want to urge your listeners not to count on such a stroke of luck. I miss my other albums very much and wish it had occurred to me earlier to photograph each page as I completed it.

  • Debbie Hodge

    Hoguec, I am eating that very elephant — with a little bit of panic because my methods have been haphazard. For the last several months I’ve been uploading to FLickr folder by folder.

    Not all the time, of course. But at least once a week, I spend some time setting up the uploads and I get a few months done. Everything takes time and a little planning. I should make a big push this week — because once everyone is home for the holiday I won’t have the bandwidth.

    Sometimes I’ll be happily uploading and calls will come from different corners of the house that “the internet is lagging!”

    Good luck.

  • Amanda M.

    This was a great episode, thanks! It got me thinking a lot about a topic I wanted to suggest for a future PRT (and perhaps I am not remembering it has already been done?). I kept thinking of Becky Higgins’ quote (sure she didn’t originally think of this but she says it in terms of memory keeping) – “begin with the end in mind.” In other words – at the “end” (of the year, the project, your memory keeping career) what do you want to have completed? What stories do you want told? What photos do you want preserved AND how many albums, frames, projects do you want for yourself, your family, your children if you have any? I used this (begin with the end in mind) as I planned the documentation for my pregnancy and birth of my first child (born July 2014). I thought a lot about – what do I want to have that documents this journey? What do I want for my child to take with her? I decided on two albums: A pregnancy album (8.5 by 11 that featured layouts, pocket pages and a lot of journaling and memorabilia) that will stay with me in my house and a “baby book” (Becky’s PL Baby) for my child to take. I am happy with this but I am starting to think – hey, what will I have that documents her first year? I am now considering doing a photo book that will include many of the photos and journaling from the baby book that I will complete, for me to keep in my house. This is just an example of my larger point/question – how many albums? How many photos? How are people going about this? Are people just diving in, doing what they want and if they end up with 40 or 400 albums who cares? Are people planning things out a bit more? I have done PL as a traditional week by week approach twice, and I love those albums but I, personally, don’t want one for every year, because I don’t want the bulk. My extended family takes a beach vacation every year and I have done photo books for two of them. A part of me would love one for every year, but do we “need” them? My Mom has said she doesn’t want one for every year because she just doesn’t look at them that often and my brother has said he does (I make multiple copies as gifts.) What do we have time for? How are folks approaching, the big picture?

  • Can I chime in on the whole pantone colour thing?
    Just because something is ‘in fashion’ or ‘the thing of the year’ doesn’t mean we have to use it. I don’t like marsala so I won’t be using it. I’m not changing me and my tastes just because fashion (or anybody else) says so.
    Great show as always!

  • Ann Johnson

    Another great show!

    First of all, I loved Debbie’s comment “Scrap Life as it Comes”. I have for months thought long and hard about Project Life scrapbooking and if I really want to do it or not. I have completed one album back in 2012 and was happy on what I captured but I always have this sick feeling of having all these albums in the years to come and all the space it will take up and who will look at them and who will care. . . But thinking in the terms of scrapping life as it happens makes me happy in the sense that why not just do pages, (love the 4 pages a month concept) and if they are pocket pages of everyday life so be it.

    Second, this is where the planner concept is right my alley. I have carried a paper calender for years and write simple snippets about my daily life. Places we eat, things we do, movies, etc and it finally dawned on me that this is my project life. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just random everyday things and if I want to add a random photo of something silly I can do this here. At the end of the year, toss it in the box with the rest of them and years later pull them out and look at them. They don’t need to be displayed in a fancy album and using fancy products, just do it.

    So I just wanted to ramble my thoughts and mention this was a great episode. I think my goal for 2015 is to JUST SCRAP and tell some stories like old times.

  • Sarah Swann

    I have been photographing my 12×12 layouts for years. At first, I was doing it for submissions to magazines, but recently I started doing process videos on YouTube and have to take pictures for those. I’m so happy I have this back up in case of a disaster and something happens. I take pictures of the layouts with my DSLR and keep them on a USB. It’s a great “just in case” back up!

