PRT231 – A Pleasurable, Tingling Sensation

This week we’re talking about scrapbooking our social lives…

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  • Rachelle

    Oh man, I’m laughing about the ASMR discussion. I have experienced ASMR when watching crafting tutorials. For me, I love listening to people with foreign accents and will be more likely to subscribe to them because I get ASMR while watching the tutorials! I don’t get it when crafting myself though, only when watching other people craft in videos and listening to them talk. Though noises like scissors cutting certainly help.

    ASMR works best when it is a calm mood, since it is a relaxing sensation. There is an entire youtube community dedicated to the art of ASMR, with many youtubers identifying as “ASMRtists” who specifically make videos designed to trigger ASMR in viewers. They do videos where they pretend to give you haircuts (since many people experience ASMR during haircuts, as Noelle was saying), or makeovers, or do tutorials, and many similar things while using a soft voice and special microphones to give a more life-like effect.

    Many people who view these types of videos use them to help treat insomnia, since ASMR is a relaxing sensation it can be very helpful in falling asleep, or other anxiety issues such as PTSD or general anxiety. Others watch them just for the fun of it, or to relax at the end of the day.

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    I got so excited when I learned that the title of the episode is related to my comment about ASMR! I loved hearing you all talk about it a little, since it’s such a fascinating phenomenon. Though I’ve only known the name for it for the last few years, I’ve experienced ASMR while watching others make art ever since I was a small child. When I started watching process videos a few years back, I noticed just how triggering they are for ASMR, especially when you can hear the sounds of the crafting. The crinkle of product packaging, the sound of scissors cutting paper, and even the sound of certain items being set down on tables (like Noell mentioned) is so deeply relaxing.

    I’ve dabbled in watching videos by the ASMRtists Rachelle brought up, but for me, scrapbook videos are much better, because they are authentic and the response feels more organic. I also like that the ASMR is secondary to just loving scrapbooking and wanting to watch for that reason. However, I think even non-scrapbookers who just love getting ASMR should become Paperclipping members! They have no idea what they’re missing. :)

  • Jennifer G.

    I heard about ASMR just over a year ago on a This American Life episode. It is in Episode 91 called Tribes, act two if anyone is interested in listening to it: My son made a comment during the episode that he gets tingling when he hears whispering which is specifically mentioned it the episode. I think that there are just people or are more susceptible to it. Everyone has something going on is my belief.

    Now to listen to the rest of the episode.

  • McKenzie McGehee

    ASMR was actually talked about on This American Life it’s more than just the goosebumps you feel during a moving live performance.

    Thanks to Ali Edwards talking about Simon having Auditory Sensativity, I discovered that I have something called Misophonia or “hatred of noise”, I’ve never had an issue with scrapbooking videos but small noises (such as people eating, ice rustling in a glass/cup are actually physically and emotionally distressing). It’s basically the opposite of ASMR.

  • Okay, that was SUPER-INTERESTING! Loved it.

  • cindi

    I was laughing so hard while listening to everyone’s responses to ASMR! I am not sure I have it, however, I have whatever it is that causes extreme irritability when watching a video with someone wearing way too much jewelery or nail polish, especially with fake nails. It’s like visual sensory overload and I can’t concentrate on what is being demonstrated. All I can see are nails and jewelery. Please, someone tell me I’m not alone!!!!! Not trying to criticize, it’s just how I react and I know that it doesn’t bother others in the least bit.

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Had to weigh in on the ASMR discussion as well! I totally get the tingly sensation when I hear sharp scissors cutting though heavy weight cardstock or construction paper! I remember experiencing it at a really young age, too. There was a Canadian kids show that I watched for years in teh 80’s called Mr. Dress Up. And he always did little art projects and you could totally hear the sound of his scissors amplified on the air. And even thinking back to that sound gives makes me happy and kind of gives me chills! Who knew it had a name! I would also totally say that I experience ASMR when I get my hair cut.

  • UnapologeticallyTracey

    My mom actually has misophonia, too, and it’s so interesting to me that some of the same sounds that can give me the most relaxing ASMR response are sounds that drive her absolutely up a wall and make her need to leave a room until the sounds are no longer happening.

  • Hannah Brown

    I have the exact same problem, McKenzie!!! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, and that there’s an actual name for it! Eating, drinking, scratching, biting, etc…all these sounds drive me up a wall.

  • Hannah Brown

    Great episode! Definitely gave me the urge to scrapbook my friendships more. Too bad I’m sitting here with my December Daily and a yet to be finished Week in the Life. ;)

    I haven’t really scrapped my friends at church or my online school yet, but I have lots of ideas for scrapping about our friendships. I have, however, scrapped a little bit about my friends at choir. There’s a girl in choir with whom I have become very close friends. She is hilarious and we both share the same passion for choir and music. I have a whole album dedicated to my choir, and she’s looked through that a little and loved it. The inside jokes conversation made me laugh, and I realized that I need to do a whole page on our inside jokes. For example, there was one time when we were eating lunch before a concert, and we found out that our choir director is 64. I couldn’t believe she was that old, I thought she was only in her 50s! (Which of course, made her very happy.) So throughout the day, I kept whispering to my friend, “SIXTY FOUR!!” It became an inside joke between the two of us. Another example is when my director called Eric Whitacre a “hot” conductor. She really meant popular and famous, but the teenagers took it a whole different way. My friend and I still haven’t let that one go! ;)

    Thanks for another great episode! I missed my PRT last week, and was excited to hear the show this week.

