PRT229 – Paper Gifts

This week we’re talking about paper gifts…

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  • I haven’t finished listening but had to chime in on the part about giving gift albums. I’m a pretty simple scrapper so nothing I’ve given could be called ornate but it was still disappointing to receive a lukewarm reaction to a mini album I had made for my dad. I’ve also made a mini album for my mom (two actually) and both those were well received. I agree with what Anandi said about thinking about the context a gift will be given in. And how much time you spend. I made a quick photo album book for a friend with pictures of her baby shower that I had given her. She was pleased, but not super excited by the album, but I only spent about 40 minutes on it, and I was happy to have done something with those photos for her so it didn’t bother me that she wasn’t overly enthusiastic. So I guess it also depends on your intention.

  • ARC

    YES, definitely. I see elaborate album gifts sort of like an engagement ring – you should be 99% sure of what the response is going to be before you give one to someone :)

    We got a handmade (empty) scrapbook as a wedding gift from a friend of a friend, someone we had never met (and who wasn’t on the guest list), and it was *totally* not my style by a long shot. I appreciated the thought and obvious effort that went into the gift, but I’d definitely recommend saving your hard work for people who love you and appreciate your style or are similarly sentimental about photos and memories.

    I do think there are a lot of people out there for whom a handmade gift is seen as “cheap” and “not as good” as something shiny and store-bought, so that’s another thing to consider, unfortunately.

  • Hannah Brown

    I haven’t finished listening yet, but Anna made me smile when she talked about giving scrapbooking supplies to her nieces. My aunt has fueled my love of scrapbooking with supplies for several years. I always come home from a visit with a big bag of papers, stamps, and other misc. supplies that she didn’t want. I’ve even gone through her stamps and stamped out images on white cardstock for me to cut out and use later.

    I’ve been looking forward to your first Christmas episode, especially for the gift ideas. I’ve made gifts for my family several times. One year I made “blessings boards” for my grandmother, aunt, cousin, and mom. I took an 8 x 10 dollar store frame and put pretty scrapbook paper behind the glass. Then I used letter stickers to spell the words, “Count your blessings” on the top of the glass, and numbered 5 spaces down the side. You use a dry erase marker to write things in the numbered spaces that you are thankful for. Everyone loved them.

    I also made sets of personalized notecards for each of my friends one year. I made 10 matching cards for each girl, and I gave them to 10 friends, so I ended up making 100 cards. It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it. This year, I’m thinking about giving out chocolate bars and making a pretty little embellished sleeve to serve as the wrapping.

    So excited for a slew of PRT Christmas episodes! :)

    P.S. – Noell, is it ok to sign my comments as the resident 16 year old scrapper? Don’t know if that’s cheesy or not. XD

  • Ha ha, I was just going to comment that you’re the 16 year old listener we’ve heard from. So, yes, go ahead. ;)
    These are some great gift ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  • Marie-Pierre Capistran

    Hi Noell :) When it comes to gifts, I’m often very lazy. I don’t do tags, I don’t like to package things beautifully. I rather use my supplies for my scrapbooking. What I do is when I have a gift card to give to a teacher that is very important to us, I’ll make a nice personalized card with a picture on it of the person and my kid. You know if they are an important person, I often have a picture like that. :)

    I never gave a hand made album but I once did a printed photo album for my niece and nephews featuring pictures from their birth to now. They each got their own book. I looked to include photos of their siblings and parents too. I didn’t write any journaling but wrote a title on large pictures (when the picture was taking the whole 8×8 page) and my prompt in the whole book was “I see…” and I wrote something about the child.

    I once made a frame for a scrapbooking friend ho just had a baby. It was a cut out scene all in white with the photo of the baby in the center and some basic infos like the date of birth and name. I know my friend had this frame on a shelf in her living room for at least one year. :) It’s nice when you know the person is happy to get the present.