  • Courtney

    Since I’m listening right now, here’s the ones I caught:

    They mentioned: One Note for Microsoft (Debbie)
    Amazon Cloud Storage
    Super Duper (Noell)
    Crashplan (Nancy)
    iCloud and Time Machine (Izzy and Noell)

  • Jennifer Larson

    I am going to comment in defense of Marsala. I have been growing tired of the jewel tones of the last few years, and I love the earthiness of Marsala. I know people wonder why they picked it, but I’ve seen it around since last summer. Remember Radiant Orchid last year, how is filled the movie Frozen? Another Disney movie is awash in the Pantone color this year–Guardians of the Galaxy. Seriously. Their uniforms? Marsala. Drax’s tattoos? Marsala. The prison Kyln? Layered with Marsala. I think the color experts of Pantone must stalk Disney movies before selecting their hip colors.

    That said, I do love the muted, vintage look to it. I think Marsala will pair nicely with Instagram filter photos, and it will look great in both urban photos and photos from nature. I have seen some papers recently in some kits that have contained reds that are more muted like Marsala is. I can see pairing it with a chocolate brown, vanilla, and mint (that’s for Noell!). It would also pair well with orange and yellow. Because it has some brown in it, it will work nicer as a base neutral on a scrapbooking page than the past few years (Orchid and Emerald). So count me in as a Marsala fan, and I will drink a glass of red wine in its honor. Salut!

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Hey guys!, Subject ASMR, Noell, me too, the sound of shoes running on a road in films/series totally triggers something in me. I couldn’t tell if it’s a tingling sensation though, nor if it starts at the top of the head or elsewhere lol, but there’s something there. Another ASMR trigger for me since when I was a child is at the library during check out: the opening of the book, the stamping of the date on the small envelope adhered to the very last page of the book, the taking out of the little paper inside that same envelope, the scribbling with the BIC ball point pen on the card and the closing of the book. I’m not a big fan of books in general, but I always wanted to go to the library for that very moment. And funny enough that I have like 1000’s of wooden stamps in my studio today. I don’t like clear stamps as much, not because of the design, but because of the ASMR. :) Another trigger for me is the noise of blades cutting the ice. And the noise of the wooden hockey sticks on the ice. When my parents and grand-parents watched hockey when I was a child I could sit there and watch for hours just because of the noise. And funny enough I ended up a full time ice skaters for a couple of years (sports studies program) when I was a teenager. I skated 35 hours a week. :)

    ps: I loved hearing Debbie! We could feel her excitement. :) Happy Holidays to you and Izzy! :)

  • Courtney

    My backup plan: All my photos are stored on my portable EHD, and my non portable EHD. And both of them plus my computer are backed up online with BackBlaze. All my layouts are stored in those three places, plus on FlickR. The portable drive is my working drive, with my scrap supplies and my photos. The non portable EHD is the backup of everything! Once a month, or more often, I copy photos and supplies over to the non portable EHD.

    One of my goals for 2015 is to get in the habit of deleting excess photos, and tagging them so I can find them. I did a great job of getting my supplies in order this year, so photos are next!

    I’m going to disagree with the panel on Marsala. I think it would make a great background color! Maybe it’s because I mostly scrap boys, but it’s a great shade to add in to blues and greens. I may have to avoid orange with it, but I wonder how creamy yellows would look? It’s great for a page about romance, with the shade giving it an internalized feel. I see more introspective journaling with Marsala as a background. I also plan on using it as a text color. I didn’t like orchid because it was too hard to use with my boys. It was just too light for rough and tumble pages. But Marsala excites me!

  • Pepper

    when i heard the laugher about 5mins into the show, I recognise its nancy! Oh I miss her voice so much!

    This episode come so timely again, i feel as though Noell does a great job in arranging the episodes. I have so much to comment on, and all those resources mention, i’m going to find out more about them online.

    Nancy: I have the same problem as you! My Taiwan album from last dec 2013 was 3/7 done and I’m going Taiwan in 10 days time !!!

    Debbie , thanks for sharing all the resource . I recently bought a WD my cloud 4TB to backup all my photos videos and resources from the years back . Till date I have 4 old hard disk each of approx 500MB or less . But I have not done any syncing job before so all those hard disk are actually back up of my 4 older computers which may have overlapping documents . Any suggestion on how can I back up those old hard disk into my WD cloud ? There is so much knowledge into these whole backing up process that I feel overwhelmed ! Overwhelmed by the GBes !! ????