    P.S. – Thank you thank you thank you for getting two of my favorite scrappers in one episode!!! I was giddy when I saw the panel! ;D

  • McKenzie McGehee

    This is the documentary I found that really made me go “THAT’S IT!” (warning: there are plenty of awful noises in it, but it illustrates it perfectly)

  • carolyn

    I watched Mr Dress Up as a kid too!! I grew up on the Canadian border.

  • Jeni

    Oh my gosh! Me too! Thanks for that memory. I think it started me on the crafting path.

  • ladywing

    loved this episode on so many levels. Scrapbooking friendships and our social situations is part of our lives. Whether we do it in PL or traditional pages, it’s part of our days. I think in PL, it’s going to be included without thinking, but takes more thought to include in traditional scrapping. I do have both a “people we love” and a “things we do” and our social things actually go into both albums depending on the layout. It is true that once we marry, have kids, our social situations change tremendously. Now that my kids are grown, I’ve scrapped friendships with my hockey team, and my scrappy friends on our scrap weekends. My husband and a friend go on trips on their Harleys and I scrap those for him as well. I agree that it is important to “work” on our friendships as adults too. We should never take those for granted.

    BTW, that ASMR with your hair Noell is sometimes called a “hairgasm” as well.

  • ladywing

    I forgot to mention too that Ali had a great point about working from home. While working from home has a lot of advantages, there are some downsides too. You can easily become isolated, if you do not nurture your outside relationships. When our office location closed and we were sent home to work remotely, one of my co-workers and I made a point of meeting “offsite” once a month for half a day to try to keep that semblance of “office.” She’s also one of my scrappy friends so it helps that we go on weekend crops with our group twice a year too.

  • Jennifer Serrano

    Haven’t finished listening yet but had to write how insane that ASMR came up on this podcast. I have experienced ASMR my whole life but didn’t figure out it had a name until a couple of years ago. My triggers are watching someone explain something to someone else in a kind, slow, gentle way, watching someone carefully fill out a form or brush someone’s hair. It is such a relaxing sensation that I wish everyone could experience. I often watch you tube videos if I am feeling super stressed or can’t sleep. Of course crafting videos are my favorite!! Unfortunately the person usually needs to be whispering for it to trigger me. Ok Noel I would love to see a paperclipping video with lots of paper crinkling, tapping, touching paper, and you whispering as you scrapbook!! All your ASMR fans would die!! Off to finish the episode!!

  • anniem888

    i would have put this in the forums, but I’m not allowed to submit new posts yet. I just went on Scrapbook Update and the new pantone color of the year is up. I don’t know how I feel about it. In the past I’ve loved a good cranberry color, but this one seems a bet too brown for me. I was also enjoying the bright purple from last year. This feels so dark. By next year I will sad to see this color go. Trouble with change? Who me?

  • Sarah Swann

    Like Noelle, I grew up moving around with a military father. While I loved moving, I didn’t really have the “lifelong” friendships that my husband has, who grew up in one city. I started making those friendships in college. I’ve been playing with the idea of going back and documenting more of my college days and my sorority sisters, who I still talk to today. I think friendships are important to document because your friends help you create some amazing memories. Now, as a military spouse, I’m valuing my friendships and documenting them much more. When we move again, I want to be sure to have these stories documented to reflect on when I find myself missing them.

  • Ha ha ha!

  • I love the sound of ice in a glass. But while others get ASMR from whisper sounds, I do NOT like that sound. I wouldn’t call it Misophonia, because my dislike is not that intense, but I can’t help complain whenever a certain two characters in Good Wife come on the scene, because they whisper-talk. I HATE IT!

    I have a friend whose daughter has a condition where she can’t handle the sound of people chewing gum. I guess it’s probably Misophonia.

  • McKenzie McGehee

    that sounds very much like Misophonia, which often times it starts with a certain noise (mine was chewing/smacking food and gum).

  • Malin

    I just tried to use the affiliate link when ordering a class at BigPicture, but it’s broken. :(

  • Thank you for trying to use our affiliate link. Any chance you’ve used it before in the year 2014? You can only use it once.
    You’re the only one who’s informed of us the problem so far, so I’m wondering whether you’ve already used it, or if the switch over to Studio Calico made it invalid.

  • Malin

    But isn’t it the promo code that can only be used once?
    Anyway… I think it’s the move of the BPC site that made it, because it seemed to try to get me to
    But since I had other problems (also) yesterday, I didn’t continue with the purchase until today and had another try with the affiliate link – and this time I got through to www, and purchased the class. :)
    So I really hope it was noted on your account. <3

  • Jennifer Kellogg

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I knew I had this. But I thought it was only me! I never paid attention to what my triggers were because I thought it was all random. Someone else washing my hair is definitely a trigger. But I’ll have to figure out the others.

  • teddi

    we have dueling piano bars & regular piano bars in texas i’ve seen them at the cities dallas, plano, arlington, & fort worth. they are fun.

  • OMG…. I just got a comment on one of my videos… Should I be worried?