    What i already did too was a frame with a nice black silhouette decoupage of a beautiful tree with lots of branches and a fence and little birds sitting on the branches. :) The teacher was very happy about this. Until she saw that I had the same in my house in a much bigger version of the same tree. ;) lol And for the same teacher i also made an ornament for the Christmas tree. Her and her daughter were teaching my daughter so on the picture that i slipped in the ornament there was a picture of the teacher, her daughter and my daughter. 2 years later she told me that she loved it because of her daughter on her picture. I was a teacher myself and it’s true that years later, you don,t really want to have a picture of your school children in your tree, but because her daughter was there too, it was a nice touch. I was lucky. ;)

    The last thing paper I did was when a friend asked me to help her with a photo board of her family when her grand-ma passed away. She brought me LOTS of old pictures of her family and I scanned them all, edited most of them, mainly played with the levels to make them more light and I cropped them. Only for that process she was happy. I printed them all and I helped her to make a selection of the photos that would go on the board. I then bought a large foam board and collaged the pictures in a scrapbooking way. I added a title (in memory of….) and embellished with some cut files from Wilna that I cut in watercolor paper. I painted some with watercolor, I left other white and I added gold glitter on some other. I layered the die cuts behind and in front of some pictures. I was happy with the result. I’ve seen that my friend put the board on an easel in her formal dining room. I was happy. :)

    Of course, every year I do about 20 hand made cards. I choose the closest friends and family members to whom I send these. The others get an e-mail. lol I’d love to send hand made cards to everyone but it,s just not realistic. I usually work with watercolor and I spend at least one hour on each card, so… :)

    Thanks for this episode. I was just thinking yesterday that we hadn’t hear Anna in a while. She was totally in her element in this episode. It was fun!


  • McKenzie McGehee

    The planner craze isn’t my thing but people are really doing some impressive things with it. Cathy V was the first person I ever saw who was doing this and I think she would make an outstanding guest if you did end up doing a show about it.

    Also, LOVE your pick Izzy, I’ve been listening since episode 1 and Serial is so good that it’s almost addicting, I saw on Kelly Purkey’s instagram the other day that there is even a podcast about the Serial podcast, which I think is hilarious

  • Hannah Brown

    LOL thanks. ;) I wasn’t sure if you would recognize me or not.

  • ARC

    Oh wow, those “blessing boards” are such a great idea. I bet my daughter would have fun with that. Nice job, Resident 16 Year Old Scrapper :)

  • Hannah Brown
  • Marie

    IZZZZYYYYY,,,,you are in such trouble. I love the picks of the week and always go to the links and check them out. I was a bit dubious about yours…lol…but check it out and now I am hooked…bait, sinker, line and rod!!!! I guess I can listen to it while I fold the washing and justify the time that way. Anyway, you aren’t in trouble…thanks for a great, addictive pick ;)

  • Janelle

    What a great episode!!! Thanks for fulfilling my request!! Tons of great ideas, with just enough time to get some done. Ana and Anandi were great (and so were Noell/Izzy, of course :)). I love chatting with Anandi on the forums, so it was fun to hear her “live”. Already signed up for her Photo Organization class, and I can’t wait!

    I’ve done a few snack-sized scrapbooks for my girl friends, just 3×3″ cardstock, 2×2″ photos, bound with a jump ring. I didn’t even do any journaling – I just wrote prompts for them to write about themselves. One friend hung it on her Christmas tree, but not sure if any of them actually filled out the albums, though. haha.

    I’ve also packaged up extra greeting cards that I’ve made throughout the year, and those always seem to be well-received. I LOVE the idea of making craft kits for others. Nice.

    P.S. Noell – GREAT pick! See? You don’t even need to pick products, and it’s still totally inspirational.

  • Scrappytams

    Great episode. I wanted to chime in about the planner craze. I have been a paper planner user for YEARS and over the last year I sort of put the planner aside and went digital, moving and a new iPhone were my excuse for dropping my paper planner. Until I noticed that things were slipping through the cracks. The kids would mention some event to me while I was driving and I would forget to add the date to my phone. I would be cooking dinner and the note sent home from school would be set down on the counter and then put in a pile as I cleaned up and lost or forgotten. So, I went back to my planner. I just wanted to say that as the “Director of Social Affairs” in our household of 6 it works best for me to have an old fashioned paper planner on hand. I can jot down notes and brain dump any info I need to revisit or look up. My kids all know to jot down dates on sticky notes and stick them on my planner. I can sit down and update all info for all of us and then update all scheduled events onto Cozi for the family to see and get alerts from (we are a multi-device household and Cozi covers them all). This works well for us and I can keep up with everyone ones schedule, even my oldest who is now a freshman at college. As a paper lover, the idea of stamps, stickers, washi and pics being used in a planner are all good. I may not have time to make that happen, but the fact that it is an option is rather exciting. I also wanted to note that I keep my planners and they have proven to be a great resource when I want to scrap something that happend back in 2007. I can pull that planner and usually there is a note at the end of each day that highlights what we did, with whom, the where and why. I was not so savvy with the computer back then so my digital photos prior to 2010 are missing metadata. My planners are perfect for getting that info when I need it. At some point I would like to sit down open Aperture (my digital photo organizer) and have my old planners on hand and go through my photos to jot down any notes I have made into the metadata.