  • LOL, I bet you’re right about Pantone and Disney! I was wondering if that would happen, because I remember how much the orchid color was in Frozen, and even in Tangled.

  • I love finding out what sounds everybody loves!!!

  • Hoguec


  • Lisainre

    Just wanted to chime in that a BBC mail hit my inbox yesterday with details of the following ASMR article (

    Don’t you find it bizarre that many of us had never heard of this before and suddenly, it’s everywhere!

    Off to listen to the rest of this show but just wanted to share!

  • Cara

    Thanks for another entertaining show. How wonderful is Debbie Hodge? So often Noell ends up not being an equal third voice/viewpoint on a show as she is so busy asking questions of her guests, but I loved Debbie repeatedly turning back to Noell after she (Debbie) had answered a question and asking Noell herself what SHE thought. Thank you Debbie for being such a thoughtful and interested guest.

  • Jen S.

    Just wanted to add my two cents about the way I keep my Instagram photos documented. As some of you said, some of the photos are just for sharing and don’t really need a whole scrapbook page to document them (some do, though), but I still want a record of what I thought was important enough to share. I found an awesome App called Chatbooks that basically downloads your Instagram photos automatically as you post them. It will throw it all into a little 5×5 book which includes the words posted along with the photo as well as the date if you choose to include it. You can go into the app and change the captions and exclude photos you don’t want to include and when you reach 60 photos they send you an email letting you know you have three days to make any changes you want (including choosing a photo for the cover of your book) and then they send you a good quality paperback 5×5 book with your photos. The awesome part is that it’s $6 shipped!

    This option really works for me as an alternative to Project Life for me because I found that I was using a lot of Instagram photos anyway. But it took me way too long! Now I have to do basically nothing and my family LOVES these books. I have 6 so far and plan to keep doing it for as long as I can. :)

  • K

    Courtney, I recently ran into a problem with Backblaze that made me switch to Crashplan. I had been out of town for over 2 weeks and I powered everything down before I left. My EHD was off and Backblaze sent me an email after 2 weeks saying that it would soon be zeroed out in the backup. It turns out that after 4 weeks they overwrite the backups for EHDs and since it was off there was nothing in the backup. Eek! Crashplan on the otherhand saves even deleted files and they keep versions of the backups. For me that was the way to go once I became aware of how Backblaze worked.

  • londoncuppa

    I use CrashPlan too. Storage is unlimited and includes a service that is equivalent to DropBox’s Pack Rat feature, which is wonderful if you need an old version of a file or accidentally delete something. It backs up in real time, and you can be selective of what folders you want to back up, including both your hard drive and external drives. You can select multiple locations (as opposed to DropBox, which makes you keep their folder in My Documents).
    An unusual feature of CrashPlan is that it will let another computer back up to your computer, and then both are backed up to CrashPlan (my husband’s PC is backed up to my hard drive). I highly recommend them (and I’ve been a DropBox user for many, many years).

  • Amy Muse

    #bingeplanning Love it!

  • Rachelle

    For me, whispering is not an ASMR trigger; I actually dislike whispering in my ASMR videos. I prefer a gentle voice, especially one with a foreign accent. (For Izzy- you may find it interesting that my grandmother is an immigrant and has a thick accent, and her voice always triggers my ASMR as well.)

    It helps if they are crafting and talking at the same time, explaining in detail what their process is. Another trigger for me is haul videos where the person is describing items in detail.
    I definitely don’t get ASMR from videos when there is no talking going on.

    My favorite youtube crafters for ASMR are:
    veronica chambers

  • Courtney

    I knew that about Backblaze. But in the years I’ve had it, I’ve only been gone more than 30 days once. Apparently, I don’t lead a very exciting life.

    This last summer, I was going to be gone 6 weeks. So, I followed the instructions online. I shut my computer down with both my EHD’s connected. Then I left. I took my laptop, but I didn’t connect it to the internet. I thought that would drive me bonkers, but it didn’t. When I returned home, I connected both EHD’s and turned on BackBlaze. No problems, no deleted data. It recognizes my computer and the EHD’s and only updated what I’d changed in the last 6 weeks. So, for my life, this works for me.

    I know a lot of people go with Crashplan because they never delete any file ever. But at the time I originally signed up, Crashplan was twice as expensive, and there were a bunch of stories about how it wasn’t backing up. In fact, there’s a scrapper who posted on her blog last week that Crashplan was not actually backing up her files, and she has lost everything. The stories and the price pushed me over to BackBlaze. And since I’ve had no problems with it so far, I’m content to stay here. I like the idea that if I delete something, it’s gone after 30 days. To me, if I deleted it, I don’t want it hanging around anymore!

    But thanks for bringing that up. I checked the price, and right now, as a new subscriber it would be the same as BackBlaze for me, but Debbie talked about it being more expensive to renew?

  • Thank you for sharing this app. I was just thinking that I needed/wanted to get my Instagram photos printed and in an album. You saved me tons of time, and, probably money. I just downloaded the app and boom, I have four books coming to me in the mail!!!

  • Jana_NJ

    The problems with backups like crash plan is that or they are slow or they ask you money to backup external hard drive and videos (zip cloud does that). I updated my macbook and laptops nowadays don’t come with a lot of hard drive. Most of my stuff is from my external hard drive and I have a back up of my external hard drive.

    I found a pretty good solution. One drive from microsoft. (surprising as I’m not a Microsoft fan). It’s kind of like dropbox but cheaper and better. I pay 6.99/month for individual plans gives me 1 T plus I use office online whenever I am which means you can back up all your pdfs from classes, for example and read them without to have them take space on your hard drive. Plus they give you more space if you sync your photos from your phone or ipad. I now have more than 1T. They accept any file, and you don’t have to sync all of them to your computer. So things I know are just back ups I just send there and is not at the one drive folder at my computer. It’s supper fast I backup all my digital supplies in like 20 min. And you can organize by folders and check at the your ipad and iphone and download anytime.

    For photos I use Amazon prime (which backups up photos and videos) it syncs with my phone (right now most my pictures are from my phone).

    Noell I too used Aperture but after Apple decision of not updating I was afraid and made a 30 day trial at Lightroom.
    And it’s amazing!
    It blew my mind.
    I don’t think Apple even with the new photo app is going to do much this is not Apple’s concern to do a top notch photo app I think it’s going to be basic.

    But, I would not agree or recommend to Nancy split her catalog. I did a training at about Lightroom and they don’t recommend it. But they have entire classrooms at organizing lightroom. I also got Scoot Kelby’s book about lightroom 5 he also says the same thing.
    Everything she said she needs to find can be found when you set up collections. Collections makes your life easier than working with folders.
    There are smart collections for everything !!
    And normal collections with subset collections.
    And the best part the iPhone app and the iPad syncs so you don’t need to be in front of computer to organize this. Just be on the sofa or wherever you are and organize your collections and edit photos on your ipad
    Tag is simple and lightroom does a amazing job at tagging a lot of pictures at once.

    The thing is you have to take time to learn and really comprehend the dimension of lightroom, Could you use it without it? Sure but you will do such a better job actually learning lightroom. Right now I’m transferring my Aperture library and starting to organize. (which they have a plugin) if you don’t want to change anything it will use the same set up as Aperture and move the same collections. Kelbyone has a class for Aperture users as well.

    Lightroom app also syncs your iphone pictures so everytime I take a picture it goes to the collection I wanted it to go and also send the full resolution photo to a folder called Iphone in my case Iphone 6. Later If I want I can change the picture’s location.
    Editing the pictures is so amazing and fast and you can edit a lot at the same time.
    Highly recommend Lightroom and Scotts Kelby site and his books and also the free website

  • A great way to start “wrangling” all of your photos is to choose one place as your “home base”. Get all of your photos into your home base and then organize and backup from there. Working with clients through the years I have found that just this one step alleviates a lot of anxiety about photos being scattered throughout devices and helps them to move forward with organization. Good luck!