  • Tina Campbell

    A wonderful discussion topic this week, I did last year what someone had mentioned and all the girl grandchildren got a crush book (CTMH Smashbook) and a goodie box of supplies (paper, tape, glue, bling, washi tape, etc) and it seemed to have enjoyed it and I had lots of fun putting it together for them :) The youngest girl grandchild got a Hello Kitty scrapbook kit and she loved it was so anxious to show me what she did with it a month or 2 after christmas and that just made my day! So glad to open up this hobby that I love to my grandchildern to enjoy

  • Karen Siegel Fitting

    I’m just starting to listen and share that I don’t hyphenate my last name(s) either. People are always trying to put that little punctuation in!

  • AnnieB

    When Izzy was doing his pick, as soon as he said podcast I knew he was going to say, “Serial”! I just heard about it a couple of days ago and have binge listened to all seven episodes. I am so hooked. Only problem is I might go crazy trying to solve it. Did Adnan, or did he not???? P.S. I love the Roundtable and look forward to it each week.

  • In a month or so I might forget, but not after just one week. ;)

  • So funny — we’re all different. The very reasons you give for needing a paper planning (slipping through the cracks) is the very reason I do better with a digital calendar than paper. I get things onto my calendar much more easily and reliably now b/c I always have my phone with me.
    I also look back at my digital calendar for scrapbooking references, too. :)

  • ARC

    Another reason I like my Google calendars is exactly the reason Izzy mentioned on the show – my husband has equal access to it, and he can put down HIS stuff without me being the “keeper of the calendar”. I look forward to the time when my kids can do the same thing!

  • ARC

    Seriously! Even after 9 years, get tons of people just dropping the first half of my last name.

  • Briel

    Another great episode! Thanks for sharing my comment from last week about school photos. I was laughing so hard in the car when I heard you read it (well done pronouncing my name, Izzy!) and then hearing all of your comments. I stand by my opinion, even in the face of such disagreement! :)

    I am always slowly going through old photos and organizing. I found an envelope full of high school photos that we had traded back and forth (BFFs 4-ever, right?). So many memories that I could hold in my hand. I wonder what current high school students will hold in their hand 30 years from now for the same rush of emotion?

    One of the the things that I appreciate about this show, and your guests, is the positive take on almost everything. You work hard to include a variety of viewpoints and I love this. Your work is so well done and professional. Even though I don’t comment very often, I am fully engaged in every discussion. Even the ones that I initially think won’t apply always do end up being relevant (or at a minimum entertaining!). Keep up the great work!

  • You’re right — Izzy and I are both equal keepers of the calendars. He deals more with the boys stuff and I deal more with Trinity’s stuff. I love that our calendars sync!!!

  • Cara

    I always love listening to Ana when she’s on the show – I think you could just have said, “OK Ana, tell me all your papercrafting ideas…your time starts now”, and she would just have been able to let ideas pour out of her until you called ‘time’. She seems to have an endless supply of amazing ideas and, like all of us, not enough time to put them all into action.

  • Cara

    I was having a very stressful day (daughter just out of hospital following surgery and struggling to cope, elderly mother in Emergency for the third time in 2 weeks etc. etc.) but while driving here and there I listened to the PRT and got a laugh out of the saga of Ana’s Christmas trees, which cheered me up. Thanks.

  • Leigh Berger Serrie

    As both a true crime and podcast addict, I had to check out Izzy’s link and am now totally addicted to Serial.

  • ARC

    I am afraid to check it out for exactly this reason :)

  • Thank you! :)

  • Anandi, I looked at your website, which is gorgeous. What is the size of the photo albums on the slideshow on your homepage? Where did you get those page protectors?

  • AlisonG

    Izzy! I am totally, completely, voraciously hooked on Series. Splendid share!!

  • Gabrielle McCann

    Wow Noell, I just love your pick of the week – so so cool! And I’m almost scared to check out Izzy’s pick – do I need another addiction!?
    Another great episode – it’s always so much fun when Ana is on. And it was so cool to hear Anandi after chatting with her in the forums!
    One thing I often do for teacher gifts is make a set of greeting cards – my son’s current teacher has a 4 year old daughter, so I’m including a lot of kids birthday cards.