  • Amanda, this is how I approach my memory keeping as well. Begin with the end in mind. In keeping the end in mind, I have found that I’m taking less photos and am more intentional about what pictures I do take or keep. A few years ago I got to a point where I was so overwhelmed with the amount of photos that I had that I wasn’t enjoying the process anymore. Are my 3 children really going to want 10,000 photos per year passed down to them? How will they manage/store/access all of those photos? So, I streamlined my whole process and have even gone backwards and thrown away and/or deleted many, many photos. In my job as a photo organizer/educator I see people getting paralyzed just by the sheer volumes of their photos that they can’t manage. It’s sad because we should be enjoying our photos not getting frustrated by them. Just because we can take 1000’s and 1000’s of photos with our digital cameras doesn’t mean that we should!

  • I’ve been figuring that same thing about Apple’s upcoming product, but I’ve been wanting to wait and see, just in case the features I used most end up being present. I don’t want to move to Lightroom, and then move again. But I really am expecting Lightroom to become my new software of choice. It’s reassuring to hear all these things from you. I’m especially happy about the iPhone and iPad abilities. One thing that’s worried me about Lightroom is that with Apple products, my iPhone photos automatically get sent to Aperture via iCloud. I don’t ever have to plug my phone into my computer. Are you saying you can do that with Lightroom, too?

  • Uggh, I can’t imagine photos being in more than one place!!

  • I totally agree. Too many photos is not a good thing.

  • I love Lightroom too! I must have taken the same training at about not splitting your catalog. Lightroom isn’t as intimidating as it seems if you learn it in chunks. Editing, organizing, tagging etc – break it down and learn it subject by subject. Kelbyone is a great resource. Another great resource is Peter Krough’s new book Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5. You can find it on Amazon or at his website

  • Noelle, it seems like a given right? You’d be surprised though how many people say “oh, I never thought of that”!

  • Jana_NJ

    Yes in the beginning I was afraid of that too because Aperture did that for me but yes the Lightroom 5 app does the same thing even better it syncs and send to the collection you want. And it syncs the full file !

  • Jana_NJ

    I knew this one from Peter the thing though is that there’s a couple of Professional Photographers that do that kind of good books and tutorials but they are towards Professionals that have to deal with clients and in his case he splits his catalog but for the home user that is not suggested. But I agree is not intimidating once you learn things starts to flow.

  • Jana_NJ

    Thanks for sharing this I knew about groovebook app but this one it’s cool also.

  • Jana_NJ

    Noell not sure you know this but just in case instead of going to your phone regular camera than going to instagram to do a effects picture and square. You can just go to instagram settings and choose save original, so when you use instagram they do your regular instagram low res photo but instagram saves also the original full res on your camera roll so you just do one step.

  • Great news! Thank you for chiming in!

  • Yes, planners have been around forever, but as far as I’m aware, they’re new to the mainstream scrapbook industry, and that’s what we were talking about. While I’m not a product hoarder, I do go to CHA and shoot videos to show what all the companies are producing every January. As of a year ago, last January, I don’t think I saw a single planner in the booths of any of the mainstream scrapbooking manufacturers. But next month there will suddenly be all kinds of planners in the booths we shoot video at every year.

  • This is so interesting fascinating! Thank you for sharing all these details about which videos trigger it, and which don’t. This is probably one of the many reasons why I good portion of us have zero desire to give up our crafting and go digital.

  • Good to know. Thank you!

  • I am so so happy to hear backups raised again! I’m part of a few scrappy FB groups and so so many people lose their photos :(

    Personally I use an Eye fi card so my pics get uploaded to Flickr and my hard drive as soon as I take them (as a private image as soon as I’m in range of my home network.

    I also use Crashplan to back up my whole PC plus have an extra copy on an EHD here at home.

  • abbeyviolet

    We recently redid ours after I took Ali’s Photography class where she talks about this a lot one week. We use crash plan for cloud back up and have a 5T external drive at home that we back up our computers to. We don’t necessary back up everything, but do have photos backed up at least two times and often into google pictures too.

  • Interesting discussion on ASMR and I LOVE how you brought up misophonia!!!!! I’ve had it since I hit puberty & it pretty much runs my life – I hate it!!! My triggers are gum chewing and nose sniffling. Gum chewing is the worst – it can almost send me into a panic attack. I always have to plan out where I stand in a group or where I sit in public so I’m not around anyone who’s gum chomping or experiencing nasal issues.